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Out of the box thinker with a concentration on problem solving and root cause analysis. I use a combination of hardware, firmware, software and analysis methods to determine and pursue the best path forward for any problem or project.  My skills include expertise in electronic hardware design, Linux, Bluetooth as well as several other RF data transfer protocols, and a variety of microcontroller hardware and programming environments.  I also have both leadership and management skills and experience.

Work experience

Jan 2009Present

Principal Electrical Engineer

Meggitt Training Systems

Lead of technical hardware and systems development for virtual, live fire military and law enforcement firearms training.  In 2010, I led a team to provide on site technical support and troubleshooting for virtual weapons simulators to client overseas.  Our effort resulted in a project acceptance two days later and the completion of the contract.  My current project is a completely new development of Meggitt's Next Generation Live Fire target range system, designed to comply with the Army's Future Army System of Integrated Targets (FASIT) as well as Tacom's ATS-II target range requirements.

Jan 2007Dec 2009

Weapons Electrical Manager

Meggitt Training Systems

Supervised development team of 4 engineers responsible for virtual weapon trainer firmware and hardware, also responsible for key engineering initiatives, such as Bluetooth connected weapon trainer design.  For an Army National Guard accuracy project, created a practical method to tune a virtual weapon to within 2 µradians of accuracy for on site military testing, and then implemented this method for manufacturing. The biggest advantage of this accuracy level is that virtual weapons become transferable between soldiers without aim point adjustment. This method is still the market leader in accuracy.

Mar 2005Dec 2007

Senior Electrical Engineer

Meggitt Training Systems

Originally hired for firmware and hardware development for the creation of virtual weapon trainers, began new product development such as wireless recoiling weapons trainers and 'smart magazines' which identified remaining ammunition to the student and the simulation software. The patent on smart magazine technology is still pending. Became department lead in June 2006.


Senior Electrical Engineer

Comverge, Inc.

Hardware and firmware design for Comverge's demand control system, which limits peak demand power usage by briefly limiting the use of high electrical demand systems during periods of heavy use.  Hardware and firmware design for remote meter reading devices (MainGate) over GPRS (GSM) and CDMA celluar networks.

Led manufacturing  initiatives to predict obsolescence in manufacturing in order to properly identify and schedule redesigns and parts change outs due to simple obsolescence and ROHS requirements.


Project Engineer


Telecommunications equipment design and manufacture.  Prior to 2001, Conklin was a provider of telecommunications equipment to domestic US telecommunications companies.  My development efforts were focused on 'last mile of copper' solutions such as T1 to ISDN multiplexers, T1 to ADSL multiplexers, and HDSL2 based POTS interfaces intended for rural areas.


Telecom Engineer


Performed FCC part 68 (CFR 43) testing, and prepared a subsequent report for submission to the FCC.  In the event of test failure, I was able to recommend a potential solution to the failure, most often the result of a telecommunications device intended for connection to the PSTN without adequate lightning protection or proper isolation from a possible power line crossover.  Later became proficient in UL standards evaluation and testing, including UL 1459 and UL 1950.


Aug 1993Dec 1996


Clemson University

Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering.

GPA:  3.24



6 Sigma Green Belt
Completed Green Belt certification from Performance Excellence, August, 2008 Performed a DMAIC project on the manufacturing of Meggitt's highest volume weapon simulator, and reduced the occurrence of failed units during manufacture and test by 80%.
Linux C++ software development
I've used Linux in several development projects, and contributed code in the form of Perl scripts, C code, and shell scripts to a variety of open source projects.  I began C++ development In Linux starting in 2008 to complete two projects, 'Piratinhas' (Portuguese for 'Little Pirates') in 2009 and 'Planet Wars' in 2010 to coincide with my son's 4th and 5th birthdays.
Embedded programming
I've used a variety of development environments and hardware platforms.  My latest developments have been built on the AVR ATMega 644 with AVR-GCC, which is GNU C targeted towards AVR microcontrollers, and I've used a variety of assemblers often in tandem with a C compiler when optimum efficiency is required.  Other hardware platforms include:   Intel 8051/80251 Zilog Z80 TI MSP430 Microchip 12/16/18 series Marvell PXA270 (Linux based) Arm7, Cortex-M3 AVR ATMega 168, 644 Hitachi/Mitsubishi H8S