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Information Technology Professional with more than 15 years of experience in software development covering requirements documentation and analysis, object oriented design and analysis (OOP/OOA), and team management. Managed a team that wrote business and software requirements. Served as the design lead for a software development team using C/C++ as the development language in a UNIX/Linux environment. Over five years experience with DoD software development and ten years in the transportation industry.

Work experience


Lieutenant Colonel

United States Army

Served in a variety of Infantry, Military Police, and Transportation units while serving in an active and reserve status.  Commanded units as small as 12 soldiers to a command of over 200 soldiers.  Operation Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom veteran earning a Bronze Star for both periods of service.


IT Manager

FedEx Services

Scope of responsibilities consisted of hiring employees, staffing projects in order to meet corporate initiatives and their timelines, directing the actions of employees working on initiatives, and conduct employee evaluations. Responsible for rating, pricing, controls, and revenue recovery functional areas. Worked directly with business/marketing teams to generate the business and software requirements needed by the development teams to implement new functionality.• Directed a team responsible for replacing a mainframe-based rating system with a new distributed rating system resulting in consistent package rating across the corporation and the public, a horizontal scalable system, and significantly reducing system maintenance/upgrade costs• Enhanced revenue systems operations by leading yearly pricing initiative projects which increased corporation profits• Directed, reviewed, and approved the creation of standard templates to use for business and software requirements which led to decreased misinterpretation of requirements by development teams


Senior Technical Analyst

FedEx Services

Performed object-oriented analysis and design of software modules for the UNIX based package rating system to replace the legacy mainframe system and revenue enhancements for core package rating. Additional duties consisted of Team Design Lead, Production Analysis, Production on-call support/research of controls metric issues, and providing assistance to the Product Test team for testing the package rating software. • Eased the maintenance and the ability to enhance the package rating system by reverse engineering the system in order to generate a set of baseline software requirements• Analyzed package rating mismatches and directed code corrections that resulted in the business certifying the software was ready for live production use• Conducted code analysis and coding improvement that resulted in transaction times decreasing from an average of over one second to under 400 milliseconds


Computer Consultant

Computer Horizons

Duties consisted of object-oriented analysis and design of software modules for FedEx Corporation’s next generation package rating system. Additionally, duties consisted of source code revision control administration, build/test executor for the full life-cycle development for the next release of the software.• Analyzed rating discrepancies between legacy system and new UNIX based system leading to numerous software and data improvements resulting in a greater than 10% improvement in the software accuracy• Coded new functionality and made corrections of existing package rating system modules


Principal Software Engineer

Presearch Incorporated

Duties consisted of software development and system/data administration duties in a Solaris UNIX and a Windows NT environment. • Served as Lead Developer in porting UNIX based intelligence analyst toolset to Windows NT environment existing as dynamic link libraries which was to allow non-UNIX based intelligence groups access to the software• Installed intelligence analyst software at the US Central Command and wrote UNIX shell scripts to load data into the software resulting in a quicker adoption of the software package by the command


Senior Programmer Analyst

Presearch Incorporated

Responsible for software development/maintenance and system administration in SunOS/Solaris/Irix UNIX and Windows NT environment. Provided system/data administration support to Defense Intelligence Agency for Persian Gulf Focus Group • Installed and conducted user training of intelligence analyst software at International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna Austria and the US Embassy in Bonn Germany which greatly improved the intelligence analysis work by the two groups• Led prototyping effort to port UNIX based X-Windows Motif application to Windows NT using MS Visual C++ and MFC proving that the application could be successfully ported


Programmer Analyst

Presearch Incorporated

Duties consisted of software development/maintenance and system administration in a SunOS/Solaris UNIX environment. Assisted the full-time system administrator in all areas including hardware/software installation and trouble-shooting. Miscellaneous duties included product demonstrations, product testing, and providing hot-line support.• Acted as Lead Analyst integrating text extraction tool into company’s intelligence analyst software and by programming rules for the text extraction software which assisted intelligence analyst improve their reports• Co-developed a C++ program that greatly increased the speed of document similarity comparisons• Developed and enhanced Motif GUI programs written in C which added new functionality and fixed improperly functioning intelligence analyst tools• Developed CGI scripts in C to interface with the text search engine used by the intelligence analyst software


Associate Programmer Analyst

Presearch Incorporated

Maintained the Standard Army Civilian Pay System-Redesign (STARCIPS-R), using COBOL in an Amdahl mainframe environment running under the IBM MVS/XA operating system. • Co-developed a MS-Access database allowing historical records storage and research of Army Civilian Payroll databases • Developed an MS-Access database for the Department of Energy to capture document flow statistics resulting in a better understanding of how document routed through departments


Ken Sias

Lisa Perez

Carl Wilhelm




United States Military Academy at West Point


Object Oriented Analysis/Design