David Browne

Work History

Work experience

Dec 2013 - 2015

Simulation Engineer

McLaren Applied Technologies

My primary responsibilities are to develop and productise a suite of mathematical models, simulation algorithms and a six degree-of-freedom vehicle motion simulator for external automotive customers

  • Main technical contact for an external F1 client with responsibilities to deliver releases of a bespoke simulation package, to operate simulator sessions, to track customer issues and agree priorities for requested developments
  • Led development of several technically challenging enhancements to the core simulation package, including the introduction of four-wheel steering control strategies and the modelling of brand new suspension designs
  • Led a project to assess and improve the control algorithms used to actuate the vehicle simulator, resulting in reduced cross axis coupling and more precise motion cueing

Hybrids & Electrification: Simulation Engineer

Jaguar Land Rover

My primary focus within Jaguar Land Rover Hybrids was to develop a range of models and simulations to assess conceptual hybrid powertrain architectures and to support the development and calibration of a production hybrid controller

  • Provided department-wide simulation support for the six month period leading to the successful final engineering sign off and certifcation of the all new Range Rover Hybrid
  • Technical lead for deploying a large-scale, modular test data analysis environment to be run against 10+GB/day of data generated by the fleet of Hybrid test vehicles, leading to a vast increase in the rate of fault detection and understanding of the vehicles performance
  • Productionised a dynamic programming tool which was used to assess optimal hybrid control strategies


2007 - 2011

Mechanical Engineering

University of Birmingham
2009 - 2010

International Exchange Program

National University of Singapore



Mathematical Modelling

Fluency in Mathworks products (Matlab, Simulink) Data Analysis (Matlab, Python) 1D Thermodynamics (GT Suite) Multi-body simulations (SimMechanics, SimPack) Realtime deployment (dSpace, Concurrent)