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Self taught programmer since the 5th grade. Worked with Javascript, Java, C# and C++. As well as working with the Unity and Unreal game engines. Driven by the love to solve problem. 

Work History

May 2015Aug 2015

Front-end and Back-end developer

Westlake Highschool

Worked on a mobile app that was going to be used for my school's Magnet program to send updates to it's students.

Created a SQL server for the app to run on and save its updates. In addition with a desktop application for administrators. Sadly, they were unable to use it due to budget reasons.



High school Diploma

Westlake High School

Currently a sophomore but taking Junior classes. 


  • Team player
  • Knowledge of the C++ language
  • Knowledge of the C# language
  • Analytical
  • Self-starter
  • Ambitious


Won South Fulton County School's hackathon with a team member by coding an fps game.
Made an fps game called DerpBots that me and my friends at school play regularly.
Created  game tools to increase productivity