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Top Secret/SCI with CI Poly

Highly analytical, motivated, and performance-driven professional offering immeasurable experience in managing daily operational aspects of a $100M business unit. Competent in addressing complex problems to effect dramatic improvements in efficiency, productivity, and business processes towards successful attainment of organizational goals. Leadership experience centered upon practices to build teams and create a work environment focused on coaching and mentoring. Possess a strong knowledge of Excel and Access with a desire to utilize these tools to bring value and efficiency to the organization. 

Core Competencies

Business Analysis, Strategic Planning and Execution, Data Research and Analysis, Financial Forecasting, Process Improvement, P&L Management, Change Leadership, Cost Analysis


Ed Hahn

“I have had the pleasure of working with David since early 2008 while in USIS. During this time I have personally worked with David on cost saving initiatives, and process improvement opportunities. David was instrumental in driving his business unit forward and became the leader of change management. This was most evident as David and I collaborated on a primary objective of moving from a total manual case management system to a system that was fully automated. David's mind set is operationally oriented, and he has a keen ability to understand the big picture and how the pieces fit together. David has a great work ethic, drives to completion and there is no reason ever to question his integrity. David really is a "go to" person and I often consulted with him on topics of how to improve our operational processes. He insight and ability to understand the perspective of the end user was invaluable.” December 24, 2011

Ryan Jefferson

“I had the opportunity to work with Dave in a few different capacities while with USIS. However, the majority of our time spent working together was while he was the Atlantic Busines Unit's Operations Manager. As the Operations Manager, I came to rely heavily on Dave's insight and high-level visibility when creaating strategy and making decisions in my district. Dave has an uncanny ability with numbers that I came to respect, admire and envy during our working relationship. If ever I had questions on the financial or business aspects of the organization, I knew Dave was only a phone call or email away. Beyond the fact that he was always available, he always had the right answer and guidance. During his tenure as District Manager, I came to respect Dave's willingness to learn a new position and learn it fast. He had the best interests of his team at heart when decisions had to be made. Dave is a geniune, stand-up guy who fully understands what it takes to be keep the proverbial "wheels" from falling off the bus. I enjoyed my working relationship with Dave and if given the opportunity to work together in the future, I would not hesitate to jump back in the trenches with him!” January 10, 2012

Julia Alena

“During my tenure at USIS, Dave Ball was a key member of the Business Unit leadership team. He consistently demonstrated a willingness to address obstacles "head-on" serving as a top-notch resource and reliable asset through a period of continuous change. Dave was highly regarded by his peers for his in-depth knowledge of internal business drivers and key performance indicators, and demonstrated an encyclopedic understanding of the sources and uses of data within the organization. Dave sets challenging goals both for himself and for those that report to him, recognizing the needs of his team and managing with a philosophy of transparency and open communication. With Dave’s significant business acumen and leadership skills, he would be an asset to any organization.” December 22, 2011


Work experience

Sep 2011Jan 2012

District Manager

  • Provide leadership and strategic direction to Team Leaders in support of National objectives
  • Mentor Team Leaders in areas of change leadership, emotional intelligence, and business acumen
  • Strategic planning emphasizing communication, accountability, and recognition. Develop timeliness and quality action plans to improve metrics across all teams
  • Communicate District successes and objectives through monthly meetings with Regional Vice-President and quarterly meetings with Senior Management
  • Monthly review of District P&L and review of cost initiatives in the District
  • Monitor resource allocation, to include Independent Contractors and overtime, to ensure greatest return on investment
Apr 2008Sep 2011

Business Operations Manager

  • Forecasted monthly and quarterly revenue across all contracts on a $100M P&L. Developed production and cost strategies to reach financial targets
  • Formulated and tracked performance and quality metrics and trends across the Business Unit. Provided strategic direction based on Key Performance Indicator trends and performance.
  • Worked closely with the District Managers and Work Load Leaders to ensure optimal operational performance. Performed monthly budget to actual reviews with District Managers.
  • Developed presentations to communicate Business Unit performance and provided direction to achieve business goals
  • Created cost-savings initiatives to exceed earnings objectives. Included setting targets for use of overtime and providing guidance to District Managers regarding resource utilization levers based on workload and company objectives. Monthly review of Business Unit and District P&L statements and costs.
  • Worked in conjunction with the Regional Vice-President to increase production performance to drive revenue growth
  • Coordinated national detailing on a monthly basis, ensuring maximum impact at the least cost. Developed a National Detailing Process encompassing all aspects of travel to include selection of detailing locations, actions for sending and receiving locations, and tracking of detailee performance.
Nov 2006Apr 2008

Team Leader

  • Led team of 20 Investigators, communicating company priorities to drive production of team to exceed company goals
  • Trained, developed, and mentored Investigators through check-rides, one-on-one meetings, and daily communication.
  • Tracked Investigator statistics and trends to lead individual investigators towards higher production
  • Served as Acting District Manager in absence of District Manager
Feb 2002Nov 2006

Senior Investigator

  • Conducted background investigations on individuals in, or seeking to obtain, Federal positions involving national security or public trust.
  • Interviewed all people pertinent to a case including the subject of the investigation, co-workers, former spouses, neighbors, developed references, and medical personnel.
  • Led a month long detail of twenty-one investigators in the local area. Provided advice and guidance regarding investigations and local culture. Assigned cases and tracked detailee production.
  • Trained new investigators and assist the Team Leader in continued on-the-job training of investigators which includes supervising initial interviews and reviewing reports.
  • Conducted 2004 Presidential Rank Award investigations to verify the accomplishments of Senior Executives recommended for the rank of Distinguished Executive. Interviews included high-level officials including agency directors.


Bachelors of Arts

James Madison University

December 1998


University of Maryland University College

Expect degree June 2013

Top Secret - Counter Intelligence Polygraph