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Work experience

Owner/operator - President

Cognitive Training Centers of Virginia, dba LearningRx

LearningRx ( enables students to learn more effectively by strengthening their cognitive skills such as attention, focus, memory, auditory/visual processing, logic & reasoning, etc. Our centers provide learning disabled, dyslexic, ADD/ADHD and other stuggling children with 12-24 weeks of intensive one-on-one training so they are able to be more successful in the classroom. LearningRx does not provide tutoring programs, nor is it a series of workbooks or tapes. It helps children (and adults) with learning difficulties understand and process information. We utilize clinically-proven exercises designed by a team of professionals to target the causes of learning problems, not the symptoms. The company, founded in Colorado Springs, is expanding across the US and has over 60 locations.

Jul 2001Oct 2009

Founding Team Member and VP Business Development


Web-based corporate catering service/platform that enables users visibility into and control over their delivered food spend for business and/or promotional purposes.Vmeals provides online ordering, transaction management, reporting and customer service for thousands of corporate customers in 30+ US markets from over 1,300 local restaurants and caterers.System sales in 2008 were over $13MM.

  • Generated $1.2MM in exclusivity fees and initiated service in a dozen metro areas via development and execution of the company’s initial funding and distribution strategy (via territory license sales to independent business owners)
  • Raised $150,000 from friends and family and $1.5MM from preferred equity investors with company’s initial business plans and investor presentations
  • Re-positioned the service for and sold the service into “enterprise” buyers in pharma, financial services and consulting, securing key accounts such as Merck, Merrill Lynch, Citi, Deloitte, McKinsey & Co., Bank of America, etc.

Sep 1999Jun 2001

VP Business Development


Multi-platform entertainment company co-founded by the co-creator of Jeopardy that produced and distributed the largest portfolio of original knowledge-based game properties across the web, mobile phones and television set-top boxes.

  • Secured the most diverse set of “paid for” game content production, distribution and licensing agreements in the iTV industry, with service providers such as AOLTV (pending at time of company sale), Worldgate, Digeo, Microsoft’s UltimateTV (pending at time of company sale)
  • Established carriage for Boxerjam’s first wireless game properties on Sprint, Verizon, AOLWireless and AT&T, driving 20,000 minutes/day in carrier air time usage
  • Negotiated a three-party affiliated game site agreement with AOL and Electronic Arts, securing AOL members continued access to Boxerjam game properties (60% of the unique user traffic to
  • Managed the product design and development process for the first generation member loyalty program (Chips). Contracted third-party vendors for database integration (, virtual currency redemption (Flooz) and fulfillment (
Jul 1998Jul 1999

Product Manager and Director of Corporate Communications, Inc.

Web-based direct marketer that sent personal reminders and timely tips via a proprietary e-mail program to 1,400,000+ consumers. Its free-to-members service presented advertisers and sponsors with a unique opportunity to achieve effective and measurable branding and direct response results.

  • Managed the EntertainmentMinder™ product which was delivered to over 200,000 users each week on behalf of sponsor Blockbuster Online. Eventually this product would reach over four million users/wk.
  • Prepared business section of company’s S1 document which was used to raise $55 million in an IPO
  • Retained top interactive public relations firm, crafted external messages for the consumer media, industry analysts and Wall Street audience and secured coverage in USA Today and Washington Post
  • Managed agency and process for new web site design and production
  • Established online distribution relationships for® products with MindSpring, and National Gardening Association and secured content from Motley Fool, Car Care Council, McGraw-Hill, Rodale Press and Chiltons

Vice President for Business Development

Biolan Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

A development-stage pharmaceutical start-up dedicated to the R&D and commercialization of a novel class of non-toxic anticancer drugs discovered by company founder while at the National Cancer Institute. Joined the founder out of business school and developed the company’s business model. Self-funded the venture for nine months.

  • Secured letters of intent from several investors to fund Biolan pending successful license reassignment
  • Prepared the offer and directed the negotiations for the exclusive license reassignment to Biolan
  • Drafted the company business plan and pitched investment to venture capital firms, as well as established company relationships with legal counsel, technology consultants and commercial banks

Account Executive

Morris International

First sports marketing agency to focus on major motor sports, created and implemented marketing and promotional programs for Fortune 100 corporate sponsors, race team owners and driver clients.

  • Managed GMAC’s $1.7 million motor sports marketing and promotional budget for SmartLease brand
  • Executed the Sears Craftsman’s NASCAR/NHRA/IndyCar motor sports marketing programs
  • Secured associate sponsors and licensees for NHRA World Champion John Force’s $1.5 million program

Account Executive

A pioneer firm in the sports marketing industry, representing top athletes, corporate sponsors and global events.

  • Implemented Northwest Airlines’ sponsorships in professional sports and cultural events
  • Managed a 60-day youth soccer test-market promotion in Tampa for P&G’s Sunny Delight brand, resulting in the sampling of over 15,000 units and the generation of over 1,500 calls to an interactive soccer hotline

Safari Guide, Frozen Yogurt Entrepreneur

South Africa

Spent 2.5 years in South Africa as a safari guide and assisted in the founding of the first frozen yogurt retailer in the country.



Dreher High School


Patricia Hollen, PhD, RN, FAAN

Teaches in the PhD Program with in the UVa School of Nursing and was its 2009 Distinguished Professor Award recipient.  Has had a sustainable funding record for her oncology program of research from multiple sponsors, including NIH. 

Carl Frischkorn

An active management consultant and venture capitalist, repsonsible for seeding or developing 30+ new ventures.  An active board member and investor in Vmeals.

Career Profile

Twelve post-MBA years as a growth driver in emerging, technology-enabled companies. Increased enterprise value by securing capital, targeting new customer segments, building incremental distribution channels, enhancing market penetration and accelerating revenues. A passionate evangelist, proven team leader and creative/resourceful problem solver with tenacious drive.  Skilled in business development, strategic partnership formation and sales.


I am a proven growth driver, looking for an influential business development role in an emerging, technology-enabled company that delivers a model-busting product/service and makes a tangible impact on the user and/or broader community. My passion is increasing enterprise value via new capital formation, new market identification and penetration, distribution channel exploitation and revenue acceleration. I am an evangelist, proven team leader and resourceful problem solver with pit bull-like drive, skilled in business development, strategic partnership formation and sales.When not contributing to organizational growth, I’m parenting, gardening and fly fishing.