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I have over 14 years of exceptional experience as an intelligence analyst and project lead, performing duties in intelligence collection and exploitation, data management, program develoment and management, and personnel management. I've been responsible for the development and maintenance of several large projects supporting the US Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) Agency to include five extensive  training programs while maintaining the production levels of personnel spanning multiple concurrent programs. I have developed several processes for effective product development and overall process improvement and maintain over four years of experience as a Project Lead and Career Manager. I've developed and managed multiple initiatives in line with all established plans/budgets, contract parameters, required standards, and processes. I demonstrate excellent management and supervisory skills.

Work experience

Nov 2010Present

Lead Associate

Booz Allen Hamilton

Expeditionary Fundamentals Project Task Lead

Performed duties as an advanced consultant, excelling at client delivery. Developed a reputation within my firm, industry, and clients for my expertise in project development and innovation. I'm known for my ability to generate intellectual capital in order to help my firm grow its business, highly valued by my clients for my knowledge and trusted advice while interacting directly with senior-level clients. I've developed competency in project and financial management, becoming more involved in managing teams and formulating business strategy. As a project manager, I guide the progress of projects while mentoring junior staff. I currently manage a multi-million dollar project to develop and provide extensive sensor-agnostic intelligence exploitation training on behalf of the Air Force ISR Agency (AFISRA), covering multiple related facets to include intelligence collection assets, intelligence collection methods, and agency policy and procedures.

Key Contributions:

  • Provide direction and assignment of technical work for the Expeditionary Funamentals Project Team.
  • Provide development plans for staff, maintaining accurate daily time reporting adherence, financial reporting, various administrative and personnel tasks, and career development.
  • Designed a variety data gathering approaches, utilizing classified/unclassified data sites, operator interviews and collaborating with colleagues on other ISR projects, to completely redesign deliverables.
  • Developed initiatives currently being proposed with projected financial savings of over 50% for key stakeholders.
  • Established multiple process improvement efficiencies to reduce AFISRA training costs by 25%.
  • Expanded project offerings into an additional five unique customized programs with an average of 1 month from development to implementation, becoming a standard for mission effectiveness.
Feb 2006Nov 2010


Booz Allen Hamilton

Joint Intelligence Operations Center (JIOC) Senior Imagery Intelligence Analyst and Team Lead

Managed personnel spanning three operational sections and producing analytical target materials used in both real-world (dynamic) and future planning (deliberate) settings while working with senior level Target Developers and personnel within DIA, NGA, and several Major Commands (MAJCOMS) to include Special Operations Command (SOCOM), US Strategic Command (STRATCOM), and US African Command (AFRICOM) to provide in-depth imagery-fused intelligence products. Maintained target management within the development cycle, and reporting production trends and statistical information directly to USCENTCOM leadership for use by senior policy makers, ensuring both USCENTCOM and component command targeting graphics for current operations and deliberate planning efforts adhere to weaponeering standards, targeting methodologies, and all Laws of Armed Conflict (LOAC) concerns. Acted as the final approval authority for the accuracy and formatting of target development records prior to dissemination to the Intelligence Community. 

Key Contributions:

  • Contributing member in the drafting of the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCSM) 3370.02 regarding the development, production, and dissemination of intelligence derived products for USCENTCOM
  • Individually produced over 450 targets resulting in over 1600 individual target support graphics to supporting dynamic and deliberate targeting.
  • Credited by both employment and client leadership for the extensive amount of research and overall quality of targeting graphics as well as the attention to detail displayed when conducting quality assurance of numerous targets and quick reference graphics.
  • Monitored production levels of four sections encompassing 35 personnel regarding deliberate planning requirements and inclusive process improvement. 
  • Created several databases using multiple Microsoft Office products to track daily production being accomplished at client Joint Reserve intelligence Centers (JRIC) in San Antonio TX, and Jacksonville FL, in conjunction with production being accomplished in the Target Materials and Development Sections within USCENTCOM.
  • Kept analysts on prescribed production schedules, and proved thorough and effective in predicting and elevating bottlenecks in the production process. 
  • Diligently managed the accurate accountability and quality assurance of some 400 plus targets comprising an excess of 3800 individual facility description remarks.
  • Was seen by colleagues and clients as an excellent communicator; proven an ability to eliminate confusion, simplify processes, and increase open communication within the work centers. 
  • Identified and coordinated with National Level Agencies in the identification, nomination, and cataloging of protected and restricted facilities to mitigate collateral damage and potential civilian casualties for the 27 countries comprising the USCENTCOM Area of Responsibility (AOR). 
  • Revolutionized the way in which production was accomplished, monitored, and reported within the Target Development Section of the Target Materials branch at USCENTCOM by integrating into a databases self generating reports to compile an accurate accounting of weekly and monthly production statistics for use in the compilation of all branch Weekly Activity Reports.
Aug 2002Feb 2006

U.S. Central Command / Intelligence Analyst

US Navy

Intelligence Analyst U.S. Navy        NIIRS Certified

Interpreted, researched, and produced Quick Response Graphics (QRCs) and targeting materials from national collection systems and identifying time sensitive targets for USCENTCOM and the five component commands in the USCENTCOM AOR. Planned, and prepared for employment / deployment of multi-national forces to include 27 countries, Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Provided quality-control oversight by reviewing targeting materials produced by other imagery analysts within the Joint Target Materials Section as well as projects shared by other units and relaying necessary changes using Power Point presentations and Information Work Station (IWS) conferences. Provided training to incoming multi-service active duty and reserve personnel.

Key Contributions:

  • The “go-to” person within the Target Section on systems and procedures essential to daily and contingency operation planning and production.
  • Researched over 150 targets and produced over 1,000 targeting graphics that directly aided policy makers and military members is decision making and direct action planning.
  • Provided over 300 time-sensitive targeting graphics to the Combined Air Operations Center and deployed forces during a period of high operations tempo resulting in numerous successful air strikes.
  • Trained nine joint service personnel in the targeting cycle and graphics production and management, better preparing imagery analysts for target production.
  • Coordinated within Target Development and supporting units, improving the dissemination of imagery graphics and quality control processes.
Feb 1999Jul 2002

USS Abraham Lincoln / Multi Sensor Intelligence Analyst

US Navy

Multi Sensor Intelligence Analyst U.S. Navy

Supported all intelligence processes with detailed historical analysis and imagery interpretation from national collection systems. Provided daily briefings to the Intelligence and Operation officers on current targeting operations. Provided briefings and debrieings for fighter pilots before and after targeting missions to ensure successful air strikes. 

Key Contributions:

  • Excelled in performance during all Inter-Deployment Training Exercises ensuring USS Abraham Lincoln scored extremely well.
  • Discovered errors on platforms supporting recognition training, corrected the mis-identifications and alerted senior analysts to the errors which ensured the correct and most up-to-date information for training.
  • Sighting Team Chief, responsible for directing photo collection activities and coordinating time-critical reporting between lookouts, Intel Center, Tactical Actions Officer and the Bridge, ensuring safe passage both to and from the AOR.
  • Trained and supervised 12 navy personnel in the interpretation of imagery and reporting procedures during day shift preparing them to directly support current naval operations.


Jun 2013Present

Project Management Professional (PMP)

Villanova University

Estimated Completion June 2014



Saint Leo University

Delta Epsilon Sigma

Magna Cum Laude

Nov 2009Nov 2009

International Knowledge Management Institute

Weaponeering and Target Analysis

Joint Targeting School, Dam Neck, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Imagery Interpretation

Imagery C School (3910), NMITC, Dam Neck, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Imagery Interpretation

Fleet Imagery Interpretation Course, FITCPAC, San Diego California

Military Intelligence Studies

Intelligence School, NMITC, Dam Neck, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Top Secret/SCI