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In the film industry I started my career as a multimedia director, made title sequences, music videos, commercials. For several years I worked with the studios, which produced movie, animation, multimedia projects. I worked with all types of animation, video, composing, CG.

In my portfolio I have animation works, image processing works (making a simple video movie-style and beautiful), title sequence works, motion design works, animated logos, graphic design works (poster design, brochure design, web design).

In 2014 I made my production debut through the author's short film "Second Love". The film was a great success at international film festivals (over 20 festivals around the world). Our movie was awarded in Europe (Best Short film For Kids at The Kids Festival in Spain, Best Amateur Film at 10th Cinema International Festival “KINOKIMERIY” in Ukraine) and America. At International Peace & Film Festival in Orlando (USA) we received two awards – Judges Choice Award and Essence Award. The full list of screenings and awards  see below.

In 2015 and 2016 I produced two more short films – "The sky over Berlin of my childhood" and "Where Oedipus Lives...", which also were selected to leading international film festivals in Europe and America. "The sky over Berlin of my childhood" won Best short film at 17th Moondance International Film Festival (USA), Best Experimental Film at 12th Harlem International Film Festival (USA), Best Experimental Film at Los Angeles World International Film Festival (USA) and Best International short film at New York 2nd Annual Short Film Series (USA).

I am ready to relocate any time for company favor and adapt myself at any place in very lesser time, ready for a Skype interview.


  • Video Production
  • Film and video technologies (digital cameras, lights, sound equipment)
  • Multimedia technologies (2D animation, 3D animation, motion design, visual effects, motion capture, chroma key)
  • Adobe Creative Suite  (Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects)
  • Post-production process (editing, colour correction, digital image processing, sound mixing, and so on)
  • Film Festivals connections and distribution
  • In-depth humanitarian knowledge (history and film theory, history and theory of art, psychology)
  • Languages: Russian (native), English (advanced), Chinese (beginner)


Sep 2013 - Jul 2015   Master of Arts degree, cinema studies, Academy of Art (Kazakhstan)

Sep 2013 - Jul 2014   Postgraduate education, Higher Courses of directors and producers (Russia)

Sep 2006 - Jul 2011  Master of Fine Art degree, multimedia directing, The Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (Russia)

Portfolio Links

"Second Love"

Kazakhstan, 2014.  Producer –  Daria Korneeva;  director –  Bakhtiyar Islamov.

The  film is about first love. In this movie, we applied a unique digital image processing technology, imitating oil paintings. The film's style can be characterized as a type of  romantic realism. People are filmed in a very realistic fashion, but the landscapes processed in such picturesque and vivid manner that we attempt to visually show a character's memory and impressions.

Awards (2015 year)

Some official selections (2015 year)

"The sky over Berlin of my childhood"

Kazakhstan, 2015. Producer –  Daria Korneeva;  director –  Bakhtiyar Islamov.

This is a film about lost children in a strange place. Three boys jump from zone to zone using a teleportation box. They don’t look for happiness, love or meaning, they simply run impulsively through spaces. The movie is a metaphor of the lost generation born in the post Soviet area between 1980-1990. The images of the film are memories of the young people who passed through the collapse of the empire. 

Awards (2016 year)

  • Best short film at 17th Moondance International Film Festival (Boulder, USA)
  • Best Experimental film at 12th Harlem International Film Festival (New York City, USA)
  • Best Experimental film at Los Angeles World International Film Festival (Los Angeles, USA)

Some official selections (2016 year)

  • 16th Annual Valley Film Festival (Los Angeles, USA)
  • 12th BLOW-UP Arthouse Film Festival (Chicago, USA)
  • The Newark International Film Festival (Newark, USA)
  • 12th ShortFilmFestival Diessen am Ammersee (Bavaria, Germany)
  • 15th  Great Lakes International Film Festival (Erie, USA)

    "Where Oedipus Lives..."

    Kazakhstan, 2016. Producer –  Daria Korneeva;  director –  Bakhtiyar Islamov. 

    The film is about constantly opposing but always winning love of the Mother and the Son.

    Work History


    Independent Producer/Multimedia Director

    • Short film production from beginning to end
    • Digital Image Processing
    • Promotional plans and contact with festivals, submit films to festivals

    Animation Producer

    Kazakhstan Computer Graphics (Kazakhstan, Almaty)

    Our team worked on a 3D - animation project. It was TV-series about Kazakh warriors, named "Batirlar". My duties were

    • Approve the final frame for different characters, concepts and background settings
    • Provide the team of animators with requisite designing software, tools and applications
    • Work with motion capture set
    • Ensure the final draft meets the expected quality and performance standards

    Multimedia Director

    Kazakhfilm Studio (Kazakhstan, Almaty)

    I worked under temporary contracts on numerous projects, developing design and animating motion picture title sequences for full-length movies. My title sequences  consisted of live action, animation, music, still images, and graphics. Some of examples you can see in my portfolio.


    Advertising Director

    Highway Production (Kazakhstan, Almaty)

    Studio produced extra-short commercials (30 sec or less). My job was to make it from beginning  to end, using film, video, stop motion, 2D animation, motion design


    Multimedia Director

    Asia Animation Studio (Kazakhstan, Almaty)

    The Studio had several projects, such as animations, games, training projects for children. My job was  to create special effects, animation, or other visual images using film, video, computer programs. 


    Multimedia Director/Producer

    The Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography Studio (Russia, Moscow)

    I was director/animator/screenwriter/cinematographer of multimedia video and cartoons (3-9 minutes each), links I can send upon request.


    Web-Game Producer and  (Russia, Moscow)

    • Handle the tasks of planning, coordinating and supervising the complete game development cycle from the conception stage to the finalization stage
    • Responsible for maintaining the scope of product and maintaining the budget of the project