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Work experience

May 2010Aug 2010

Enumerator/Quality Control

U.S. Census Bureau

Planned work by reviewing assignment area to determine organization of neighborhoods and locate households for conducting re-interviews * Conducted re-interviews with residents in assigned areas by following stringent guidelines and confidentiality laws. Explained the purpose of the census interview, answered residents' questions, elicited information following a script, and recorded census data on forms * Complied with accuracy standards while maintaining high production rates * Maintained records of hours worked, units produced, and miles driven * Met regularly with supervisor to review and submit work, and receive additional instructions.

Dec 2009Apr 2010

Recruiting Assistant

U.S. Census Bureau

Met with business leaders, community centers, faith-based groups, and other appropriate sources in the community to promote census employment opportunities * Acquired the support of local organizations to donate space for census testing and training sessions, ensuring locations met specific requirements * Conducted recruitment activities to recruit local residents * Executed the Local Census Office recruiting plan, made recommendations on recruiting strategies, and provided statistical data on the testing of applicants * Prepared and gave impromptu presentations to diverse audiences * Arranged and conducted census employment testing sessions for various positions, scored tests, and reviewed application materials for completeness and accuracy.

Jan 2008Mar 2008

Remittance Clerk:Alliance Data Systems


Back-office utility payment processing * Performed payment posting in Direct Energy Organic system, handled DE's organic donations and penny allocation Excel spreadsheet reports * retrieved cheque images from CitiDirect commercial lockbox with SecureCard I.D. validation * performed cashier entry in PEACE of pmts. remitted via Western Union Convenience Pay, Princeton and Citi * downloaded homebuilders' utility payments from Wachovia commercial lockbox and performed batch entry of same in PEACE * created accts. receivables journal entries and noted accts. as needed * researched November 2007 payment reversal data in PEACE Energy accounting system for Direct Energy Texas customers, documented these findings in Excel spreadsheet for Finance Remittance dept. manager to review.

Jun 2007Oct 2007

Equipment Service Representative

SprintNextel Corporation

Served as a liaison between customers and onsite technicians working on their equipment at Sprint's service and repair center [S&R #408] for N.E. Oklahoma * Used E-Ticket to generate service orders for technicians to complete. Used the iRMS Front Office application for equipment exchanges, to do phone number and walk-in equipment changes, programmed phones. Accepted repair fees and took account payments as needed. Used Cellebrite U.M.E. device for copying phonebooks and SIM cards, used Cadex station for testing batteries * Contributed to Customer Satisfaction with this store's S&R operations, and the CSAT rating was up to around 85% by the end of September. This rating was historically in the middle quartiles for this store * Helped resolve walk-in customers' data and voice issues with their telephones, PDAs and laptop data cards that would otherwise be handled by Tier 1 or Tier 2 tech support reps by telephone. In some cases, I conserved customers for the company.

Dec 2005May 2007

Advanced Tech Support:SprintPCS


Gave over-the-phone help desk support for U.S. SprintPCS voice & data customers. Was promoted from Tier 1 to Tier 2 [ATS] in March 2006. Troubleshot EvDO [Revs. 0 & A] & 1xrtt wireless data cards, phone-as-modem device connectivity with computers, PDAs [Palm, Blackberry, Windows SmartPhone & WM5 devices], legacy 2G & misc. 3G devices. Used Amdocs sView & CSM, Premiere, Precedent 2000, Lucent SPV, real-time network monitoring tools, ServicePro and others * Resolved issues with SMS & e-mail connectivity for MS Exchange servers, and with Good mobile messaging, B.C.P.E. & B.C.E.E., IMAP, POP, webmail and Voice Command. Explained manuf. warranties & repair/replacement plans and upsold where possible. Applied subscription plan & service order changes as needed * Considered a 'go-to guy' by many fellow technicians on equipment, systems & procedural matters due to 4½; years' experience with products, diagnostic systems & company 'best practices'. Contributed to ATS workgroup wiki [Knowledge Base]. Earned numerous kudos & 'perfect five' customer satisfaction [CSAT] ratings.

Dec 2002Dec 2005

Technical Support Rep.:SprintPCS

DecisionOne Corporation

Provided first-tier technical support [voice and data] for U.S. customers of SprintNextel Corporation. Provisioned voice and data circuits for business and individual customers, troubleshooting misc. issues on 3G and legacy 2G wireless devices * Helped customers with general use of devices. Explained manuf. warranties & Asurion repair/replacement plans. Applied subscription plan & service order changes as needed, upselling attachable plan options ['maximizing'] where possible. Issued tickets in Amdocs' Clarify CRM for followup as needed for escalation to subject matter experts and fix agents. Issued trouble records relating to reported voice & data outages, where statistical trending data needed to be collected * Received numerous kudos from customers for level of personal attention given to their issues, for 'one-and-done' resolution of problems, and earned a Spotlight award from D1's onsite Quality Assurance team.

Dec 2002Dec 2002

Light Parcel Sorter*Casual

United States Postal Service

Worked pre-Christmas evening hours in rented east Tulsa warehouse, sorting incoming and outgoing parcels in sacks and bins by state and ZIP [123**] criteria. Pushed/loaded/unloaded mail cages from trucks to staging areas for sorting.

Jul 2002Nov 2002

Insurance Enroller

Internet Enrollment Solutions

Presented permanent and term life, health and dental insurance plans over the telephone to  Allstate Workplace Division client company's employees & Polk County School Board employees calling in by telephone, making elections for them for Flexible Spending Accounts for Health and Dependent Care, and miscellaneous other payroll deductions available to them * Some enrollments made were aided with animated Powerpoint presentations via Internet and Citrix virtual private network software if the employees had P.C. access at their companies' sign-up location * Oklahoma Resident Agent's license [# 409679 — valid for two years] to sell life, accident and health insurance. Licensed as non-resident agent to transact in Florida.

Sep 2001Apr 2002

ILI-Values & Death Claims-Metlife CRC


Provided values quotes on whole [permanent] life, term and universal life policies to Metlife customers calling in to Customer Response Center; educated customers on available policy riders & tried to conserve where policy owners were requesting surrenders for cash value; also provided compassionate assistance to persons initiating death claims on policies.

Apr 2001Jul 2001

Beverage Merchandiser

Kelly Services

Worked full-time evening schedules around Tulsa county, driving my own vehicle to area grocery stores [Wal-Mart, Reasor's, Homeland, etc.] and stocked displays from backrooms; was paid $0.345/mile above hourly wage for mileage; also worked several weeks from company vehicles with Pepsi employees stocking Tulsa area QuikTrip stores overnight.

Jan 20012001

Administrative Support Clerk:Citgo

Kelly Services

Worked at Citgo's legal affairs, marketing and training departments, assisting with PBX switchboard coverage, filing, word processing.

Sep 2000Jan 2001

Expanded Technical Support Rep.:DirecTV

West Corporation

Troubleshot and resolved DirecTV equipment technical issues [Tier 2] not responsive to elementary troubleshooting, initiated modem call-backs, disconnected services to non-qualified customers, ordered pay-per-view events and programming packages for customers. Provided reliable service to customers during challenging merger with Primestar.

Apr 1999Sep 2000

Technical Support Rep.:DirecTV

West Corporation

Provided customer service and basic technical support over-the-phone for DirecTV account holders during challenging climate of DirecTV's merger with USSB, when customers often waited 20-40 minutes to get to first human being for assistance! Excellent call metrics, technical know-how and rapport with customers resulted in promotion to the DirecTV line group's expanded technical support team.

Apr 1997Jul 1997

C.S.R.:Mobil & Shell at F.D.C. site

Olsten Staffing Services

Performed inbound customer service for Mobil [now ExxonMobil] and Shell call centers at First Data Corporation: worked on pilot team for Mobil SpeedPass­[tm] R.F.I.D. keyfob project, setting up accounts for customers, also used workstation and specialized equipment to link blank keyfobs with existing customer accounts, performed batch counts of keyfobs at staging areas; answered billing questions by telephone for Shell gas cardholders.

Sep 1993Jun 1994

Computer Operator/Data Support

Bender Direct Mail Service

Created & maintained database mailing lists on IBM RS/6000, record & field appends & general database hygiene, performed mail merge with WordStar for DOS to/from PC using nine-track magnetic tape & diskettes, operated high-capacity LaserJet III & QMS 3225 printers with envelope feeders & client-supplied stationery, performed C.A.S.S. certification [U.S. Postal Service] of client mailing lists.


Oral Roberts University

127½; credit hours towards Bachelor of Arts degree * Electives taken in English and Communication Arts * 17 credits in French * Activities: One year of work study in LRC Student Computing Lab * Received academic scholarship award my freshman year


Newsletter editing & copy writing
DARINSHARRIPAGES.ORG — a WordPress blog averaging 25,000 to 40,000 hits per month I write articles in several genres, including features, hard news, poetry, satirical humor, and freeform prose. DAVID A. NEWBERRY MINISTRIES INC. — newsletter editing and article copy writing I have occasionally contributed to articles and correspondence for this nonprofit organization, since the late 1980s. BENDER DIRECT MAIL SERVICE — proofreading As a computer operator assisting with bulk mailing operations, I frequently proofread client copy with another employee.
Television Camera Operation
Served as a volunteer several times or more per month, operating Sony DXC-327a and DXC-537 cameras in handheld and centerline studio configurations for church services and special onsite conference events, two weddings & a funeral * Performed competitively-paid camera operator work for Higher Dimensions Inc. during weeks of 2000, 2001 and 2002 Azusa conferences [convened in Mabee Center and Tulsa Convention Center] in Tulsa, Okla. * Some of my work has aired on DirecTV's The Word network, BET, CNBC, and more often, on local stations nationwide that carried Rev. Carlton D. Pearson's programming * Provided steady, proactive coverage of many fast-moving speakers and musicians who passed before my lens.
Issue Analysis & Troubleshooting
Alorica ● DecisionOne Corporation ● West Multiple levels of troubleshooting performed on a variety of client products and services, using proprietary diagnostic systems, intranet wikis, and use of lab equipment similar to end users'. I was promoted at West and at Alorica, from performing basic troubleshooting to expanded, in-depth troubleshooting of client products and services.
Sales & Recruiting
U.S. Census Bureau: Recruiting Assistant I obtained testing & training sites for the 2010 Census effort in western Tarrant County, and aggressively recruited applicants for temporary Federal positions, using impromptu presentations, and placing advertising in businesses and door-to-door in high-density housing developments. I was considered one of the better recruiters in Office #3040, exceeding my applicant quota ahead of most other Recruiting Assistants, and went on to assist others with recruitment efforts in their zones. DecisionOne Corporation: Technical Support Rep. [SprintPCS] As part of my duties receiving inbound calls, I identified upselling opportunities for products and services, and 'Maximized' customers, in exchange for paycheck bonuses that were awarded when sales quotas were met or exceeded.
Ten Key & Alphanumeric Data Entry
Type accurately at 50-55 words/minute * ten key is 12,000+ keystrokes/hour * alphanumeric input is 9,000+ keystrokes/hour


Jun 2011Present


Certified Professional Writers' Association
Feb 2007Feb 2008

Member #100018872

American Mensa Ltd.


H. Daniel Hilliard

“Darin was a TV Camera Operator at HDFC for many years. During that time he became one of the more sought after operators, due to his ability to properly frame and follow the talent. Darin's skills were used during our local church tapings, our weekly shop tapings, and at our major ministry conference, which was held on an annual basis. Darin was a talented, hard working and dedicated member of the television department at HDFC. It was a pleasure working with him.” March 30, 2007

Ronnie Thompson

“I enjoyed working with Darin as he showed care and concern with every customer scenario from a troubleshooting aspect. Caring for the customer was always shown in Darin's performance and I would welcome working with Darin in any environment. Fixing the customer's technical issue is one thing but caring about the customer and the issue is something that Darin managed to do very well.” May 29, 2008

[Trainer at DecisionOne Corp.]

Brandé Curtis

Supervised me, directly and indirectly, during two Census 2010 Quality Assurance operations.

Carleen Goodridge

Supervised me from Dec. 2009–April 2010.

Karen Smith, M.D.

Supervised me while I ushered at 2011 SouthWest Believers' Convention, at Fort Worth, TX