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University of California at Berkeley


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Key Accomplishments

  • Throughout my career, I have successfully helped many companies, OEM, and vendors resolve their internal issues by identifying and enhancing the workflow; hired, trained and built several world class organizations onshore and offshore from ground up
  • I have contributed in bringing two startups to successful acquisitions; provided visions, leadership and instituted the customer advocate program that significantly increased customer satisfaction and reduced customer’s reported issues by ten-fold
  • As a program manager, I oversaw engineering development, software qualification, manufacturing test, OEM requirements, build & integration and releases
  • As an engineering manager, I have built and led software engineers design and develop software including GUI, DB, harware interfaces, realtime operating system, compiler, and tools. I have turned around massive and troubled customer issues in 3 months through applying new coding best practices, test methodology, and processes
  • As a quality leader, I have spearheaded many initiatives to expand quality commitments throughout engineering and cross-functional departments, I have increased test coverage from 46% to 68%, reduced test cycle time from 25 days down to 11 days, implemented 2000+ automation tests in 6 months, built and staffed offshore team to 25+ engineers in 3 months, reduced customer escalation defects by 19.8% through CAPA implementations; I have led to completion of many automation framework architecture designs, test coverage expansions including GUI automation, WS-API test, white box test, test tools development, regression test, test hardness development, and performance test improvements
  • I have effectively created a QMS (Quality Measurement System) that provided an integrated and closed loop corrective action processes
  • I have managed organizations of over 70 engineers, 2nd level managers, and 6+ million dollar budgets



  • Visionary leader with good business analysis skills
  • Customer advocate and market focus
  • Management acumen

People and Project Management

  • Seasoned global project manager with experience managing enterprise projects in the full project lifecycle spanning multiple functions, organizations, geographic regions and cultures
  • Cost, schedule, and performance management
  • Communication and presentation skills

Process and Product Development

  • Software design and development 
  • Product quality assurance process, development, implementation, and improvement
  • Cost of Quality (COQ), Corrective Action and Preventive Action process (CAPA), product failure analysis, performance analysis, and quality metrics development
  • Offshore outsourcing operation building, hiring, and training
  • Black box, white box, and test automation architecture
  • Quality Management System (QMS) evaluation and development
  • Quality best practices development
  • ISO 9001, TQM, Lean Six Sigma
  • Agile testing process and technique development


Network Security - IP Router - Traffic Control / Software Security - Network Access Control - Log Data Management - Personal Firewall / IT / Telecommunication - VoIP / Capital Equipment - Test & Chemical Equipment / Manufacturing

Work History

2007 - Present:Director of Engineering, Quality Assurance

LogLogic, Inc.  San Jose, Ca. 

Loglogic is the market leader in Log Data Management and Intelligence. The company develops appliance and software for collecting, storing, reporting and alerting on mission critical IT data.  

2006 - 2007:Director of Engineering, Quality Assurance

Gigafin Networks Cupertino, Ca.

Gigafin develops high-speed appliances to provide deeper network visualization, peer-to-peer traffic detection, network traffic control and inspection. 

2003 - 2006:Director of Engineering, Quality Assurance

Symantec/Sygate  Fremont, Ca. 

This division of Symantec develops network access control software for network infrastructure, authentication, endpoint security, personal firewall, and policy management including self-enforcement, VPN enforcement, 802.1x. 

2001 - 2003:Senior Manager, System Engineering

Caspian Networks  San Jose,Ca.             

Caspian developed  IP router using the packet switching technology to improve performance of core communications networks. 

1998 - 2001:     Program Manager / Director of QA & QC

AOL Time-Warner/Evoice Menlo Park, Ca. 

eVoice delivers communication and messaging solutions to individuals, business, and corporation through online, telephone or mobile phone. 

1996 - 1998:     Associate Director of Engineering, Software Development 

FSI Corp Fremont, Ca.

FSI develops semiconductor wafer surface preparation technology equipment and processes for IC manufacturers. 

1994 - 1996:     Software Engineering Manager 

1990 - 1994:     Software Engineer

Electroglas San Jose, Ca. 

Electroglas develops wafer probers, test handlers, and test floor management solutions for IC manufacturers.

Program Management / Engineering Director

A leader, technologist, and hands-on engineering director with unsurpassed commitment to business operation, project and product quality that directly impacts company performance and customer satisfaction. An innovator and people manager with a track record of bringing out new ideas and driving better achievements. Proven experience in program management, quality assurance and software development.