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Who am I?

Hi! My name is David Ackroyd and I write music. I undertake various projects (including, but not limited to) underscoring work for TV and cinema, writing overtures for plays and other theatre productions, production work for bands and solo artists and remixing requests.

I work quickly and efficiently, often submitting work the same day that it was asked for. I can compose in various styles, though I would say that my strength is combining the interesting, modern sound of electronic music with the intricate melody and harmony of more traditional, orchestral music.



Releasing an ambient album called 'Devotion and Hysteria'

I put together an album which nobody bought. It's dark, but in a really awful teenage-y way. I hate the things I fail to properly make.


Underscoring for a documentary

Sky TV

This August I was approached by Eli Hourd to underscore various linked scenes for a documentary for the US channel Sky Discovery. This project taught me a variety of skills, such as embellishing what's happening on the screen with thoughtful music, keeping cues in time and conducting myself in a more professional context. Apparently, BSkyB will not pay me or anyone else via PayPal.


Releasing EPs via my solo project, David Wells

To date I have written, self-produced and self-released three records. Making these taught me a lot about the fundamentals of composing, mixing and mastering and made me into the musician I am today. They bring together all my influences from across the decades and my mum says they're really good.


Composing an overture for a local theatre company

The Whitechapel Players

A year ago I was asked to write a theme for a play which ran for three nights at a local venue. At the time, I was employed in cleaning said venue. There's no shame in that. In fact, there's no shame in saying that I'm still - if I'm honest, the less said about this the better.


Sound Design

I am currently using Reason 6.5. I create many patches myself, specialising in granular synthesis and sample-based approaches.

Mixing and Mastering

Everything I create is mixed and mastered by me.


I have been composing for about five years now. Youth well spent, I say.


I am a Grade Seven (AMBRSM) pianist.

(we don't need no) Education


AS Levels

Lancaster Royal Grammar School, to my continued dismay

I am currently studying Maths, Physics, English Literature and Music.



Lancaster Royal Grammar School

I completed my GCSEs this summer, with the following grades:

A* - Maths, Physics, English Literature, Latin

A - French, Chemistry, Biology, Music (self-disgust ensued), Ancient Greek, English Language

B - Geography


100m Swimming Badge

Nick's Swim School, Longridge

I am a proficient swimmer. I have also run out of things to say. Goodnight, New York.