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  • Producing, directing, editing, and supervision
  • Project management and delegation
  • Audio and video production
  • New and existing technology integration
  • Public and media relations
  • Marketing, branding, and advertising
  • Website and graphic design
  • Administration and human resources


+EXPERIENCE: Eight years of combined private and government media and project management experience; including federal, and state agencies, large and small private sector companies; television, radio, Internet, and print.

+EDUCATION: Master of Justice Administration with Honors – Methodist University: (recent graduate) emphasis on media relations, policy design and evaluation, public affairs, and human resources. Undergraduate degree in mass communication from UNC Asheville.

+CHARACTER: Exceptional Character and Judgment: mature and focused decision-maker that is an “invaluable asset to the department,” and someone that “continually impresses” unit supervisors.

+VISION: first-rate communication skills allow clear representation of agency mission, messages, and branding, as demonstrated by performance reviews, supervisor feedback, and organizational recognition.

+ADDITIONAL: Extensive graduate and undergraduate research in video production, administration, and press and media relations; including workshops, scenario-based training, and case studies.

Computer Skills

Operating systems (OS)

Microsoft Windows (98, XP, NT, Vista, 7), Macintosh OS / OSX 10.3 -10.8

Video production

Premiere Pro, Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer

Graphic design, special effects

Adobe Master Suite CS5 - CS6: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Cinema 4D


Aperture 3, Lightroom 3

Audio production

Logic Studio, Ableton Live, Peak Pro, Pro Tools, Reason, Audition

DVD authoring

Encore CS5 - CS6, DVD Studio Pro , Roxio Toast

Web design, blogging, RSS feeds

Drupal, CSS, HTML, Dreamweaver, Wordpress, Feedburner, Feeder

Social media

Facebook, Twitter, Google+

Office Productivity

MS Office, iWork, Filemaker, Sharepoint, Google Drive, Dropbox, Bento,


iMedia Touch voice-tracking system, Nicecast, Shoutcast Server


Gavin Hall

Ross Robinson

Chad Thompson

Valerie Coffey

Darl Champion


  • Employee of the Year (Support Services) - N.C. Justice Academy
  • Video Award for Excellence in Producing - University of North Carolina at Asheville
  • Music performance scholarships - University of North Carolina at Asheville, University of North Florida, and Palm Beach State College
  • Scholar of the Year - Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, University of North Florida


Federal Communicators Network

Young Government Leaders

Department of Homeland Security Emergency Management Institute 

Additional: Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP), American Association of Recording Companies (AARC), International Association of Jazz Educators (IAJE), Percussive Arts Society (PASIC) - Past Artist Relations Assistant & Member, Mix Magazine Industry Directory - Company listed, Winter Music Conference - Annual Delegate (9 Years) & Exhibitor (2009), H.E.A.R. -, 48 Hour Film Festival - Participant - Asheville, NC, The Bob Moog Foundation, UNC Asheville guest lecturer


"His creativity and knowledge has transformed the production unit into one of the best in existence as demonstrated by the many nominations and awards he has obtained or helped obtained."

"David goes above and beyond what is required. I would recommend him without hesitation."

"He was motivated; detail orientated, and came to work daily with a positive attitude."

"One of the best students I had at UNCA. Strongly endorse his technical and problem solving skills as well as his work ethic."

Work experience

Jun 2013Present

Associate Producer / Video Production Specialist

U.S. Department of State / Bureau of International Information Programs

Worked on projects varying in scale and scope for ambassadors, Secretary of State, and the President. Managed pilot stock music library program to all Foreign Service posts. Edited, acquired footage, operated cameras, formulated rough cuts, created transcriptions, and managed approvals. Scanned and archived photos, documents, and artifacts; obtained filming permits, oversaw translations and captioning in multiple languages, clarified departmental requirements for Section 508 compliance for visual and hearing impairments.Managed uploads and downloads through FTP and secure web servers to outside venders. Delivered final product to clients via web platforms, content management systems, cloud services, and physical media. Provided technical support for Apple MacPro workstations, Adobe Creative Suite, Apple Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Server, Levels Beyond Reach Engine, and DVD/CD duplication systems. Guided team training for software and hardware issues. RECENT ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND RESULTS: +Exponential departmental growth created the need for system design and standardization; developed by analyzing Workflow, creating SOP's, measuring results, and implementing project tracking capabilities, which resulted in improved workflow, reduction in errors, and positive client feedback. + Existing infrastructure consisted of outdated and underutilized Final Cut Server system, administration requested complete overhaul of servers, network, workstations, disc arrays, as well as media asset management system. Worked as associate project manager to ensure the proper design and implementation of $250,000 system. +Request from the bureau coordinator was to improve metrics on multiple-language videos (that contained as many as 16 languages). Tested and implemented YouTube captioning capabilities in high-stress situation, leading to successful breaking-news release of Nelson Mandela's tribute video across the entire Department of State's media channels (including national news and broadcasts).+Concrete workflow design was needed for system vender to develop custom scripts and permissions for various users and assets; created workflows via written instructions and visual representations (to include metadata tags, user roles and definitions, artifacts and proxies, and approval processes), resulted in successful development of custom workflows and user roles. + No internal system in place for generating project duration and resource allocation for AP tasks; learned workflow and requirements, then designed documentation for various types of requests, large-scale translation projects, and final deliverables, and closeout sheets, leading to improved accuracy, communication, and personal accountability during project life-cycles. + Workflow for right-to-left languages was processed through Final Cut, adding days of work for right-to-left languages. Researched previous methods, developed workflow, then created SOP's for captioning software, resulting in days of work saved and increased accuracy. + Called in as consultant for website and database design for video acquisitions department; analyzed the product and clarified work order to include features missed on original design, resulting in reorganization and reallocation of $50,000 to be spent on the site to include full reporting capabilities needed by department.  +Exceptional quality of productions lead to increase in video department visibility and requests from Secretary Kerry for covering high priority tasks and world events; shifting bureau focus and resulting in previously unattainable protocols for breaking-news events.+ Lack of integration of forms, along with no metric capabilities, lead to action in heading SharePoint development team to design custom site for internal production projects and external requests from posts. + Bureau-wide decision to migrate from Brightcove platform to internally-designed, enterprise-level YouTube media player. Worked on solutions with software engineers and support staff to develop a custom interface designed for video archiving on State domains; also worked as department lead in execution of migration. 

Mar 2011May 2013

TV Producer / Director I

North Carolina Dept. of Justice / North Carolina Justice Academy

Produced, directed, edited, and drafted scripts for videos of informative and instructional nature, while managing and coordinating administrative and logistical details of productions, Recording engineer for voiceover recording, automated dialogue replacement (ADR), or narration, and audio restoration and cleanup for multiple format audio files. Efficiently coordinated subject matter experts, instructors, professors, medical personnel, and actors from various agencies, facilities, and universities for large-scale video production projects. Created logos, branding and animations for North Carolina Justice Academy Video Unit to develop cohesive and updated branding.Maintained high standard of values and aesthetic quality of video productions equal to television or network news, delivered via television, classroom, and web-based methods. Encoded media for web, classroom and physical distribution, based upon optimal settings for each delivery method. Implemented professional post-production practices departmentally, improving final product quality and retention from end users. Techniques included green screen techniques, lighting, keying, and motion graphics. Taught new post-production keying and compositing techniques to advance production quality of the department. ACCOMPLISHMENTS: + Employee of the year for support services (2012)+ Production quality of organization showed room for improvement. Oversaw transition from standard definition to high definition (HD), while implementing professional video and audio production techniques department wide; resulting in the highest rated productions ever created by the Academy (as verified by student and instructor feedback).+ Assigned high-priority instruction block regarding military veterans with PTSD. Used minimal available resources to obtain interviews, footage, motion graphics, and subject matter expert commentary; resulting in the highest-acclaimed production ever created by the N.C. Department of Justice and N.C. Justice Academy, to include N.C. National Guard viewing (over 16,000). + Instruction blocks required videos production for a variety of subject matters taught in the classroom and the field to include: legal instruction, hazardous material handling and cleanup, crime scene and evidence handling; used new techniques to engage students and instructors through video, allowing increased retention and examination scores. +Governors Crime Commission grant awarded to the Academy required specific criteria to be met to fulfill obligations; took the opportunity to coordinate nationally known subject matter experts and produce in-depth video to fulfill the grant requirements, resulting in statewide policy change and reassessment. + Integrated safe, yet creative field recording photography techniques used in filming live fire ammunition training, hazardous material explosions, and shoot house training. + Called in to revamp media relations training courses to increase efficacy, designed protocol for realistic training program, allowing students to experience media training scenarios and view immediate feedback, resulting in more prepared public affairs officers. + Assignments required collaborating with agency's outside of the Department of Justice, including the Governor's office, department of public safety, and department of transportation; +Additional media relations training requests led to work with the state bureau of investigation to implement periodic press briefings during an agency-wide 36-hour hostage negotiation scenario, resulting in valuable agent in charge incident training in press relations. 

Oct 2008May 2013

President and C.E.O.

Modern Beat Digital Records

Coordinated webcasts and web-hosted meetings with team members and international associates. Created logos, album design, and promotional packages for artists, intended for marketing through Internet and social media outlets. Supervised over 50 artists and team members worldwide. Ran social media advertising campaigns across multiple networks. Drafted newsletters press releases (Associated Press style). 

Hosted radio show highlighting emerging artists, which received international airtime. Produced, filmed, and edited video projects within demanding time constraints and deadlines. Designed graphics and cover art, promotional material, and advertisements, along with cohesive branding company and subsidiaries. Created company websites based on specific organizational needs, including music streaming, news feeds, and video playback on multiple formats. ACCOMPLISHMENTS: + Led multi-faceted international marketing campaigns that included multiple social media platforms, multi-media support, graphic design, and cross-promotion with other companies, leading to successful rollout of releases and campaigns. + Observed that many artists were going unsigned due to lack of foresight and mentoring by other independent record labels. Developed policies, workflow, and development program to train young and promising artists, leading to an artist roster of over 50 people in over 20 countries, which many are headlining international music events. + Outstanding company reputation let to business partnership with industry leaders, such as Disc Makers, Mac Pro Video, Prime Loops UK, Symphonic Distribution, Moog Music, and Mix Magazine. + Well-versed advertising and design experience led to original productions, articles, and designs being distributed, published, and installed internationally. 

Feb 2008May 2011


Modern Beat Productions, LLC

Produced audio and video for fiction, commercial, corporate, live events, and multi-media for live performances. Original productions sold internationally, used in commercials, and played on international radio stations. Ensured every release was of commercial broadcast quality, and formatted for DVD, web, mobile devices, and surround sound encoding for movie theater playback. Mixing and mastering engineer for international recording artists. Techniques included Digital Dolby and DTS 5.1 surround formats for film. Supervised audio and video production team members from conception to delivery of multimedia projects. Managed multiple projects simultaneously, creating marketing plans and long-term promotional plans on international scale. Reviewed and approved contracts for licensing, copyright, content acquisition, and royalties. ACCOMPLISHMENTS: +Created startup company with potential in audio and video production market and developed business plan and strategy for five-year development; resulting in company growth of nine core team members and over 50 artists. + Grew freelancing portfolio to include original productions for international delivery to include: physical installations, digital distribution, and Internet, radio, and satellite broadcast. + Built infrastructure from ground up to include professional audio and video recording and production capabilities, to include: three-tiered backup and retention architecture, intranet for internal file transfer, Digital Dolby surround capabilities, and THX reference monitoring. + Led multi-faceted international marketing campaigns that included multiple social media platforms, multi-media support, graphic design, and cross-promotion with other companies, leading to successful rollout of releases and campaigns.

Apr 2010Mar 2011

Apple Certified Specialist / Instructor


Apple Certified Product Professional. Instructor for group and individual classes from basic to advanced. Assisted in development of audio / video demands for new company. Coordinated with TEDx and TEDx NextGen events for live WebEx webcasts. Acted as technical support and liaison for special events, such as Moogfest 2010, and as photographer for the Bob Moog Foundation. ACCOMPLISHMENTS: + Hired during company's infancy at location to train customers on Apple products, while developing the infrastructure to support advanced audio and video production capabilities. Used knowledge and experience to design environment to met request. +Decided that customers would benefit from products not available in store, so developed relationships with vendors outside of regular distributors to increase inventory and meet customer needs. +Created relationship between area radio stations and local companies to increase synergy of adverting between entities; resulting in better brand awareness and sales budget going farther. +Took small roster of students and grew to include mid level professionals in Final Cut Pro, Logic, Adobe Creative Suite, Apple OS X, and other applications. + Created relationship with Asheville-based music company, Moog Music, to collaborate with development team; acted as tester for iOS application created to control hardware units, which also resulted in promotional videos created by Moog Music at location, helping cross-promotional abilities. + Worked with Apple Certified Repair Specialists to troubleshoot, upgrade, order parts, and repair Apple notebook and desktop devices. + Supported technical lead in developing network solution for high-bandwidth demand of private and public network. Used networking background to find solution for stringent demands required for HD video streaming and public Wi-Fi network use. +Facilitated live web streaming of TEDx and Next Generation TED talks for international audience. Ensured high-quality audio and video without dropouts or connectivity problems via high-bandwidth live feed.

Sep 2009Mar 2011

Promotions / Production / Web Design

Asheville Radio Group / SAGA Communications

Produced, prepared, and edited weekly radio shows for WTMT and WOXL. Created station imaging and ensured all audio production was broadcast quality, and ready by airtime. Edited weekly promo spots, produced promotional material for upcoming events, and followed FCC regulations for appropriate on-air dialogue. Assisted with traffic and logs, promotional campaign design, and promo placement within high traffic times. Served as board operator for live broadcasts, filtered and edited callers and feedback, made instant programming decisions, and ensured live segments happened on time. Delivered breaking-news coverage of important events and weather. Accurately cataloged and rotated products to meet customer and advertising department demands. Coordinated with talent and promotions staff for special events, promotional location broadcasts, and live concerts. Updated and designed graphics for multiple radio stations in cluster. ACCOMPLISHMENTS:+ Originally hired as an intern and logged more hours any other intern while full time student. Management requested transition from intern to hired employee. Production credits included the most popular local music shows in the local AM/FM radio market. +Production skills led to producing local music shows, spots, and promos, without regular supervision (only final approval); also successfully engineered high-priority guest artists in post-production capacity for airplay.+Experience with FCC regulations and protocol led to on-air and in studio work, where interns usually only worked in promotional capacity. Work included 5 broadcast stations on AM and FM radio. + Oversaw advertising campaigns with multiple components. Flexibility led to multiple areas of projects like studio production, event promotion, website development, and breaking news coverage.


Jan 2012Dec 2013

Masters in Justice Administration

Methodist University

Emphasis in Public Administration, Media Relations, Human Resources, Legal Issues, Policies and Procedures, and Research

Jan 2006Apr 2010

Bachelor of Arts

University of North Carolina Asheville

Emphasis in Visual Media Production, Public Relations, Advertising, Design, Media Law, and Journalism (Associated Press)

Jan 2003Jun 2005

Comptec Computer Career Center

Microsoft Solutions Developing, Website Creation, Database Design, Application Development, and Data Security

Courses included computer programming, database design, web design, and implementation of computer programs designed for businesses. Studied: Networking, C#, MSSQL, XML, HTML, Java, ASP, Visual Basic 


Post Production Graphics / Motion Graphics
Project Management
Producing, Directing, Editing
Audio / Video Studio Hardware
Macintosh / Windows Operating Systems
Scriptwriting, Storyboarding, & Screenwriting
Digital Media Encoding, Formatting & Exporting
Press Releases & Newswriting (Associated Press)
Copyright Law, Licensing, and Media Law
Social Media & Networking Platforms
Web Design & Graphic Design
Marketing, Branding, and Advertising
Still Photography / Digital Photography
Video & Audio Production