Experienced in Project development and resources coordination; analyses and integration of Perl application for networking environments. Mysql Database tuning and relational DB implementation. Experienced during Phd studies into informatic proteomics application and mass spectrometry. Custom experience for process performance manager softwares. Particularly interested in bioinformatic application, as well as networking protocols and related technologies.

Work experience

Work experience
2007 - Present

Technical leader

Beta 80 Group

Group leader for networking companies projects. I manage the maintenance programs and the timing of the development team. I'm responsable for the code 's quality, I'm involved in the analysis of process flows and the drawing of the project.

2003 - 2007

bioinformatic researcher

FIRC Institute of Molecular Oncology, Milan, Italy

Tech researcher at the Laboratory of Proteomics. Projects related to mass spectrometry:

  1. Design tools capable of quantized identified peptides, and PTM
  2. crosslinking Proteins: developing software for using the mass spectrometer in identifying Crosslinking peptited
  3. Tools for the service of proteomics. Have been used CGI modules for GUI, DBI for database management, GD, tk tools for stand-alone, and LWP NET for data transfer via FTP
1999 - 2003

product specialist

oxford instruments

technological and marketing support to the sellers of the company. Specialist into neonatal and chardiological products. The main activities was editing of technical materials, demos for the customers, customization of the products, teaching...