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Work experience

May 2014Oct 2014

DevOps Engineer

Operations Engineer,, San Francisco, CA I introduced modern provisioning and deployment practices into a legacy infrastructure by
Jan 2014May 2014

Devops Engineer

DevOps Engineer,, San Mateo, CA I developed tools for automating Hadoop cluster provisioning and reduced cluster spin­ up times to minutes. Along the way I also developed tools for managing AWS clusters and integrated those tools with Jenkins and Atlassian Bamboo, a continuous integration server. I used one of the libraries I had developed for orchestrating AWS clusters to create a dynamically resizable build cluster. This significantly reduced the operating costs for the build infrastructure. Technologies got to work on: Ruby Python Java Hadoop Chef AWS Bamboo Jira Git
Sep 2012Jan 2014

Software Engineer

Software Engineer,, San Jose, CA I developed Chef based tools and migrated the old Puppet based infrastructure to Debian packages with Chef based pre/post­ install logic. This reduced the complexity of the infrastructure maintenace code and was a big hit with developers because it brought the infrastructure under their control and helped them better manage the deployment and provisioning of their software with greater precision. Technologies got to work on: Ruby Python Puppet Ubuntu Solr Apache Nginx Chef OpenStack Git
Oct 2011Sep 2012

Software Test Engineer

Software Test Engineer, eSolar, Burbank, CA I wrote ray tracing software in C#for validating correctness of software that controlled fields of heliostats. My ray tracer was several orders of magnitude faster than any previously built versions and helped track down a bug in the heliostat tracking table generator that had been in production for 4+ years. Previous ray tracers had been unable to detect the bug because it took days to run a simulation and my ray tracer was able to reduce that time to mere minutes and provide faster feedback. Technologies got to work on: C#Python Ruby Microsoft SQL Server Windows Server



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