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Rightfully earning the distinction of being the American with the most flight experience in the Soviet L-39 Jet Fighter, David Riggs has also holds the proudest achievement possible for holding not just one but five NAA/FAI World Aviation Speed Records in four separate classes of aircraft. Blessed with an inventor’s genius, Mr. Riggs has been successfully acknowledged as having lead the team which designed and engineered the world’s first gyro-stabilized movie and television camera system designed to film aerial scenes from high-speed jet fighter aircraft in 2003. His enviably high-profile dossier includes production and marketing campaigns for film industry giants: Fox Studios (Titanic); Warner Brothers (Lethal Weapon 4); Universal Studios (The Bourne Identity); MGM Studios (The James Bond Franchise) and Universal Pictures (King Kong). Mr. David Riggs has created a unique niche in his 25 years in business marked by milestone achievements that speak of his creative genius and exceptional integrity as proven with more than 50 major creative awards from highly-respected award giving bodies, which round up his total awards for excellence to an impressive total of 80. Most notably, David Riggs has earned a CLIO Award, an EMMY nomination and a Sundance Finalist slot all in the same year (1997), being the only individual in a decade to attain such a feat. At home in Los Angeles, California, Dave prefers to indulge himself with the simple pleasures of reading and listening to jazz music when he’s not skimming the clouds  doing what he does best as a highly-proficient stunt pilot.

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Work experience
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