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David Graham

electronics technician and freelance web developer

Having a wide palette of interests, and vastly varied talents and abilities has given me the opportunity to become broadly. Experimental design in chemistry lead to data analysis and videos I have acted in and produced for the National Science Foundation. As a chemistry lab technician I played an active role in managing a lab, repairing all electronic equipment, and helping with experimental design while keeping media clean and usable. I am IPC-610 certified, I am an artist of web design and development, am meticulous about design details have a passion for statistical analysis and documentation. Given the right team, I will support, test, create, and report with precision, and accuracy. With a friendly smile.

Work experience

Feb 2015Present

Freelance Web Developer

Serenity 24 Consulting

As a freelance web developer, my job is to know how to wear every hat on the team at times and remain a team player. At times I am my own legal team, my own copy department, I produce my own documentation and keep my own records. When wearing the "designer" hat, I give the developer a mock-up I have created, and discuss the visual requirements and interactivity the client asks for, as well as cost and time requirements. Wearing the developer hat, I implement the specified functionality, and use a review metric against Google's SEO algorithms as well trade tools. Billing and invoicing, keeping tax records, and creating instructional material for clients are common, and enjoyable tasks.

Sep 2011Jan 2014

Sales and Procurement

NW Scientific and Educational Supply

A large part of my activities was assessing risk by means of estimating the gains to be had by sourcing certain products, and predicting unseen errors that would cost NWSAES dollars down the road. Responsibilities include sourcing, profit and loss projections, general business plan development, customer service, product packaging and shipment, product procurement.

Jan 2011Sep 2013

Advanced Laboratory Technician

Edmonds Community College
Research in forensic pollen identification, writing, producing, and acting in a number of chemistry instructional videos, acting as a chemist for a video produced by the National Science Foundation, helping students design projects, grading homework, washing chemistry media, preparing lab implements, assisting physics students with all avenues of chemical and electrical study, repairing many broken electronic tools from the Chemistry and Physics departments.
Jun 2009Dec 2011

Certified Electronics Technician

Lake Washington Institute of Technology
Cellular Biology (BIOL& 211) • General Psychology (PSYC& 100) • Business Law (BUS& 201) • Introduction to Accounting (ACCT 111) • Introduction to Public Speaking (CMST& 220) • Introduction to Electronics 1 (ELEC 110) • Computer Literacy (ELEC 111) • Career Planning & Leadership (ELEC 113) • Test Procedures and Techs 1 (ELEC 114) • Introduction to PLC's (ELEC 116) • Electronics Manufacturing Procedures and Tech 1 (ELEC 115) • Introduction to Electronics 2 (ELEC 120) • Electronics Manufacturing Procedure and Tech 2 (ELEC 126) • IPC-A-610 Certification (ELEC 233) • Electricity and Electronic Circuits (ELEC 130) • Introduction to Semiconductors (ELEC 137) • Electronics Troubleshooting (ELEC 214) • Data Acquisition and Analysis (ELEC 217) • Fundamentals of Machining (MACH 110) • Statistics (Math& 146) • Digital Electronics (ELEC 211) • Electronic Circuits (ELEC 224) • Linear Circuits (ELEC 225) • Business Communications (BUSA 103) • Introduction to Sociology (SOC& 101)



Edmonds Community College

Edmonds Community College
Chemical Pre-Engineering

Web Design and Development

Code School
CSS3, HTM5, Semantic HTML

Journeyman License

Lake Washington Technical College
Cellular Biology (BIOL& 211), General Psychology (PSYC& 100), Business Law (BUS& 201), Introduction to Accounting (ACCT 111), Introduction to Public Speaking (CMST& 220), Introduction to Electronics 1 (ELEC 110), Computer Literacy (ELEC 111), Career Planning & Leadership (ELEC 113), Test Procedures and Techs 1 (ELEC 114), Introduction to PLC's (ELEC 116), Electronics Manufacturing Procedures and Tech 1 (ELEC 115), Introduction to Electronics 2 (ELEC 120), Electronics Manufacturing Procedure and Tech 2 (ELEC 126), IPC-A-610 Certification (ELEC 233), Electricity and Electronic Circuits (ELEC 130), Introduction to Semiconductors (ELEC 137), Electronics Troubleshooting (ELEC 214), Data Acquisition and Analysis (ELEC 217), Fundamentals of Machining (MACH 110), Statistics (Math& 146), Digital Electronics (ELEC 211), Electronic Circuits (ELEC 224), Linear Circuits (ELEC 225), Business Communications (BUSA 103), Introduction to Sociology (SOC& 101)


IPC 610


Turnkey quality solution for wiring harnesses and cable bends.

Installing and Running WordPress: BitNami

Front-end Formations

CSS: Core Concepts

Brand Building Basics


CSS Fundamentals

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WordPress Plugins: SEO

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Microsoft Office

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