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Darnell Rodgers

Music Producer Song Writer Special Talent


Mr. Rodgers has spent over 20 years establishing his dream in the movie and music industry starting as an intern with now founded label Drama Family Records. Early in his childhood, Mr. Rodgers gained the skills as an artist by performing at talent shows, shopping malls, and concerts. After several years, Mr. Rodgers gained executive control over many artists creating his first rap group "Mystic Liquid Clique" in Boston Massachusetts 2001. This is when Mr. Rodgers begin to transition from Hip Hop artist to music producer.

Do to creative differences with the group, Mr. Rodgers decided to become a solo artist producing his own hits. In 2005, Mr. Rodgers moved to Los Angeles California to continue his quest to establish his label "M.A.D. Money Music and Entertainment". In 2007, Mr. Rodgers begin working with former Vice President of Interscope Records Mr. Kevin Black. 

Mr. Black was truly impressed by the vision that was shared by now founder of M.A.D. Money Music and Entertainment Mr. Rodgers. Together they spent countless hours on varies campaigns to promote and market the new label M.A.D. Money Music and Entertainment. Shortly after meeting Mr. Black, Mr. Rodgers begin working with star talent such as Maybach Music Group artist Omarion. In 2010, 90's Hip Hop group Onyx Fedro Star gave Mr. Rodgers the chance to produce as a sound engineer. 

During Mr. Rodgers career in the movie and music industry allowed him to work for Charlie Sheen star actor at the Anger Management Studios as a security officer. Being around executive producers names like Mark Burg, Dave Caplan, Kevin Beggs, Michael Loftus, has brought Mr. Rodgers greater opportunity in the movie entertainment industry.  Since then, Mr. Rodgers has worked on many productions such as the Real Husband's of Hollywood, Straight Outta Compton, The Perfect Guy, How To Make Love To An English Man. Also, Mr. Rodgers meet with Derek Anderson owner of The Terminator to discuss adding music to films and commercials and soundtracks! 

Currently Mr. Rodgers is seeking monetary advances to launch his new label M.A.D Money Music and Entertainment. Also Mr. Rodgers is interested in working as an movie extra, producer assistant, private transportation driver, red carpet security, on set location security or have the opportunity to work on a sound track. With his career of networking with some of the movie industry elitist, Mr. Rodgers continues to grow his label to stand beyond others. 

Work Experience


Straight Outta Compton Film Production Security Officer

Reel Security

Secured varies movie sets and studios throughout Los Angeles California. Supervised level one security officers by instructing them with film production policies and procedures. Securing production sets by controlling traffic of moving vehicles protecting nearby pedestrians. Proactive primitive protecting talent, crew members, and others detecting incidents before they escalate. Assisted with gang organizers on the Straight Outta Compton movie set in South Central locations.

  • Keeping vigilant watch for paparazzi and other unlawful filming crews to protect the copy write and possession of equipment and intellectual property.
  • Enforced rules and policies to each filming locations creating the best and safest environment.
  • Secured perimeter by assisting law enforcement with caution signs, cones, and warnings signs.

Music Producer Song Writer Sound Engineer

Drama Family Records/ Universal Music Group

Starting as an intern to learn music, producing, song writing, composition. Co-producing along with Ron "Neffu'" Feemstar multi- platinum Grammy award winner. First major project to be successfully released in 2004 by Universal Music Group. Fundamentally organizing musicians, producers, song writers, artists to create demonstrations and promotional material. Coaching artists by using innovative strategies including voice tuning, vocal training, speech therapy, show rehearsals, costume designs, album art work and more! 

  • Engineered numerous of songs and albums for major artists such as Maybach Music Group artist Omarion.
  • Mastered and mixed intellectual property for live radio airplay, to be used in concert, and marketing and promotional use.
  • Delivered quality music consistently for varies recording artists and record labels  including Interscope Records, M.A.D. Money Music and Entertainment.

Hip Hop Artist

Mystic Liquid Clique

Career started in Boston Massachusetts initially becoming an artist locally. Performing at talent shows, shopping malls and concerts daily. Develop a rap group called Mystic Liquid Clique. Transitioned to executive producer working with special talent.

  • Controlled many artist coaching them with vocal lessons, speech therapy, and music composition.
  • Studied with other artist locally including literature such as "Everything You Need To Know About The Music Industry" by Donald Passmen
  • Conducted many sessions with artist, talent, and musicians creating a project for marketing and promotion.



Computer Education Institution

Computer Technician Course

Graduated at the top of my class making the Executive Dean's List being one of several to achieve in my class! Held position on the Students Government Association as Lieutenant of Alms. Trained and worked with high executive level software for troubleshooting with government  buildings including State building, Supreme Court offices, The White House, N.A.S.A.

  • Transfered meeting notes to other officers of the association while giving briefing of information pertaining to college campus affairs as Lieutenant of Alms.
  • Achieve a Grade Point Average of 4.0 which is the highest in the nation while successfully receiving a Diploma and certificate of authenticity.
  • Built computer systems for schools in Boston Massachusetts from custom made infrastructured by the school district offices.