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Network Administrator

Team Foundation Server
Network Administrator/DevOps Team National— Davie, FL4/2015-7/2015 SP1 platform implementation, administration and maintenance for in-house development team staff(7) and in preparation for offshore development teams. Co-managed systems administration with Development Team Lead as a delegated function of the I.T. Director. Established a Windows Server and 2008 R2-based Hyper-V environment for: new project functional testing, resilient control and disaster recovery protection and dynamic resource allocation for development staff(successfully deployed for developer evaluation). This also served to reduce overall HW footprint, related monthly recurring expenses and savings. Re-tasked and implemented 10 servers from inactive inventory for use in implanting 2 Windows Server 2012 R2 failover clusters/Hyper-V replicas which: 1) accommodated Team National's standing 5-yr hardware lifecycle, 2) improved platform performance(due to dynamic memory allocation), 3) capitalized on available network resources, 4) extended OEM warranty to a new 5-yr scope and 5) saved approximately $85,000 in hardware refresh costs(when compared to a non-Hyper cluster architecture). Designed and implemented a high-availability, 2-node failover cluster Evoq DNN content management system(CMS) web farm for Team National's new pubic facing web servers. Implemented Windows IIS Web Deploy features, security hardening features and TFS integration to align development-to-deployment practices in force. Implemented a fully-operational mirrored VM environment to serve as testbed for all scheduled migration testing/pre-deployment performance testing activities for this project: proprietary e-commerce and web services platform integrated with public-facing websites. Appointed by the Director of I.T. to develop and implement a full-scope disaster recovery plan to cover all current and planned systems, network operations and production platforms. Leveraged existing resources for critical staff workstation recovery using existing agent licensing, NAS devices and Symantec Backup Exec 2015 platform features to establish and maintain an incremental daily backup of all developer and hey executive staff workstations which was not in place beforehand. Successfully planed, designed, implemented and managed Team National's new accounting server deployment(based on SAGE ERP) and workload balancing; this resulted in a 33%


Sr. Database Analyst Palm Tree Partners, LLP— Boca Raton, FL (DBAs:, DesignYourRecognition, PolaroidFotobar, LLC) ▪ Define project requirements by identifying key functional aspects of system design and processing logic stemming from both proprietary and third party web service platforms. Incorporate systems development and tasking into distinguished project milestones, phases, and elements within project budget. ▪ Work collaboratively with application developers to assess technological mix, incorporation of logical design models/patterns(i.e. object classes definition and conformance to code standards, web style guides and functional specifications). ▪ Recommend controls by identifying problems during code review and unit tests through to the post-deployment phase(platform maintenance/system monitoring). ▪ Develop detailed technical reference documentation and orchestrate change management throughout the systems and application development lifecycle with focus on improvement of systems design, performance and testing procedures. Review this with development team manager and CIO on a monthly basis to assess performance improvement approaches/system updates/trends. ▪ Design new computer systems and network architecture(especially, PaaS and IaaS systems architectures in the Rackspace public and private could) based on the requirements programs by analyzing requirements, dissecting system capabilities, constructing workflow charts and diagrams for identifying systems' processing and data flows and writing specifications for solutions based on this insight. ▪ Consult with department line managers and division executive managers to design and implement new systems based on solicitation of internal customers' needs and business objectives using business process improvement alignment with operational objectives by utilizing a thorough understanding of key business functions, gathering information from stakeholders and evaluating output requirements/formats. ▪ Architected and project-managed all PolaroidFotobar LLC retail sites' to date[5 sites] systems infrastructure(consumer front end and back office systems) and networking topology conforming to PCI-DSS compliance standards and Privacy Act-protected customer information. Performed these site implementations on-site with each within 3-6 weeks apart. ▪ Responsible for enterprise-wide internetworking and endpoint intercommunications, systems performance against SLAs, vendor agreements and third party integrations for data exchange/data processing to/from our proprietary web service. ▪ Designed, development and maintained 2 corporate intranets( / and 1

Operations Business Analyst

Technical Systems Lead
Operations Business Analyst/ InterActive Medical Technologies Corp(DBAs: GenesisTPM, Vortex, LLP)— West Palm Beach, FL ▪ Developed the SimplifyEMR/EHR system enhancement, branded as MOSAIC(medial operations specialty area information collaboration) focused on secure patient medical record information cross-referencing, information sharing and alerting/notification(i.e. for high-risk health conditions and treatment interaction warnings) with development team from Genensys. Designed data integrations for the MOSAIC enhancement in conformance to HL7 interface standards/specifications. ▪


Co-developed a database-driven, integrated patient health record(PHR) system as an optional service for the SimplifyEMR/EHR platform which extended market reach and influenced system adoption for small-to-medium sized medical practices(up to 25 practitioners). Delivered this platform in each of two formats: as an add-on to SimplifyEMR/EHR license or monetized as a monthly subscription service[integrated with payment gateway API]. ▪ Designed, implemented and deployed ERP systems for medical supply chain services, commercial clients(health insurance,/benefits management groups, medical practitioners, clinics, medical groups, and ACOs) and MS Dynamics GP, MS SharePoint, Apptivo, Almyta Warehouse Ops, UPS WorldShip®, CRM systems and business partner proprietary systems using MS SQL Server-based backend DB infrastructure. ▪ Designed and implemented MS SQL Server-based business intelligence(BI) solutions(SSRS, SSIS, MS SharePoint, Excel Services, PowerPivot) to satisfy internal and external coordinator reporting and data analysis business requirements. ▪ Planned, sized and implemented information system infrastructure including: data center(HP servers, Dell PowerConnect switches, NetGear hubs, Windows Server 2008R2, Windows 2008 Small Business Server, MS SQL Server 2008R2 and Windows 7 clients) for all operations, staff and third party business partners. ▪ Designed, coordinated and implemented layered security infrastructure using a combination of internal(GFI LanGuard, Nessus Windows Firewall, Windows ADDS Group Policy, VLAN and IPSEC as well as AT&T Managed Security Services). Achieved 99. 999% security compliance rating from independent security auditing consulting firm: BCT LLC to qualify for third party systems integration and EMR/EHR/PHR data-sharing with McKesson, Roche Diagnostics and healthcare data exchanges for IMTC's chronic condition management platform/services. ▪ Administered, performed security and management auditing, troubleshooting and lifecycle management for all back office systems and client-side nodes(including off-site/remote staff) in a highly-secure LAN/WAN distributed computing environment. ▪ Researched, evaluated and served as principal decision-maker for all new systems and software applications implementation by direction of the CEO and approved by the CFO. Marshalled the company information technology budget and performed cost-benefit, ROI and project-managed implementation and any/all information systems enhancements or additions, as well as third party service contractors(i.e. facilities, HVAC, electrical, etc.) as warranted. ▪ Designed and implemented a fully

Project Manager/sales Support Engineer

Project Manager/Sales Support Engineer,) — Deerfield Beach, FL ▪ Implement UML-based use cases, functional specification, ETL(extract, transform, load) processes and data models(ERDs) for project development approved by management. ▪ Prepare initial proof-of-concepts and mockups for newly-formulated projects; in this capacity, serve as the principle liaison between technical-, managerial and sales staff in order to ensure websites, web apps and services integration(i.e. bank integrations for transactions processing) projects were adhering to business requirements/specifications and unit tests. ▪

Project Manager

Design data-driven ecommerce websites as Project Manager for web design/re-design projects ensuring compliance within Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards(PCI-DSS) Level 1(1, 000, 000+ monthly transactions). ▪ Manage data governance and systems audits/controls based on the COBIT framework. Ensure business processes are consistent with best practices, proper safeguards and controls are implemented and maintained and that audits are performed routinely. Document, track and implement any corrective actions required with development manager, vendors, third party partners and executive management to ensure compliance. ▪ periodic dashboard report on the current program in the development cycle/pipeline, future opportunities and client issues to communicate status and own executive reviews for the projects in progress. ▪ Assist DBA team with database schemas, data warehouse design, data currency(reporting database updates) and information architecture planning(i.e database clustering/mirroring for performance optimization and high availability requirements). ▪ Designed business intelligence reports suite and branding as a merchant web service and admin feature set. Worked with software engineers for web platform integration. Authored 50 functional specifications as part of this project. ▪ Designed key performance indicator(KPI) dashboard reports as part of 4 Media Online's advanced business intelligence reports based on clients' unique requests, metrics and business logic. ▪ Designed and branded“ PROMPT”, a proactive transaction data monitoring service which provides email notification to clients based on predefined KPIs configured via a web service and web GUI. This service established significant competitive advantage for Bill1st as an e-commerce services provider. ▪ Provide principle troubleshooting and system continuity(system lifecycle management) support in conjunction with web development and systems administration staff and network engineers. ▪ Provide project leadership for 10-30 website and SaaS(software as a service) and web application productions; including production timetable, status reporting, client/project team coordination and quality assurance. ▪ Design marketing collateral, web content, social networking integration and support and author all website copy(as part of the design process/specifications agreement) for all projects in the active development queue. ▪ Ensure seamless integration with analytics components(i.e. reports engine, BI dashboards, KPI-based reports and alerts, etc.). Provide predictive analytics services using clickstream data and transactional data available


BI Developer— Data Processing Palm Beach Gardens, FL ▪ Provide customized business intelligence solutions via a broad array of software-based systems(i.e. MS SQL Server/SSRS/SSIS, Crystal Reports, Actuate® eSpreadsheet Designer, Ariacom Business Reports®, Windows SharePoint™ Services™, MS Access, etc.). ▪

Integration Engineer

Systems Testing(Contract assignment)
Integration Engineer/ Hewlett-Packard| Franklin Templeton Investments— Ft. Lauderdale, FL ▪ Performed analysis and performance testing for 30 MSDE-integrated proprietary applications(. NET-based). ▪ Assist with systems management via systems analysis based on a developed SQL Server 2005 implementation with MS Systems Management Server/Active Directory data ▪ Provide localized node\ system builds, configurations and deployment based on any of 15 business unit provisioning profiles and over 1400 software applications(both commercial and proprietary applications). ▪ System planning and consultation for network hardware builds and upgrades ▪ Assess new system builds for pre-deployment testing and evaluation; collaborated with HP Systems Engineering team for build improvement, modifications, troubleshooting and change management of each release. Utilized a MS SQL-based fulfillment management system integrated with MS LiteTouch™ technologies. ▪ Designed an integrated data project request and trouble-ticket system within company helpdesk management application(web based) using a MS SQL Server 2008 Express back-end. Maintained all database and server elements of this system. Used SharePoint and InfoPath to provide workflow-enabled data processing logic; Designed and populated reporting tables, views and stored procedures. ▪ Assist Franklin Templeton Technology's Global Technical Support division for advanced applications and systems support as part of a specialized support center. Provide Tier 2 on-site desktop support for a 300+ user high availability financial services environment.

Field Technician

Systems Testing(Contract assignment)
Field Technician(Contract/ basis) Beach, FL ▪ Analyzed and sustained database server capacity and performance requirements for medical software databases hosted on managed MS SQL Servers. ▪ Provide ad hoc implementation planning and consultation for network hardware builds and upgrades. Collaborate with third party vendors as required for expedient and cost-effective installations/system integration with legacy applications. ▪ Implemented database system security(using integrated security and Windows Active Directory services); hardened databases using encryption and Windows-based access control lists(ACLs) for all file shares containing sensitive patient information in accordance with Privacy Act and HIPAA compliance standards. ▪ Installed and tested upgrades and patches, utilized a downstream-based Windows Server Update Services(WSUS) for clients contracted for this managed service. ▪ LAN rollout, lifecycle management and troubleshooting of client-server and peer-to-peer medical office systems. ▪ Configure routers, provision network nodes and install, update and maintain specialty[medical] practice management specialty software applications. ▪ Implement and administer network and file servers based on the Windows 2003 Server R2, SQL 2000/2005 and MS Exchange server platforms. ▪ Provide basic computer hardware repair and upgrade services for maximization of existing technical infrastructure.


Complete Business Solutions
Consultant/Technician — Boca Raton, FL ▪ Served as principle platform consultant for clients licensed for MS Dynamics GP financial. Responsible for full product support of Microsoft Dynamics GP(Financials Modules), FRx and third-party enhancements(i.e. Mekorma, MC2, Rockton) as licensed by clients. ▪ Provided localized Tier II support/systems troubleshooting and case management for systems issues through to resolution via direct MS Dynamics Tier I Support/Engineering teams(via PartnerSource), implementation and data maintenance of SQL Server 2000/2005(Standard and Express editions) as the database engine associated with this product[MS Dynamics GP]. ▪ Performed 9 application upgrades, conducted 3 pre-upgrade troubleshooting/resolution projects and 3 pre-sale business intelligence(BI) proof-of-concept/implementation projects based on business requirements assessment ▪ Developed SQL Server maintenance plan jobs and stored procedures based on scope and breadth of system usage and database growth. ▪ Designed two data integration/data migration projects for rapid data processing from disparate data sources and maximizing product investment providing an average of 30-40% reduction in data entry requirements. ▪ Designed SSRS-based reports to accommodate the unique analysis and management needs of client organizations(especially accounting and senior management). ▪ Recommended and implemented third-party(Crystal Reports, Dynamics GP Business Portal, MS FRx and MS Dynamics Forecaster) and SQL Server-integrated business intelligence systems, as well as MS Office Suite integration for process automation(particularly Access, Excel, Word). ▪ Performed external data integration using dedicated application(Dynamics Integration Manager) ▪ Performed routine planned systems analysis and maintenance(both on-site and remotely) for all contracted clients as a managed outsourcing service offered by this consultancy.


Technician— Administrative(: — Washington, D.C. ▪ Developed and integrated a logistics tracking and management database for DoD inter-departmental and Federal contractor organizations which coded and validated logistics data for use with the Global Air Transport Execution System(GATES). Received Joint Meritorious Unit Commendation Medal for this project, which improved security and authentication policies/standards and reduced manpower requirements by 40%. ▪ Developed a command-adopted system for travel requests, profiling of travel preferences/requirements, expense/budget analysis and reimbursement of claims processing; improved processing time by 83%, and reduced reimbursement turnaround time by 70%. ▪ Designed, administered and maintained an electronic database and intranet system to monitor/grant/restrict access to sensitive information improving information management, archiving and retrieval by 75%; reduced hardcopy storage requirements by 50%.

Commercial Sales Assistant

Cablevision/Lightpath Incorporated
Commercial Sales Assistant — Stamford, CT ▪ Assisted commercial field sales team(5 members) with new business and up-sell of current portfolio of clients for this fiber-optic telecommunications and cable services company. ▪ Designed customized sales presentations and service agreements for technical implementations of telecommunications premise equipment(i.e. PBX, DSLAM, Fiber MUX, FIDI, hardware racks). ▪ Performed post-contractual client support for all aspects of site equipment installation, implementation and maintenance, inclusive of service level agreement assurance.



Quinnipiac University

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