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Aug 2009Present

Wylie East

Work experience

Aug 2010Present


Year Two Productions

Goals for Next Year

    My goals for next year would be to excell in my elective classes. I would like to outshine my classmates and show the students that elective classes matter, especially towards a grade point average. I would also like to see myself get more involved with after-school activities. Being involved in the school shows school spirit and perseverence towards future goals. It also builds character and  shows significant leadership.

Personal Initiative

    In the year of 2010-2011, I was faced with meeting new people, dealing with new challenges, and overcoming my comfort bounaries. In late November I encountered a difficult decision: Attending an extracurricular competition or accompanying our Video Productions team on a class field trip to Downtown Dallas to shoot a movie. Unfortunately, I chose to compete and not attend the field trip. Although I let down my team, I believe that i made up for it by editing the shot list. The shot list was major part of the production of our movie.


  • Track & Field
  • Cheerleading
  • Drill Team
  • Soccer