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Work experience

Mar 2004Present

Digital/Media Literacy Instructional Librarian

Middletown School Department
  • Collaborates with faculty and students in all subject areas providing library instruction, research consultations and reference services.
  • Promotes the use of subject-specific information resources utilizing current technologies.
  • Teaches "Digital/Media Literacy" courses across grade levels.
Jan 2004Present

Peer Virtual Learning Trainer/Online Instructor

University Of Rhode Island Graduate School of Education

•EDC 525  "Website Technology in Education and Training"  

online and asynchronous

This graduate-level course was designed by me to be highly interactive, open-ended and investigative. Course participants were all focusing on how to use technology to best teach the adult learner. The focus was:

  • to understand basic concepts of online collaboration,
  • to share and heighten common depth of knowledge regarding online collaborative endeavors,
  • to identify potential educational  areas for online collaboration, 
  • to develop a supportive, reflective, virtual professional community around online collaboration

•EDC 922  "eBooks and Digital Content"

online and asynchronous  4-semesters

Kindles, Nooks, iPads, eReaders, and tablets are the new electronic tools exploding in usage both inside and outside the classroom. These devices can be used to support teaching and learning. This course provided hands- on experience  using these tools, exploring Open Source eTextbooks and understanding the concepts and technologies behind Web 2.0. Participants used collaborative software to create e-textbooks and collaborated with other educators on how best to incorporate these technologies with their students. 

•EDC 586 "Social Media Technology to Promote Learning"

online and asynchronous

This graduate-level course was designed to guide professionals through the use of Social Media tools to promote learning within their organization. Participants range across the work-spectrum, from department directors, to remote managers, to K-12 educators, to University professors and Library staff.

•EDC 923 "Online Collaboration and Exploration"

online and asynchronous

This graduate-level course was designed to be highly interactive, open-ended and investigative. Teachers learn:

  • to understand basic concepts of online collaboration,
  • to share and heighten common depth of knowledge regarding online collaborative endeavors,
  • to identify potential educational  areas for online collaboration, 
  • to develop a supportive, reflective, virtual professional community around online collaboration

•EDC 922 “Integrating Open Educational Resources in the Classroom"

online and asynchronous 3-semesters

•EDC 921 “Using Blogs and Wikis to Foster Literacy”

online and asynchronous 12-semesters

•EDC 920 “Harnessing the Power of the Internet for Teaching & Learning”

online and asynchronous 18-semesters

•EDC 478 “Exemplary Teaching Practices” 3-semesters

•EDC 479 “Documenting Accomplished Teaching Through National Board Certification” (3 cr) 4-semesters

Sep 2012Jun 2013

Online Teaching Fellowship

University of Rhode Island-Office of Online Education

Online Teaching Fellows participate in a rigorous, highly interactive virtual fellowship of Professors.  The goal of this program is to remain on the cutting edge of 21st century technological tools, resources, and online pedagogy. This intensive training program focuses upon excellence in online teaching and learning and staying 'current' with the most effective teaching practices for both online and blended learning environments.  Additionally, fellowship participants must also demonstrate their commitment and willingness to share their expertise through the mentoring of other faculty in online course development and delivery.  

The OTF creates a community of practitioners that:

o    support faculty efforts to enhance familiarity and facility with blended and online learning.

o    support faculty innovation online to enhance student learning.

o    engage faculty as online learners to develop a community of practice who value and appreciate student experiences with technology.

o    develop a cadre of motivated, involved faculty willing to mentor future Online Fellows– to build a self-sustaining faculty mentoring program for online and blended teaching.


Open Educational Resource Fellow

Curriki worked with 6 distinguished graduate professors of education from around the nation to develop a course on integrating open educational resources into the classroom. The course is broken into 6 chapters that cover an introduction to OER, licensing, searching/finding OER, creating your own OER, using OER in the classroom and mixing and remixing with OER.    All content is offered freely under Creative Commons Attribution licensing.

Feb 1997Feb 2003

English Teacher

Middletown School Department



National Board Certification

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

National Board Certification is the highest symbol of professional teaching excellence in the United States.  Becoming a National Board Certified Teacher attests to the fact that you have been judged by your peers as an exemplary educator in your field.

Jun 2000May 2002

Master of Library & Information Studies

University of Rhode Island

A 21st century MLIS graduate receives rigorous training in 'Educational Technology.'  My education focused upon real-world skills, and the practical application of online resources in the global economy.   Additionally, I received extensive experience using collaborative tools to facilitate learning, such as Social Software like edu-blogs, wikis, and social media.

Professional Speaking Engagements

"How Can We Guide Students Towards Reliable Information in the Google Age?"  

Coventry High School,  12/9/14

Interviewed on the State of the State  with RI's Commissioner of Ed.

1/23/14 State of the State

• "Open Educational Resources and Digital Literacy for Teachers"  (Interview) 12/30/13 "Meet Education Project" podcast

"Creating Your Own Digital Textbooks Using OER's"

Innovation Through Technology Conference, October 2013

eBooks, Digital Content, and Extending Learning Beyond the School Day---Empowering Practice Through Technology Conference, March 2013

Innovation Through Technology Conference--Open Educational Resources and their potential in RI schools, Feb.,2012

•Computing in the Cloud--How the Central Falls High School community can improve teaching and learning through the use of'Business' tools while maintaining an 'Education' budget, June, 2010

Simplify Your Teaching Using Wikis and Collaborative Software!,   Central Falls School Department,  June, 2009

How to Work with Widgets and GadgetsInternet @ Schools East, National Conference, March 31, 2009

How to Use Online Collaborative Websites to Facilitate Communication Among Elementary School Teachers, Coventry School Department, March, 2009

•How to Use Online Tools to Teach Higher Education Students in a Virtual Environment, University of Rhode Island Professors, August, 2008

Are Textbooks Becoming Extinct?  Welcome to the Age of the Wikitext[email protected]National Conference, April 6, 2008

Web 2.0 and What It Means for the School Librarian RIEMA State Conference, April 28, 2008

Using Technology to Differentiate Instruction, West Bay Educational Collaborative, March 4, 2008

Finding Online Professional Development Opportunities for Librarians, RIEMA sponsored Nov 5, 2007

How to Use Online Resources in Education, embedded professional development, Middletown School Department