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A professional in the financial services industry, Darin Pastor studied his undergraduate schooling at Drexel University in Pennsylvania and completed his Master of Business Administration at the University of Liverpool in the United Kingdom. Additionally, he has studied extensively at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. Darin Pastor holds Wharton Certificates in Leading the Effective Sales Force; Negotiation, Bargaining for Advantage; and Professional Development. These post-baccalaureate certificates denote advanced professional studies. Today, Mr. Pastor uses his educational background to lead colleagues at the Prudential Insurance Company of America, where he serves as a Managing Director. Prior to joining Prudential, Darin Pastor worked at Chase Investment Services Corp., a subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase & Co., for four years. Beginning as a Vice President and Investment Manager, he soon progressed to Senior Vice President and Senior Investment Manager. While holding this position, Darin Pastor brought in nearly $1.5 billion in annual sales, earned the number one national ranking for sales and assets under management, and exceeded sales targets by 22 percent. Furthermore, he received praise for his leadership and management skills, earning an overall supervision award and ranking number one in the country for new-hire recruitment and revenue production. Over the course of his career, Darin Pastor held several other positions in the insurance and financial planning sectors; however, he also worked at his family business: the Pepsi-Cola Buffalo Bottling Corp. His grandfather founded Pepsi-Cola Buffalo in the 1940s, and the family maintained ownership until Mr. Pastor and his father sold their stakes in 1996. As a co-owner and Division Manager, he distributed Pepsi, Cadbury, and Procter & Gamble products. Additionally, he directed the Pepsi-Cola Buffalo’s 45-person sales force, overseeing the department’s hiring and training process.

Work experience


Managing Director

Prudential Insurance Company of America



Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Sociology

Drexel University

Master of Laws

University of Liverpool


University of Liverpool