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I am an approachable as well as patient and perseverant teacher who employs professional kindness towards all students. I continue to exhibit ongoing learning, which can benefit my growth as a person and as a teacher. My goal is to be a teacher who encourages student learning both in and out of the classroom and ultimately prepares students for their own life journeys in a shared environment.

Work History


FRENCH TEACHER (Gymnasium, Grade 8)

Jules Verne Campus (Munich)
  • Planning and conducting lessons for a grade 8 French Language class   
  • Utilizing Bavarian Education Curriculum to research and create a yearly learning plan, which meets government requirements 
  • Providing weekly formal and informal student assessments to measure learning, for example through vocabulary building activities, grammar exercises and formal quiz assessments 
  • Composing and grading official pre-tests and tests to assess student learning development 
  • Communicating and providing learning feedback to parents and classroom teachers  
08. 2016Present


Jules Verne Campus (Munich)
  • Planning, organizing and conducting lessons for a grade 1 and 2 split class in a bilingual team teaching environment (German and English)
  • Following the guidelines of the Bavarian Education Curriculum by structuring lessons around expectations and goals provided
  • Developing a cohesive learning program for English Language Learners of various levels, for example providing non native English speakers with additional oral and visual assistance 
  • Utilizing various student assessments to measure learning, for example providing students with self and peer evaluation opportunities and a reflection process to guide their learning 
  • Assessing student learning and providing learning feedback to further guide learning development 
  • Coordinating and communicating with parents on a weekly basis to provide updates on student learning and development 
  • Taking part in school activities, such as organizing and instructing exercise classes for teachers and planning various school outings 
09. 201604.2017

ENGLISH TEACHER (Early Primary, Primary)

A to Z English (Zurich) 
  • Taught early primary students alphabet (sound) recognition, blending techniques and early reading skills, while utilizing diverse methods of teaching (visual, oral, kinaesthetic)
  • Engaged Primary and Early Primary students in developing grammar and writing skills, as well as reading and comprehension abilities in a positive and fun learning environment
  • Supported students in becoming active learners by modelling and encouraging self guided completion of tasks and providing age appropriate materials to persuade curiosity
  • Communicated with parents and provided feedback on student progress 
  • Utilized assessment for learning by providing regular feedback and teaching tools of self assessment
01. 201604. 2016

ENGLISH TEACHER (Early Primary, Primary)

The Happy Nest (Zurich)
  • Taught beginner, intermediate and advanced English reading, writing, and grammar classes to students of diverse backgrounds ranging in ages 4-8
  • Utilized and incorporated the Jolly Phonics teaching strategies and techniques to help students learn letters, sounds, blending, and reading
  • Prepared and conducted interactive lessons while helping students stay engaged and have fun while learning
  • Communicated with parents and provided oral feedback on student learning progress and development


Terra-Nova Bilingual International School, (Zurich) 

Long Term Contract 2014, Occasional Teaching 2015

  • Taught grades 4, 5 and 6 Dramatic Arts Classes to students of various cultural backgrounds and language skills, for example ESL students and native English speakers
  • Researched topics and developed units of study for each grade level, selecting interesting context for each age group, for example topics helping grade 6 students prepare for secondary school
  • Planned, structured, and lead classes including preparatory warm-ups, new dramatic arts lessons and small class projects and presentations
  • Utilized assessment as a tool for student engagement and learning by presenting  small projects after new lessons
  • Created DICE rubrics and evaluated all final group presentations
  • Communicated with parents regarding student progress
  • Participated in and assisted with Holiday festivities at the school


Riverview Elementary School, Montreal, Canada 
  • Taught Grades 1 – 6 French immersion classes to all students, including those with learning and behaviour disabilities
  • Oversaw and administered the creation and implementation of all Individual Education Plans, conducted meetings with parents and teachers regarding student progress and development
  • Created lesson plans, administered activities, and worked with students in various classroom settings, as well as small group environments
  • Implemented a daily reading program (Daily 5) with various grade levels; structured reading lessons based on level and ability, with regular testing to help track each student’s improvement
  • Created a welcoming and engaging environment by establishing positive relationships with students through daily interaction inside and outside the classroom
  • Supervised a daily Skipping Rope program for students experiencing various difficulties at home and school


Schule Weisslingen, Weisslingen, Switzerland

3 Week Practicum

  • Taught without supervision French and English lessons at a Swiss Secondary level (ages 12-16)Applied various Second Language Learning theories into a Swiss Classroom environment, for example direct language integration through exploration of English Canadian artists
  • Engaged with, and explored, Swiss Public School Curriculum by conducting lessons based on local curriculum and examination expectations
  • Taught interactive grammar and literature lessons using Dramatic Arts as a way to help practice a new language; for example using Tableaux Techniques to demonstrate understanding of chapters in a novel
  • Evaluated and graded assignments, projects, tests, and exams

FRENCH TEACHER (Kindergarten, Occasional)

Tandem International Multilingual School (Zurich)
  • Taught immersion French classes to multilingual students of various backgrounds and language levels
  • Assisted students with learning the alphabet, beginner writing skills, word and sound recognition while helping build French vocabulary by exploring age appropriate themes and modules
  • Researched and prepared interactive and engaging lesson plans to correspond with ongoing curriculum and thematic studies
  • Engaged students in utilizing French language skills regardless of level or speaking ability by respecting and encouraging utility of assets and capabilities they do possess


Nepean High School, Ottawa, Canada

4 Weeks Practicum

  • Taught Grade 11 and 12 Core French classes
  • Structured daily lessons to include written and oral comprehension and production by engaging in class readings and discussions, viewing and listening to news reports, and providing students with feedback on written work. Designed unit plans and lesson plans
  • Created worksheets, tests, projects and assignments
  • Worked on an individual bases with exceptional learners by assisting with course material comprehension, organization of tasks, and project editing.
  • Demonstrated and engaged in assessment for learning through peer evaluations and self-assessment, evaluated students based on formal tests and submitted written work


Nepean High School, Ottawa, Canada

6 Week Practicum

  • Taught Drama classes and assisted with Theatre Production program (Grades 9-12, age 13-18)
  • Worked with students of various cultural and academic backgrounds, for example ESL students
  • Provided help outside of class time with paraphrasing instructions, reviewing written work, and teaching basic grammar structures
  • Implemented diverse multicultural sources into daily lessons, for example Diverse Cultural Mythology for Myths and Legends Unit, and Native Canadian poetry for the Voice Unit
  • Created and assembled assessment rubrics, worksheets, project descriptions and instructions, and generated journal questions
  • Graded student performances, projects, and journal entries, both formative and summative
  • Used a variety of approaches and differentiated teaching styles: group work, work stations, whole class activities, journal entries, Teacher-in-Role approach


Nepean High School, Ottawa, Canada

4 Week Practicum

  • Assisted students with Learning Disabilities and Individual Education Plans with all school work
  • Supervised and assisted with tests, quizzes, and project completion
  • Taught various strategy techniques such as focus and organization techniques for students with ADHD, oral comprehension techniques for students with Learning Disabilities
  • Worked with students on the autism spectrum by assisting with social interactions, understanding of different environments, and comprehension of various projects, tests and assignments
  • Assisted in creating an environment of network and connection between regular class teachers and Learning Centre
  • Opened channels of communication between students, parents and families through dialogue, progress reports and new communication strategies


Skyservice Business Aviation, Montréal, Canada
  • Oversaw the training program for company maintenance staff (100 personnel)
  • Created all teaching material including workshops, presentations, and seminars
  • Conducted classes for adult learners; Human Factors, WHMIS, Fall Protection, Graded training exams and tests



Bachelor of Education (Intermediate & Senior Divisions) 

Queen's University (Canada) 

Program Focus: International Education


Bachelor of Arts 

McGill University (Canada)

Dramatic Arts, Communication Studies, French Language

Additional Workshops and Seminars

  • First Aid Certification (2017) 
  • Supporting mixed ability learners - reading and writing skills (Cambridge English Webinars 2015)
  • Compulsory national educational system in Switzerland, Dr. Paola Signorini (AtoZ English 2014)
  • Brain plasticity and development: Research and its Application to Teaching and Learning, Dr. Timothy Kennedy (LBPSB 2013)
  • Discipline with Dignity: Focus on Classroom Management, Dr. Allen Mendler (LBPSB 2013)
  • Stress of Children and Adolescents, Dr. Sonia Lupien (LBPSB 2013)
  • Delivering the Difficult Message, Communicating Effectively with Parents, Dr. Cindy Finn (LBPSB 2013)
  • Dark Side of Social Media: Bullying in Schools with Wendy Craig (Queen’s University, 2012)
  • Supporting Students with Special Education Needs (Queen’s University, 2012)


Looking for opportunities to share my interests with students:

Tennis, Squash, Dance, Drama, Photography, Touch Rugby