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Computer Skills

Operating Systems

Windows (≤Vista/2003); Linux (RedHat EL, Suse, Fedora); Mac OSX.

Office ApplicationsMs. Office (+ Project, Visio),, Lotus SmartSuite, Adobe Acrobat, Primavera.

Graphic ApplicationsCorelAdobe, SmartDraw

Programming LanguagesPHP, VB/A, C/++, Perl, Awk, Ruby.

Scripting LanguagesJavascript, WMLScript, VBScript.

DatabasesMySQLFirebirdSQL, MsSQLPostgreSQL.


Markup LanguagesHTML, CSSXML, XSL/t, WML, HDML, xHTML, HTA.

Content Management Sys.Broadvision, WordPress, SharePoint, eZ Publish, Joomla, TribiqRedDot.

Server(conf + mgmt)Apache, OpenGroupWare, Samba, Subversion, CVS.


Born in 1976 in Italy, I work in the ICT field since1997as freelance and employee. Due to my university education (Cognitive&Social PsychologyatPsychology Facultyof theUniversity of Trieste) my first interest has beenWeb Design:HCI,Usabilityandinformation architecturearea, not "graphics". After having been a "luxuryHTMLcoder" (term of one of my CEOs defining my ability to mix technical andinformationalissues) andusability specialistfor some years I switched quite completely toWeb Development(L.A.M.P.environment). As developer I poured in my work my other skill,Management(of people and processes, due both to my family and university education), to build/port former enterprise applications ontoCollaborative Web Apps. In fact my current focus is on teleworking, from anholistic(technical, organizational, psychological, etc..) perspective. Beside that my current tasks involve the training(course design, teaching) technical employees – almost 2500 hours provided from 2007 to 2009: document (flow) management, database design, collaborative tools..

For further info go to my (other) Google Profile.

Professional Assets

Work experience


L.A.M.P. Solution Developer (as Independent Contractor)


Evectors wanted to hire me at first as a “telework manager” to deal with California and India partners, select and train people.Unfortunatelythey found out I'm adecentdeveloper, so now my tasks involve buildingCMSgateways (PHP+AJAXmashup'sforAWS S3,PeopleAggregator,TypePad, Google, Flickr, etc.), customising open source products and developing webapps by using their platform, based onFrontierandRadioODBMS.

Jan 2005Present

Solution Developer - Teacher/Trainer


I was originally hired by E.N.F.A.P. Trieste, a local subsidiary of E.N.F.A.P. FVG -- in the (ESF funded and private) professional training industry --, with the charge to design, develop and manage an integrated solution of LMS (Learning Management System), CMS (aimed both to web content delivery and e-learning programs) and ERM (Enterprise Relationship Management). The main goal was to digitalize educational & administrative processes to reduce task times and involved resources, in a classical bureaucratic organization (!!)..

Which, fortunately, has always been my core competency, due both to my professional experience and academic education (Social and Industrial & Organizational psychology): even with the foreseen resistance most of the task times have been reduced by 60-70% and customer ("students" and their employers) satisfaction has increased, bringing an up to 150% growth (annual) in courses scheduling (and invoicing) .

The good working of the solution pushed my company to increasingly move my assignment also to more straight classroom-related tasks, such as customers consulting, course design & planning, class hours (almost 2000hrs between 2008 and 2009). I have to say that, although I've always been personally gratified by my achievements in teaching activity -- that also consisted in another customers growth --, I'm getting no more so pleased about the subjects I have to treat. I'd like to teach -- so I do it as independent contractor for other companies -- about Virtual Organization and cloud computing opportunities, database design and all the other issues coming from my non- educational experience.


Teacher/Trainer (as Independent Contractor)


Several courses: • "L.A.M.P. development";• "Database design and administration";• "Web content design and management".


Teacher/Trainer (as Independent Contractor)

Villaggio del Fanciullo

• Online communication;• Collaborative applications;• Telework training.


Web Manager


Segesta was in need to transform its Maintenance I.S. into a webapp, in order to more easily distribute and manage it and with less maintenance costs as a SaaS. Additionally, I had to undertake the position of web manager of its website and deal with media/press partners (A.I.MAN.). Segesta has been one of my most salient experiences in analysing enterprise processes, designing a flexible solution and deploying it (quite autonomously).


Business Developer

NE&T Group

The idea of N.E.&T. was to hire a project manager oriented to technical aspects of providing on-demand services through Internet (ASP) and calling him (me) business developer. The business development asset actually wasn't so important: they needed someone to rebuild previously disgregated teams and lead them to a more versatile approach to applied technologies (not only Jakarta+Jsp but Apache+Php+MySql too, passing by commercial – such as Autonomy+Oracle – and f.l.o.s.s. server apps), customers and service management.

May 2001Aug 2002

Human Interaction Designer

B Human

I was originally hired by B Human - at that time a Web Agency focused on the publishing industry - as Usability & Accessibility Specialist and Information Architecture spec.. Progressively I've been charged with (web) design and development tasks too. During the '01-'03 market downturn I've been asked to redesign corporate processes, write new guidelines and train colleagues to reduce redundant production costs.. ..Even designing an Enterprise Knowledge Portal (based on Ms.Sharepoint+Project+Exchange).


Teacher/Trainer (as Independent Contractor)

University of Udine

Extracurricular seminars for "Diplomatic Sciences" students:• "Effective use of internet services in press relations";• "Online communication" (E-Mail, IM, etc.);• "Office & Document Automation".


Web Designer/Developer (as Independent Contractor)

IrisCube (formerly Iris Technologies)

• "Intranet" GUI design (bank & finance field);• HTML coding & server-side implementation.


Web Manager (as Independent Contractor)


Web Design & Development;Media relations;


IT Consultant (as Independent Contractor)


Website design & development;Online communication strategy;IT brokerage (software).


Web Designer/Developer (as Independent Contractor)


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