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Dear Sirs:

My name is Andr Nunes David and I am actually searching for a new carrier opportunity with companies in the medical, chemical and pharmaceutical field that are willing to do business or start ups of their own operation in Brazil or in South America and need some professional with excellent market skills, high level education and excellent professional background. Companies that are aggressive and dynamic that has the disposition to invest in an emerging continent that is growing over two digits per year. I am expecting to develop the market, structured the company in South America and consolidate sales for the company that hires me, bringing them a very good return of investment and exceed sales and profitability expectative. I have over 15 years experience working in the marketing and sales positions developed in companies such as, Pfizer, Bristol Myers Squibb, Valois Pharmaceutical and Baxter. Today I hold a position of Marketing Manager for a local pharmaceutical company. I am responsible for market and sales products for anesthesia, cardiology and pain control. I hold a BA in Business and Marketing, an extension in Marketing Communications from University of California at Irvine and a MBA at Business School Sao Paulo and University of Toronto, Canada. I am also fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish and French. I am 37 years old, married and I have a 2 years old daughter. I am available for a personal, phone or video conference interview at your convenient time. I am open to negotiate relocation and job conditions.

I am looking forward your contact.

Many kind regards.

Skills –Marketing specialist, sales oriented, computer knowledge (MS packages), project management, scenario planning, medical equipment specialist, cross functional teamwork, relationship building, consultation/collaboration, negotiation skills, business acumen, market and therapeutic area analysis, financial and resource management, knowledge of business basic concepts, leverage areas, new developments and current issues in finance.

Work experience

11/96 to 12/98 - CSM- Certified Safety Manufacturing –Sales and Marketing Manager (worked in USA and Brazil)

American company based in Kansas City, producing and exporting first aid products. CSM has started his first operation in Brazil under my responsibility. Responsible for the organization and legalization of the company in Brazil (start up) Responsible for market studies, prospect costumers, identify new opportunities.Develop strategic marketing plan based in the market needs. Defined product line to work in Brazil. Develop promotional material in Portuguese

Register products in the Ministry of Health.Start up business in Brazil and Argentina. Set up office and warehouse in Sao Paulo. I had organized three trade shows in Brazil and 2 in Argentina (set up booth, buy space)

03/96 to 06/96 -DMC - Daley Marketing Corporation – Marketing Internship in USA.

07/93 to03/95 -Pfizer LaboratoriesSales Rep-Product promotion to physicians in the market and

05/92 to06/93 - Bristol Myers Squibb- ConvaTec.Marketing Trainee Promotional work

and sales

Jun 2005Jun 2008

Senior Marketing Manager

Cristalia Pharmaceutical

July 2005 till June 2008: Cristália Pharmaceuticals – Product and MKT Manager:Local Brazilian company (family owned) based in São Paulo with offices in the major cities of the country. Total sales revenue of US$ 250 million and 1.900 employees.Market and sell hospital and medical products (pharmaceuticals, disposables, devices and equipments)

·Responsible for manage and market Neuromuscular, Cardiology/ICU product line, marketing activities, budget management and expenses control.To ensure we meet sales objectives

·Market and positioning product line to physicians (Cardiologists, Urologists, Anesthesiology, ICU Doctors andNurses) and distributors. Organize Congresses, Presentation and Workshops.Contact opinion leaders.

·To improve and optimize sales establishing incentives for team motivation. Sales support and training for distributors sales force. Manage and sales of infusion pumps and vaporizes for anesthesia.

·Financial control, report sales activities, implement sales and marketing plan and promotional programs

Results - Strategically repositioned cardiologic product line with focus in conceptual promotional activities that brought a sales increase of 40% comparing Yr2007 x Yr2006. Strategically launched new Generic products to be sold in public bids and attack competition protecting and increasing market share using equipment and managing equipment line to improve sales of sevoflurane, esmolol, nitroglycerine, propofol and other products of my division.Sales growth of Yr2007 over Yr2006 of 15%.

Jun 2003Dec 2004

Senior Product Manager


June 2003 till December 2004: Baxter Hospitalar- Senior Product Manager.

·Regularly conduct market studies to identify market needs and opportunities to support sales force and generate new business.

·Manage and control Infusion Pumps and Sets sales and contracts (Colleague Volumetric Infusion Pumps).

·Maintain and control SG&A expenditures and records regarding travel and sales expenses. P&L analysis

·Find new opportunities into Brazilian market to generate new profitable business

·To develop and to implement the marketing plan. Develop promotional material such as Visual Aid, CD-Rom to also support sales force.

·Manage product line focus for pharmaceutical companies, always providing the company expertise in flex bags, nutrition and medication delivery products and equipments for services on Oncology, Infectlogy, Cardiology and other specialists.

·Responsible for manage, generate and organize business with pharmaceutical companies and distributors.Total account turnover in 2003:US$ 2.7million, 2004 US$ 3.5 million and budget to 2005 U$4.8 million net sales.

·Budget, forecast and gross profit analysis.Management of pretax profits and report financial issues. Manage, path and supervise internal information. Ability in manage internal conflicts regarding information and process.Manage supply agreements and contract manufacture investments.Maintain effective communication with regional management, sales administrator to assure efficient process and shipping orders.

Results - During my management, I have generate three major business: a supply agreement that brought to the company around R$1,5millons/year in sales revenue, project a distribution agreement to be signed with a third party to solve a problem with Premixed product line, forecasted sales revenue around R$ 450K.This line would be distributed and commercialized under an agreement of profit split in between the companies.The third project would generated around US$ 3 million sales revenue and it is a tool manufacturing project between and will also leverage other core business, such as, Infusion System and Parenteral Nutrition.

Jan 1999Jun 2003

Business Development Manager

·Management of sales and support customers and clients (Distributors and end users).

·To develop and launch new products using Valois Medical devices.

·Market and studies and analysis new business opportunities.

·Understand customer needs and their level of satisfaction

·To develop marketing and sales strategy for pharmaceutical product.

·Responsible for the internal interface between departments involved in the process, in order to follow up through with the orders, providing an excellent customer service

·Call customers in order to propose action and provide options given them full assistance to the customer with respect to all the stages related to their orders and also analyzes customer complaints and proposed corrective actions.

·Price negotiation, profit margins composition and management local inventory and organize exhibitions, trade shows and workshops. Develop and follow up supply agreements, evaluating the sales and payment terms and also the goods delivery schedule. Conduct the interface with top management in order to discuss options and take actions.

·Technical assistance and commercial support to the customer. Study for local pharmaceutical pump assembling

·Coordinate the delivery cycle of samples in Brazil.Coordinate the importation, analyze the orders and price quotation, negotiating prices, coordinating the shipment and negotiating international freights.

·In 2003 I took care of sales for Perfumery and Cosmetics unit, being responsible for a total turn over of US$ 8 million.

Results - Increased number of Pharma accounts from 2 in 1999 up to 8 in 2002. Have increasedpharmaceutical division salesfromUS$200K in 1999 up to US$980K in 2002. Have increased sales from 300.000 dollars in 1999 up to 1.200.000 dollars in 2002.Developed new price policy bringing the gross margins up by substituting client importation method to our local importation.Developed, over than 9 new projects in the pharmaceutical market such as: Salbutamol (Generic), BDP (Generic), Salbutamol HFA formulation, Sodic Heparin (hospital use), Wartox, Clenil Aqua. Have launched and managed in the cosmetic division three projects with sales revenue of$600.000. Developed new packaging solutions to better serve end users. To support sales team and training sales distributors.



Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado

1991 - 1994: FAAP-Fundaç o Armando Alvares PenteadoBachelor Degree -Business and Marketing.


University of California, Irvine

01/1995 - 10/1996:University of California, at Irvine, EUA Extension Degree in Marketing Communications and Studies in International Business.


Fundação Getulio Vargas

02/2001 – 07/2001: FGV –Fundação Getulio VargasStudies in“Product and Service Management”


Business School São Paulo

03/2003-10/2004:Master in Business Administration (MBA) - Business School São Paulo, Brazil (BSP) and Rotman Business School – University of Toronto, Canada.