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My name is Daniel Sweid, an alumni of Longwood Univeristy. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, as well as two minors in Theatre and Political Science.

While at school, I worked as a Resident Assistant, was the sole editor of The Wednesday Wire, and held an executive position in my fraternity, Phi Mu Delta. These three combined with my regular course work had me very involved with the campus. It is in my nature to integrate myself into the community I am living, so you can trust I will have the same enthusiasm in my future place of work.

Today, I am working as an Outreach Counselor at the YMCA. In this way, I am able to give to my community, which is ultimately what I want to do. While I do like it there, my long-term goal is to go into Law Enforcement. I feel I can best utilize my Psychology lessons and contribute to the community in this way.

Work experience

Nov 2013Present

Outreach Counselor

Midlothian Family YMCA

The job of an Outreach Counselor is one of care and trust.

While I am employed by the YMCA, I work at Bellwood Elementary. There, I am assigned 15-18 children at a time. I assist these children with their school work after school, and see to it they are in good health.

On days when they do not have homework, or when they finish and there is time left over, it is my job to host an activity to keep them occupied and happy.

Towards the end of my shift, it is my job to work with my team to see to it that the children are fed and make it safely to their transportation home.

Aug 2010May 2013

Resident Assistant

Longwood University

The job of Resident Assistant encompasses many jobs. The primariy purpose of an RA is to oversee a community to ensure that their living space is safe. An RA works as an administrator, a programmer, an enforcer, and in many cases, a psychologist.

It is a great administrative task, organizing the schedules of yourself and your co-workers and collaborating with other organizations to form programs.

RAs act as programmers by putting on events that are conducive to their residents' education and good health.

RAs enforce Longwood's policies and their Honor Code, often times bringing those that break policies to the conduct board. This is another means the RA keeps their community safe.

RAs too, act as a psychologist. The average size of a community an RA oversees is 40 residents. With forty residents interacting, there are occassional conflicts, and RAs act as mediators when they have to. Also, some residents may break down throughout the school year. RAs must be prepared to analyze the situation, talk with the resident, and pass the issue to a professional if it is beyond their training.

Aug 2009Dec 2009

Dining Hall Employee

As a worker at Longwood University's dining hall, it was up to me to make sure the dining hall was a presentable and comfrotable location for the students. I was often assigned to the Sandwich Artist position because I am personable and that job involved a lot of interaction with the customer.


Aug 2009May 2013

Bachelor of Science

Longwood University


Larry Robertson

Larry Robertson is the Dean of Students as well as for Residential and Commuter Life at Longwood University. Residential and Commuter Life encompasses the Resident Assistants, Desk Aides, and the housing department.

Zachary Guca


Public Speech
I have absolutely no problem with standing in front of an audience and either presenting, educating, and/or entertaining. I have been doing this most of my life, starting with my first theatre performance in my 5th grade year.   Throughout middle school and high school, I was very active in theatre, and I learned how to present myself well and how to project my voice. I've been in several plays in my lifetime, in some of those I've had leading roles. I continue theatre, but to a lesser extent now at Longwood University.   Outside of Theatre, The Resident Assistant position has helped me sharpen my speaking skills. As an RA, I have to hold meetings, be it with individual residents, or with my entire community. Through my own personal experiences as well as through RA training, I've learned that different situations call for different ways to hold yourself. Throughout the past three years, I've mediated roommate conflicts, confronted heated situations, held large and small scale meetings, and even held educational presentations. Because of my experiences with the Chinese Exchange program at Longwood, I was asked to present to the incoming exchange students about how to adapt to living outside of home in a new culture. I drew from my experiences studying in Spain for that one.
Arts and Crafts
I put Arts and Crafts as a broad term because in terms of art, I don't specialize in any one thing. I am more of a jack of all trades. I've taken art oriented classes in both high school and college. These have covered 2-d, 3-d, costume design, sculpture, and photography.   My experiences with theatre in both high school and college has taught me a great deal of how to create the set. The skills needed to plan and implement a set can be used many places outside the theatre.
Microsoft Publisher
I learned most of what I know writing for The Wednesday Wire. This is a weekly newsletter that goes out to commuter students, keeping them up to date with events on campus. It comes out every Wednesday all school year. I will be holding this position until I graduate in May of 2013, so I will only be getting better at Publisher until then.