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Work experience


Community Living Cambridge

From 2004 to 2008, I was a caregiver for Community Living Cambridge, which involved being a live-in caregiver for several special needs individuals.  I worked mainly at one residence, Ferguson Ave, and my duties involved housekeeping, giving medications, personal care, extra-curricular activities, and more.  I really enjoyed this job because it was a very socially-oriented position, and required a lot of sensitivity as well as willingness to connect with the community.  

Painting teacher

Dave Fox Art Lessons

I teach painting in both a group setting as well as individually.  Painting is definitely a very personal form of expression, and in that sense, teaching people how they "should" paint is not exactly what is intended.  And yet, I do teach a number of techniques which will help people that want to learn how to paint in different styles learn to do just that.  From ways of making paintings look more "real", or "representational", to the elements and principles of design, to abstract art, my classes cover a lot of different topics, and break them down into practical, useable painting techniques.  Art is something I love and especially something I love to do, so in my classes there is also a great deal of hands-on activity.  We will talk about painting, and we will paint, and sometimes, we will paint while talking about painting.  I have been teaching group and individual painting lessons for the past 6 years, since 2005, and I am very comfortable teaching what I know.  Go to my Facebook page to see what my work is like and what I spend a large portion of my time doing!  

Owner, music teacher, January 2010 - Present

Foxy Music

Since September 2010, I have been the owner of Foxy Music, a private music teaching school which emphasizes students individual needs and aspirations in order for them to reach their personal goals musically.  Since each student is unique, and has different goals, each lesson is approached according to the specific needs of the student, but which I teach includes:  rudiments of musical theory, getting personal enjoyment out of your instrument (as opposed to viewing it as a chore), how to play your instrument properly (form, technique), how to jam with other musicians, and how to write your own songs and develop your own unique style.  I have a lot of fun teaching, and every student is given a free consultation in order for teacher and student to meet and talk about music and determine our compatibility.  

Guitar and Songcraft Teacher, December 2010-present

Stanley Park Community Centre

Since December 2010, I've been working for the Stanley Park Community Centre, where I teach several guitar classes to students of all ages, as well as a brand new songwriting course starting this September, 2011.  

The classes I teach are named as follows:  10-14 Beginner Guitar, Adult Beginner Guitar, and Adult Intermediate Guitar.  The songwriting course is called "Songcraft".  


Bachelor of Arts

University of Waterloo, 1996-1999

I attended university at the U of Waterloo and recieved my Bachelor of Arts in 1999.

High School Diploma

Southwood Secondary School

I attended high school at Southwood S.S. and received my diploma in 1995.


Hi there!

My name is David Fox and I have many things which I am passionate about.  Permit me to tell you about some of them!

I am a painter, and produce a wide variety of different types of artwork, using a wide range of mediums (although mainly I paint in acrylic).  My artwork is deeply personal, and often mysterious (even to me), as I work in a fairly intuitive manner sometimes.  If you look me up on Facebook, most of my artwork can be viewed there, in the photos section.  I paint a wide range of subjects from representational, to abstract, and a a whole lot in between...check it out!

I am a musician, and member of a band called Lazu Lie.  Lazu Lie can be heard at:

I also record and perform solo, under the moniker "Young Coconut" my artwork, my music is (I like to think) quite varied.  Check it out!  Many of the albums found at this link are free to download, while others ask for a small fee.

I am part of a locally operated record label called Fauxtown Records, along with several other very talented local acts, such as Lucky Stabb, Slender Loris, Grand River Orchestra, Livestalk, The Axxxidentals, Rob Smith, Nervous Wrecked, The Approachables, and more...check us out here:

I teach music!  The instruments I specialize in include guitar, bass, and drums, with a special emphasis on recording, songwriting, and singing.  I teach privately, either at my home studio, or I can do house-calls, if

you're in my local area (Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge).   My teaching business is called Foxy

here for a short demo of me playing a song!

I am a landscaper.  I love working outdoors and I enjoy applying my art and design approaches to outdoor settings.  I work with my father, an avid gardener and artist himself, and we specialize in "zen" gardens.  

I am part of a group of artists working on a project called "The Many Faces of Cambridge", which is a project that is focusing on painting portraits of citizens of Cambridge.  These portraits are hanging all over Cambridge, and once there are 100 portraits, there will be a big show where with proceeds going to charity.  Here's a link:


To make a living though my two main passions in life: art and music.