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Spending time with family and friends, traveling, sports, skiing, golfing, sailing, concerts, movies.


My name is David Merriman and I'm a senior at Ithaca College where I am a Business Administration major with concentrations in finance and management with a minor in economics. Strong analytical, leadership and quantitative skills are some of my most beneficial characteristics. Through my business, finance, and economic courses, I have developed strong proficiency in these areas and look forward to the opportunity to further cultivate my ability through a challenging and rigorous professional experience. My interest in business reflects my commitment to maximizing the potential of every opportunity, but it is my academic achievements, intellectual capital, previous employment experiences , and character that make me a worthy candidate for any position. I am confident that I can apply the same skills that have made me successful in my previous educational, extracurricular and career pursuits as I begin my professional journey.

Work experience

Jan 2011Present

International Internship

Attend National Charity
  • Worked directly with CFO in the creation of 3-5 plan which outlined future of the charity, including current and future strategic direction, obtaining a commercial prospective, the future of volunteering, specially income generation, potential opportunities, and modernizing the company image and objective.
  • Assist Chief Executive and other senior management with policy development, lobby, marketing & communications, fund-raising, event management, administration and staff management.
  • Partnered with CEO to refine and deliver work that progresses the vision and mission of charity for the 27,000 Attend members, £100 million annual budget, and over 700 member charities across the United Kingdom.
  • Contributed to the development of ABI vision, which provides assessment training and development programs to enable people with brain injuries to contribute more fully to society.
Aug 2011Present


Merrill Lynch Wealth Mangement
  • Analyzed mutual funds, equities, municipal bonds, currencies, and various other investment vehicles to assist in the creation of asset allocation strategies customized for individual client’s objectives.
  • Improved wealth management skills by gaining a better understanding of how to meet specific client goals based on individual risk allocation strategies, time horizons, relationship building, client interaction, and financial planning.
  • Acquired knowledge of compliance regulations, forecasting, interpreting financial data, and valuation skills.
May 2011Aug 2011

Summer Analyst

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
  • Finished 1st of 102 interns in stock simulation with return of 18.42% compared to the DJIA of (-5.40)%, S & P of (-4.32)%, and NASDAQ of (-5.40)% while maintaining low risk exposure, a diversified portfolio, and strategic positioning for long-term profitability. (from dates 5/26/11 - 8/2/11)
  • Exposed to Merrill Lynch financial advisers in their day-to-day dealings with clients, prospective clients, management, compliance, research, external partners, and investment bankers.
  • Gained real-world experience at Merrill Lynch’s flagship office in lower Manhattan, with its close proximity to Wall Street, research personnel, I was fortunate enough to gain a unique prospective on financial markets and industry trends.
  • Aided in client portfolio reviews, market research, and marketing campaigns.
  • Reviewed and research historical stock prices, bond market, and calculate cost basis for stock prices.
  • Constructed client based portfolio based on risk tolerance, time preferences, and individual client needs.
May 2010Aug 2011

Summer Intern

N.Y.S. Unemployment Insurance Appeal Board
  • Established historic legal decision bank for judges to refer to statewide when rendering decisions.
  • Gained real-world legal experience through daily cases and appeal board hearings.
  • Studied directly under Senior Administrative Law Judge Marjorie Z. Olds and completed a tremendous amount of legal research.
Aug 2003Aug 2008

Carrier Dome Operations/Student Manager

Syracuse University
  • Managed stadium conversions to accommodate required for basketball and football games.
  • Entertain and assist high profile alumni, media members, boosters, trustees, professional athletes, celebrities, etc. throughout their experience at the Carrier Dome.
  • Worked with audio and visual production for Syracuse University Television, ESPN, and Time Warner Sports during all athletes events, concerts, etc.




Computer Skills
Bloomberg Terminal (Certified May 2011) Thompson ONE Morningstar Value Line Microsoft Office: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, One Note.