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Work experience

Jul 2006Present

Project Manager


1. Establish some education/communication programs in co-ordinating with VIETBOOKS Corp.:

  • VIETNAM RECORD - a unique entertainment communication program for Vietnamese record holders (on website:, on HTV9 channel and offline events - Meeting of Vietnam Record's Holders)
  • VIETNAM IDEAS - a cutting edge creative communication/education program for Vietnamese creatives/ideas holder (on websites ( &, national VTV1 channel and offline events - Vietnam Ideas Transaction Stage & Vietnam Ideas Festival)
  • VIETNAM WISHES - a communication program for Vietnam society/charity (on website (, national VTV1 channel and offline events - Vietnam Wishes Festival).

2. Establish the first sustainable information channel in Vietnam - FUTUREOWN COMMUNICATION PROGRAM, including an online sustainable information site and a TV program called Green TV to:

  • Provide a vitally accurate and unbiased broadband of analysis and knowledge for individuals to fully grasp the challenge of the climate change predicament under a system of economics, social issues, and culture, then to turn that understanding into actions.
  • Accommodate solutions to be developed and implemented that locals can understand, rationalize and identify with and that aptly and affirmatively harness both traditional knowledge and scientific innovation.
  • Create such materials in a manner that would support train-the-trainer processes so that people not only educate themselves but are able to teach friends, neighbors, and co-workers about the climate emphysema.
  • Make scientific findings attractive and compelling to a wide range of people through techniques of graphical designs, interactive simulation layouts, and creation of physical and role-play exercises.
  • Open offline forums and seminars which carried out sustainability-related topics (climate change, sea level rise, Kyoto protocol, peak oil and energy complex, ethical consumption) to be discussed by public and Vietnamese youth.

3. Setup a project of corporate social responsibility named VIETCSR to change usual thoughts of Vietnamese businesses from environment exploitation to re-generation and restoration. This VietCSR will be intended to develop to a CSR service provider of:

  • Complete policies and procedures.
  • Complete remuneration system and motivation
  • Complete training system
  • Complete monitoring and observation system
Jun 2004Nov 2008

Freelance Coordinator on Issues of International/National Developmental Policy


Contribute journalistic articles relating to education policy, anti-corruption, sustainable development and climate change. Here are the following typical ones

Jun 2005Nov 2008

Freelance Intranet System Developer/Advertising Translator


1. Establish a server information system basing on Windows Server 2000-2003 for VietnamMarcom Advertising and Marketing Library.

2. Translate and edit advertising documents (English to Vietnamese and conversely).

Mar 2008Nov 2008

Project Manager/Communication Business Consultant


Do research and support setting up a communication project (including plans, human rescources, budgets, sales analysis, and future direction/vision) to develop Kontact business affairs in Vietnam, with the consultation of CNBC Asia and Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI):

1. By the slogan of “Necessary Information”, establishing a communication channel, which presents its effective features in several communication means and builds a practical commercial bridge among customers inside and outside of Vietnam, including:

  • A television program on VTV4 – Vietnam National Television Channel for abroad Vietnamese and foreign TV audiences – to transfer domestic economic information including news, the marketplace, and business opportunity. In addition, it will also bring useful knowledge of Vietnam business culture to foreign investors and aim to exchange Vietnam useful economic information to other purpose-like TV channels on the world, such as: CNBCAsia, Bloombergs, CNN Money, BBC Business, Channel 5, etc.. This program certainly develops to be the first 24-Hour Vietnam Business Information Channel in four languages: English, French, Japanese, and Chinese.
  • An information portal website to provide and connect information and service about Vietnam business opportunity and culture.
  • An information gateway named VIETSATISFY to present consumers’ judgement/comment or satisfying feeling on foreign brandnames and products/services importing in Vietnam under a unique marriage of technology between web and television.
  • A handbook of Vietnam Business and Culture Information, which aims to be distributed in some foreign countries, which have high investment rates in Vietnam. This handbook can be designed in form of a monthly business directory which provides detailed information about what and why doing business in Vietnam.
  • Annual offline activities and events, including Vietnam Business Fair named “Vietnam Biz Mart” and some of other festivals/business fairs such as: Investment Night, Vietnam Connection Day, Kontact Week, Money Meeting …

2. By the slogan of “Franchising Culture”, offering and executing expert advice in the field of local business culture, including a Vietnam business style in R&D creativity, production, PR & marketing, and product selling. These services aims at building “Vietnamese” foreign companies for abroad investors.

Jun 2005Jul 2006

Creative Communication Project Manager


1. Establish and manage all fresh-start creative projects associated with the launch of new communication programs (in many means of media such as offline event, TV program, website, and printing), and develop each program to a new business affiliation under control of the main company VietBooks, including:

1. BUSINESS 24-HOUR – the first economic television channel in Vietnam before and after Vietnam joining WTO (on website: and VTC1 channel). This communcation program aimed at providing Vietnamese/foreign business investors a daily Bloomberg-like analysis screen with fresh news every hour. 2. FAMILY ONLINE – the first television program for family entertainment in Vietnam (on and VTC1 channel) 3. WORLD OF WORKS – premium website for Vietnam traditional careers (on website: and VTV9 channel)

2. Source and manage copywriters, artists, designers, developers, and photographers. Act as primary liaison between my sponsors and other members of creative projects. Manage expectations, timelines, and budgets. Provide production oversight, quality control (revision tracking, site testing, bug logs, proofreading), and make sure that projects were completed to the company management board’s satisfaction.

3. Co-ordinate with the HR Department to select best suitable employees for each of my communication projects.

4. Make connection among communication resources, such as press, PR, event organizer, to enhance marketing effect of each project.

Jan 2004May 2005

Quality Assurance Officer


1. Edit, proofread and finalize all translated advertising/usage guiding documents from NOKIA, SAMSUNG, and LG Electronics by standard of glossary development, document archiving, connotation check, language quality evaluation, and marketing dictation.

2. Establish and manage a translation team for Oracle localization project on SDLX/Trados platform.


Aug 2009Present

IELTS (Academic English Testing)

IDP Education Vietnam

Listening score: 7.0 - Reading score: 7.5 - Writing score: 5.5 - Speaking score: 6.0

Overall bandscore: 6.5


Wordpress Online Application
Graphics Design
Corel Draw/Adobe CS3
Team work and cooperation
Data Analysis
Political/Developmental Policy Analysis


Raja Sohail Bashir

Le Tran Truong An

Pham Thuy Duong

Tran Hoang



There is nothing more difficult to carry out, nor more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to handle, than to initiate a new order of things.” (Niccolo Machiavelli). As a mass media educator and freelance journalist, establishing a completely fresh style of life, education, and communication to direct and orient its audience and student both objectively and sustainably is my goal of life.

  • I believe that true values of humanity and wisdom finally will be respected by the deepest conscience in every human being.
  • I believe that the right communication, education, and science research are these to speak out truth, build solidarity, support democracy, and protect human dignity.
  • I believe that to think about true pedagogical work is to think about how, what, whom and why vital message and information to be sent to our fellow-citizens in a manner of easily understanding, indifferently broadcasting to the majority of classes of audience, and exactly orienting to the purpose of making life worthier to live.


Social activities, Travelling, Camping, Soccer, Reading, and Classical Music.

“The whole secret of life is to be interested in one thing profoundly and in a thousand things well.” (Horace Walpole)