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David Tanner

Senior Software Engineer at Ancestry

Work experience

Oct 2016Present

Senior Software Engineer


Architected an aggregation layer for the Salesforce Service Cloud to interact with legacy and modern Ancestry services.  

Re-designed workflows for Member Services to reduce average handle time.

Architected integrations with Salesforce Marketing cloud to send transactional emails and create holiday campaigns.

Updated legacy services to accommodate latest requirements from Member Services.

Launched several new REST services using Amazon Web Services Fargate, Elastic Container Service, Elastic Container Registry, and other provided tools.

Daily development using Maven, Spring Framework, and Terraform.  

Dec 2014Oct 2016

Software Engineer


Integrated several third party cloud storage platforms into one node.js webservice on ElasticBeanstalk.

Developed an Extract Transform and Load process in node.js to collect system data on a daily basis using SQS, ElasticBeanstalk, S3 and couchdb for 90k systems.

Enhanced, expanded, and reworked a system in node.js to synchronize third party system information with company records in salesforce.

Enhance data gathering by notifying SNS when data is ready, storing historical data in S3, and updating couchdb.

Work with business groups to expand the data collected in Elasticsearch for fleet wide analytics.

Pioneered work using Lambda and API Gateway as alternatives to ElasticBeanstalk, using Serverless.

Wrote an app in React.js using Webpack and ES2015.  

Integrated business billing data with utility information from UtilityAPI to create a savings calculator.

Jun 2014Nov 2014

DevOps Engineer


Expanded the Jenkins CI server to build GitHub git change requests to automatically test and merge the changes back into the main repository.

Attended Amazon Re:Invent to help expand company knowledge of Amazon Web Services.

Provisioned servers for test and production using Amazon Web Services ElasticBeanstalk and Elastic Cloud Compute.

Standardized build scripts and logging to pave the way to use Loggly for common log aggregation.

Implemented an alternative to the public npm repository for use in a virtual private network, and to developers externally.

Feb 2014May 2014

Design Engineer 1

Advanced Micro Devices

Re-engineered the test results SQL data store and the website used to display results using php.  

Updated the c/c++ code base to add fpga and multi core hardware emulation.

Jun 2013Jan 2014

Quality Assurance Engineer

esg | The Employment and Skills Group

Reduced manual testing time by architecting a C# multithreaded HTML validation tool.

Debugged issues in XSLT process in C#.

Designed a tool to display multiple languages of a webpage side by side for visual validation.

Dec 2008Jun 2013

System Test/DevOps Engineer


Developed a Java framework that parses JBehave files using reflection and page objects to test customer web portal.  

Wrote Java tools to emulate company hardware for automated and manual testing, as well as load testing new back end technologies.  

Compiled a list of commands and instructions used by company hardware, that was then used by tech support and other engineers.

Mentored developers and other test engineers on web portal or hardware workings.

Side projects

Designed and built a crock-pot sous-vide machine using a raspberry pi, AC relay, and Node.js to handle on/off logic.

Designed the hardware layout for a simple garage door opener using a Particle photon for wifi internet connectivity, a magnetic reed switch to detect if the door is closed, and a transistor to signal the garage door hardware to open or close.

Contribute bug fixes or features to Open Source projects as needed.

Help scouts earn Electronics merit badge.

Coached kids Soccer and T-Ball teams.


Jan 2011Dec 2013

B.Sc. Electrical Engineering

Brigham Young University - Provo