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4 yrs.  "Aloha" PoS 

1 yr.     "Micros" PoS


Over a decade's worth of service industry experience with 6 years serving and 5 years bar-tending.

Competent at checking guest identification to verify drinking age requirements.

Ability to anticipate and meet multiple guests' requirements while continuously providing quality service while adhering to state and company standards for serving food and beverages.

Proficient at balancing cash till, fostering bills and gathering money/credit card slips for food/drinks rendered.

Work experience


Bennigan's Tavern and Grill


4646 SW. loop 820

Ft. Worth, TX. 76109

First bar-tending job. Primary responsibilities: provide excellent guest service, take guest orders, and deliver food/drinks as well as answering questions regarding the menu, making drinks for server well, and managing cash till. High-volume, family oriented, franchise restaurant. Karaoke on Wednesdays and Thursdays, Dj/live music Fridays and Saturdays. Best known for their "Long Ireland Ice Tea", "Pub Punch", and a drink called as "The Plunger" served in exactly what you would expect from the name.


P.F. Chang's


3111 W. Chandler Blvd (Chandler Mall)

Chandler, AZ. 85225

A high-volume chain restaurant. Primary server responsibilities still apply, however, servers are more a part of the dining experience, offering suggestions and recommendations, such as wine/food pairings. Servers help to personalize the meal and their service is more attentive and formal.


Vintage 95 Wine Lounge


95 W. Boston st

Chandler, AZ. 85224

High-end, high-volume, fine-dining wine lounge and restaurant.All drinks made from scratch! The main focus is on wine and food pairings, however, as a bartender you are expected to know basic cocktail, specialty cocktail, as well classic cocktail recipes (i.g. old fashioned and sazerac). There is an emphasis on in-depth wine knowledge (grape varietals, regions, etc.) and imported liquor knowledge (Campari, Barsol, Aperol). Expected to create new D.O.T.D. for respective lunch or  dinner shift.


Sir Veza's 


3111 W. Chandler Blvd (Chandler Mall)

Chandler AZ. 85225

Family owned, full-service , fast-paced restaurant. Taco Tuesdays, Tequila Thursdays (1/2 price on all tequila). Busiest during Thursday-Saturday evenings, with live music on Thursdays and a Dj on Fridays and Saturdays. Best know for their "Gas-Can" and "Michelada".

Formal Education


Global Political Econimics

Arizona State University

Major field of study: Global Politics

Gpa 3.67



Grambling State University

Major field of study: Economics

Gpa 3.67



Truckee Meadows Community College

Professional References

Justin Shafto

(480) 735-1898

Charles Vierigomes 

 (480) 738-3967

Jason Caballero 

(602) 718-6240

Jayla Fountain

(817) 991-5880