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I am an approachable as well as patient and perseverant teacher who employs professional kindness towards all students. I continue to exhibit ongoing learning, which can benefit my growth as a person and as a teacher. My goal is to be a teacher who encourages student learning both in and out of the classroom and ultimately prepares students for their own life journeys in a shared environment.

Work History


FRENCH TEACHER (Gymnasium, Grade 8)

Jules Verne Campus (Munich)
  • Planning, organizing and conducting lessons for grade 8 French Language classes   
  • Utilizing Bavarian Education Curriculum to research and create a yearly learning plan
  • Providing weekly formal and informal student assessments to measure learning, for example through vocabulary building activities, grammar exercises and formal quiz assessments 
  • Composing and evaluating official exams to assess student learning development 
  • Communicating and providing ongoing learning feedback for parents and classroom teachers
08. 2017Present


Jules Verne Campus (Munich)
  • Planning, organizing and conducting lessons for a grade 1 and 2 split class in a bilingual team teaching environment (German and English)
  • Following the guidelines of the Bavarian Education Curriculum by structuring lessons around expectations and goals provided
  • Developing a cohesive learning program for English Language Learners of various levels, for example providing non native English speakers with additional oral and visual assistance 
  • Utilizing various student assessments to measure learning, for example providing students with self and peer evaluation opportunities and a reflection process to guide their learning 
  • Coordinating and communicating with parents on a weekly basis to provide updates on student learning and development 
09. 201604.2017

ENGLISH TEACHER (Early Primary, Primary)

A to Z English (Zurich) 
  • Taught early primary students alphabet (sound) recognition, blending techniques and early reading skills, while utilizing diverse methods of teaching (visual, oral, kinaesthetic) 
  • Engaged students in developing grammar and writing skills, as well as reading and comprehension abilities in a positive and fun learning environment
  • Communicated with parents and provided feedback on student progress 
01. 201604. 2016

ENGLISH TEACHER (Early Primary, Primary)

The Happy Nest (Zurich)
  • Taught beginner, intermediate and advanced English reading, writing, and grammar classes to students of diverse backgrounds ranging in ages 4-8
  • Utilized and incorporated the Jolly Phonics teaching strategies and techniques to help students learn letters, sounds, blending, and reading
  • Prepared and conducted interactive lessons while helping students stay engaged and have fun while learning
  • Communicated with parents and provided oral feedback on student learning progress and development


Terra-Nova Bilingual International School, (Zurich) 

Long Term Contract 2014, Occasional Teaching 2015

  • Taught grades 4, 5 and 6 Dramatic Arts Classes to students of various cultural backgrounds and language skills, for example ELL students and native English speakers
  • Researched topics and developed units of study for each grade level, selecting interesting context for each age group, for example topics helping grade 6 students prepare for secondary school
  • Planned, structured, and lead classes, including preparatory warm-ups, new dramatic arts lessons and small class projects and presentations
  • Utilized assessment as a tool for student engagement and learning by presenting  small projects after new lessons


Riverview Elementary School, Montreal, Canada 
  • Taught Grades 1 – 6 French immersion classes to all students, including those with learning and behaviour disabilities
  • Oversaw and administered the creation and implementation of all Individual Education Plans, conducted meetings with parents and teachers regarding student progress and development
  • Created lesson plans, administered activities, and worked with students in various classroom settings, as well as small group environments
  • Implemented a daily reading program (Daily 5) with various grade levels; structured reading lessons based on level and ability, with regular testing to help track each student’s improvement

FRENCH TEACHER (Kindergarten, Occasional)

Tandem International Multilingual School (Zurich)
  • Taught immersion French classes to multilingual students of various backgrounds and language levels
  • Assisted students with learning the alphabet, beginner writing skills, word and sound recognition while helping build French vocabulary by exploring age appropriate themes and modules
  • Researched and prepared interactive and engaging lesson plans to correspond with ongoing curriculum and thematic studies
  • Engaged students in utilizing French language skills regardless of level or speaking ability by respecting and encouraging utility of assets and capabilities they do possess


Nepean High School, Ottawa, Canada

6 Week Practicum

  • Taught Drama classes and assisted with Theatre Production program (Grades 9-12, age 13-18)
  • Implemented diverse multicultural sources into daily lessons, for example Diverse Cultural Mythology for Myths and Legends Unit, and Native Canadian poetry for the Voice Unit
  • Created and assembled assessment rubrics, worksheets, project descriptions and instructions, and generated journal questions
  • Graded student performances, projects, and journal entries, both formative and summative
  • Used a variety of approaches and differentiated teaching styles: group work, work stations, whole class activities, journal entries, Teacher-in-Role approach



Bachelor of Education (Intermediate & Senior Divisions) 

Queen's University (Canada) 

Program Focus: International Education


Bachelor of Arts 

McGill University (Canada)

Dramatic Arts, Communication Studies, French Language

Additional Workshops and Seminars

Exploring Movement: Laban Theories, Mr. Bogdan Tabacaru (Entity Theatre, 2018)

Using the Stanislavski Method, Mr. Danny Strike (Entity Theatre, 2017)

Primary & Secondary Care, CPR/First Aid (Emergency First Response, 2017) 

Brain plasticity and development: Research and its Application to Teaching and Learning, Dr. Timothy Kennedy (LBPSB 2013)

Discipline with Dignity: Focus on Classroom Management, Dr. Allen Mendler (LBPSB 2013)

Delivering the Difficult Message, Communicating Effectively with Parents, Dr. Cindy Finn (LBPSB 2013)

Creating a Global Citizen (Nepean High School Professional Development 2013)

Dark Side of Social Media: Bullying in Schools with Wendy Craig (Queen’s University, 2012)


Looking for opportunities to share my interests with students and colleagues:

Fitness Training, Tennis, Squash, Dance, Drama, Photography, Touch Rugby