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Work experience


30th Airborne
Ranger Leading, managing, supervising, and performing security force(KDF) activities, including installation, weapon system, and resource security; antiterrorism; investigations; military working, Base defense; armament and equipment; training; pass and registration; information security; and combat arms. Related(DOD) Team Commander/Section Commander Seven man team Coordinating movement, direction and Surveillance for the Team Specialized in Covert surveillance, contact drills for special operations and Covert Operations Specialized in operations team trained in surveillance and covert close target reconnaissance

Site Security Supervisor

SOC International
Site Security supervisor Force protection Team/Platoon Leader Command and Control, Safety and Security of all Personnel, Communication, Tactics and Logistic. Management of both human and material Investigate Crimes and Frauds and Assessment of Performance. Compiling of Progress report, personnel welfare and Camp management Documentation of daily activities and Movement of vehicles Personnel's and Equipment's Office Gathering of Information to assist in resolution of security incidents and problems Supporting of security Management by implementing security regulations


Close Protection Services
secure transport logistics and cargo solutions. VIP escorts armed protection detail Team leader. Utilizing an extensive local knowledge, undertake journey management and route planning. Perform other duties and special programs as assigned by Kenya Risk Management, Grey stone(XE) AGENT/CPO Assisting customers understand the area's local cultural tradition and assessing the security threat level(permissive or experiencing turmoil). Emergency action plans in case of unexpected attack to clients or propertyClose protection for key personnel(Armed and Unarmed)

Team Leader

Kenya Risk Security and Risk Management
Team Leader MARSEC/CPO Maritime security provided direct protection to Bulk Carriers, Tankers, Passenger Vessels and Work Vessels including Tugs & Trawlers in high risk areas. High risk tasks including salvage resupply of stricken vessels. Provide protection, intelligence, and safe passage for clients and cargo consignments, ensuring that accurate and complete accounting, reporting and internal control systems are functioning and that all relevant records are maintained. Supplying and inventory list management for AMISOM personnel and Somali an National Army personnel in Mogadishu and Kismayo, Management of day-to-day requirements for port/facility management Coordinate with UN, AMISOM and Government of Somalia to safeguard personnel and operations Knowledge of operating in Somalia and knowledge of emergency procedures for Port protection and protection of employees, Interdisciplinary principles of security management including planning, budgeting, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling, risk management, civil and criminal liability, Prepared to face the new challenges as broader and more cost-effective protection is required with fewer resources understanding of the various options available in security and loss control. Identifying number of risk areas and outline various deterrent and preventative methods, Able to take initiative to analyze a situation and make frequent technical decisions based on Kenya Risk SOPs and safety codes Evaluation of operational effectiveness and develop/maintain effective operation control mechanisms, able to work effectively with minimal supervision with a strong focus on procedural compliance and customer service

Team Leader

DynCorp International
Team Leader PSD/PST/CP Accessing all PST/CP Officers, Review contents of written orders to ensure adherence to Oversee teams Operations to ensure Clients safety, Ensure members are properly trained Evaluation and legal requirements. Investigating and resolve personnel problems within organization and charges of misconduct against staff. Preparation of work schedules and assigns duties to PST/CP Team Members. Performing General Requirements administrative duties such as timesheets in addition to Preparing and maintaining personnel, property, maintenance and operational records. Assign duties and responsibilities, Overseeing and scheduling supporting protective operations. Manage vehicle procurement, receiving, maintenance scheduling/tracking, repairs scheduling/tracking, serviceability, fuel logs, dispatch records, transfer of vehicles and maintain an active and accurate record of all vehicles, both armored and non-armored, assigned to protective operations. Responsible for the accountability of all assigned equipment to include weapons, ammunition, radios, ballistic vests, vehicle equipment and other items, Provides reporting via database and other separate documentation to HTP Coordinates travel of employees through DynCorp Travel Office, Execute day-to-day protective service for designated clients during movement, at venues and at residences, Maintain medical supplies and equipment associated with Convoy emergency medical bag, operate lead, Limo or Chase vehicles within convoys Daily intelligence to all team members, liaising with local law enforcement team on Intelligent and threat analysis

Camp Manager

Saladin Security
Solution Camp Manager(LBC) Overall responsible for security including development of security procedures and monitoring the development in the security situation. Analyzing Threats and provide recommendations to clients. Provide security briefings to new employees and updating security protocols and procedures. Implementing of relevant government and NGO regulations. Administration of personnel, recruiting and development of staff. Writing of logistical and security plans. Training of Local National staff(Train the Trainer), HSE and all Security related Successful liaison with Military and Police of foreign countries. Responsibilities for all financial, operational, logistical, personnel and procurement sections. Site security surveys and audits. Security enhancements; life support including camp building and logistics-Living arrangements, food and housing in the field, first aid and medical evacuation Security Risk Management(Operational/Tactical and Strategic Level). Quality Control and Quality Assurance including HSE management to ensure the effectiveness and safe execution of the project scope of work. Threat and vulnerability assessment(threat levels). Risk Assessments according to ISO31000 standards and intelligence analysis. Manage good relationships with landlords and liaise upgrades of facilities where necessary Weekly monitoring of all project assets and compile accountability report. Investigating and writing of Incident Reports. Represent company to liaise with relevant government officials and other stakeholders. Emergency preparedness and response of contingency and evacuation plans. Instruction techniques for security training and education, including security measures and procedures. Handling of sensitive security-related information and communications. Compiling of emergency evacuation, logistical and financial plans. Ensure safe and timely transport of all clientele(local and expatriate professionals) Conducting audits, inspections, control and monitoring. Risk management Control and Hostage avoidance., on a non-discriminatory basis, of characteristics and behavioral patterns of persons who are likely to threaten security and Mission.



North West Arkansas Community College


Eastern Kentucky University


Institute for Preventive Eastern Kentucky University


Institute for Safety


Management Institute Certificates



Alison University