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David has extensive experience in the security and risk mitigation industry with emphasis on the logistics, information technology, software security, internet user security, financial services sectors.

He is currently General Manager of the Professional Group and is responsible for the management of air cargo security (compliance and implementation) and aviation security operations. 

David is responsible for the strategic management of the aviation security training, dangerous goods training division of the Group (Professional Aviation Training)

He is an air cargo security and dangerous goods compliance specialist, experienced in the implementation of Part 108 of the South African Civil Aviation Regulations relating to air cargo security

Air cargo and supply chain risk mitigation strategies, techniques and procedures including advice on techniques and equipment for the safe and efficient screening of cargo are a specialty.

David is a risk specialist and he consults widely on cargo security, economic crime and compliance risks faced by clients.

Work experience

General Manager

The Professional Group

David manages a team of specialist who are responsible for the following functions and services provided by the Professional Group:


Professional Cargo Security are air cargo security and dangerous goods specialists ensuring client compliance with Part 92, Part 108, Part 109 and Part 110 of the South African Civil Aviation Regulations. Designated Officials responsible for air cargo security provide contracted, specialist services to clients.

Professional Cargo Security offers all aspects of risk control services, primarily providing skilled teams of staff, and the introduction of systems, to improve the secure movement of stock or cargo.

Professional Cargo Security provides specialist services in the screening of air cargo to ensure compliance with Air Cargo Security Regulations.

Professional Cargo Security undertakes investigations into cargo and stock losses on behalf of our clients and a variety of covert activities also forms part of the company’s portfolio of services.

Professional Aviation Training provides South African Civil Aviation Authority approved training in Aviation Security, Air Cargo Security and Dangerous Goods.

Consignor and Regulated Agents




Air Cargo Security
The design and implementation of air cargo screening systems including the selection and deployment of the most appropriate and cost effective screening solutions.   Design of Standard Operating Procedures, Security Manuals and systems for compliance with Air Cargo Security legislation in South Africa.   Consultation on security and compliance for aviation security and Dangerous Goods by Air.   Expert knowledge of South African legislation and working knowledge of ICAO and EU legislation.   Skilled in security and compliance management.