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Professional Overview

A management, commercial and technical advisor, with over 20 years experience, operating at strategic, board and senior management levels. Consulted with numerous tenders, business consortia and government bodies, developed and implemented risk management strategies, optimized business and asset performance management and most notably developed and implemented performance- and risk-based Expert Business Intelligence systems within tender and post-tender PPP and PFI deals.


  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Proposal Tender Management & Delivery
  • Asset Performance Management
  • Business Development
  • Investment Decision Support
  • Enterprise Models & IT Strategy Development
  • Contractual Payment Mechanisms
  • PPP and PFI Infrastructure Projects & Tenders
  • Whole Life Cost Modeling
  • Asset Management Systems

Employment History

Mar 2013Present


Floreer, Lda.

A leading boutique consulting firm focusing on collaborative risk, asset and commercial management. 

Notable activities:

Commercial Delivery Manager for Thames Tideway Tunnel Tender (DragadosSamsung JV)

  • Successfully managed the delivery of a complete and fully compliant Thames Tideway Tunnel commercial bid submission: including pricing breakdown, fully cost-loaded program, risk register, and resource and cash-flow forecasts.  Reported directly to the Bid and Commercial Directors.
  • Led the development of critical sections of the technical tender submission: Management Planning and Organizational structure, approach to Supply Chain, Cost Management, Risk Management, Incentivization, Mobilization and overall approach to Execution Planning.
Apr 2010Jan 2013

DIRECTOR - Operations

Asset Performance Management, Ltd

A management consultancy focusing on the asset performance and asset management of major built infrastructure including Rail, Highways, Local Authority and Water Industry assets, focusing on providing its clients with the risk-based whole life cycle predictions of the impact of capital works and maintenance.

Notable activities:

Business Development, Proposal and Project Management for APM

  • Prepared and conducted presentations to existing and prospective clients, and associated organisations in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Portugal.  Involved in developing business partnerships with various companies operating in the areas of asset management, IT and consulting
  • Supported the business development function of the company, developing APM’s scope of works, managing a majority of the company’s proposals, managing a number of important projects, and providing expert advise to a number of APM’s clients.

Head of Payment Mechanisms for M73 M74 M8 Motorway Improvements Tender Scotia Roads Group (Costain, BAM, Sir Robert McAlpine & Dragados JV)

  • Led the development of a custom risk-based performance model to predict the potential tender costs related to the PFI's contractual Payment Mechanism during the initial 3 year construction phase: included potential Lane Occupations Charges, Lane Availability Failures and Restricted Services Faults.
  • Led the Risk Management planning, Risk Register management and Tender Budgetary planning.

Independent Expert for Crossrail On-Network Works Tender

  • Developed a risk-based asset performance decision support tool to incorporate all of the Whole Life Costing requirements of Network Rail, Scott Wilson and EC Harris.
  • Predicted the 60-year Whole Life Costs of a large number of potential Crossrail design schemes, providing the client with all of the necessary information to support the selection of a single option to be put forward to the GRIP 4 stage.
Jan 2006Jan 2010

SPECIALIST CONSULTANT - Asset Management Services

E.C.Harris, LLP. (UK & The Netherlands)

A leading global natural and built asset design and consultancy firm, helping clients make the most from their investment and expenditure in built assets. EC Harris works across a wide range of sectors, and its professional skills include disciplines from asset and facilities strategy to management information systems, quantity surveying, program, project and construction management to software development.

Notable activities:

Lead Systems Development for Highways Investment Appraisal Tool

  • Led the conceptual design, development and validation of a scenario- and risk-based decision support tool aimed at supporting Local Authorities to better target assets and locations for future capital works and maintenance interventions and schemes, specifically during a time of budget cuts and austerity.
  • Developed the initial risk-based highways condition deterioration model, integrating the expertise and experiences of the London Borough of Islington's Head of Highways & Energy Services, and the department's associated highways and maintenance data.
  • Wrote the initial Software Requirements Specification to support the model's ongoing and wider development.
  • Successfully validated the predictive condition capability through the use of current and historical condition data and highways knowledge of the London Borough of Islington & Enfield.
  • Co-led the development and integrated "softer" benefits for the purpose of assessing the impact of different investment scenarios on the physical condition of the network together with the wider benefits these scenarios could provide for their residents and other stakeholders.

Lead Risk & Cost Management Specialist for M25 Tender Review

  • Co-led the Robustness of Price, Projects Control, Cost Capture, Commercial Reporting and Cost Adjustment Methodologies exercise.
  • Provided expert input to update the contractual Performance-Penalty regime during the Shadow Bid stage, achieved through the development of a risk-based Lane Availability Model to assess the potential abatements caused by lane closures during carriageway reconstruction and resurfacing works during the 30-year contract.
  • Provided expert advice to the Highways Agency, Halcrow, Hyder and PwC in terms of the potential performance abatement and bonuses of 3 tenderers to the M25 DBFO.
  • Conducted a review of the preferred bidders, focused on ensuring alignment between the requirements of the Highways Agency and the output and accessibility of the bidders intended information systems.

Maintenance Optimization Expert for Gelre Tender (Spitze Spoorbouw & Infor Tender Team)

  • Managed and developed the performance payment modeling works for the dutch Gelre and Betuweroute rail tender, including the design of the model's implementation as a long-term expert maintenance optimization system integrated with the Infor asset and maintenance management system.
Jan 2004Jan 2009

DIRECTOR - Development & Implementation

Asset Performance Management, Ltd.

Notable activities:

Proposal Manager for APM

  • Managed and created proposals to various existing and potential clients, in terms of performance modelling, business planning, asset management, investment planning, and safety, risk and reliability works within Europe - including InfraSpeed and Prorail - and the United Kingdom - including Tube Lines, TfL, Network Rail, PPP Arbitrator, Strategic Rail Authority, Fluor and Anglian Water.

Head of Development for LIBRA (Lifecycle Investment and Business Risk Assessment)

  • Spearheaded the design and development of the company's LIBRA software package: a scenario’s based software package used to probabilistically predict a business’ revenue, using a performance-based or condition-based revenue regime, as usually found in PPP and PFI contracts.

Systems Implementation Lead for Tube Lines

  • Co-led the development of the Tube Lines Enterprise Model and IT Strategy.
  • Managed the development and implementation of an investment planning and revenue modeling system interfaced with the Tube Lines  operational maintenance and capital works directorates.
  • Identified and evaluated a number of internal and external claims (valued in excess of £400,000) for the Operations Directorate.  Negotiated internal claims, and external claims with London Underground Limited.
  • Commercial representative responsible for the life cycle evaluation of the “Whole Life Communications and SCADA” bid for the Operations Department of Tube Lines. Project valued in excess of £175,000.

Independent Advisor for Network Rail (Tender Team)

  • Led the assessment and validation of the bid team’s Cost Model and underlying assumptions
  • Advised Network Rail on the development and enhancement of the Cost Model.
  • Advised Network Rail on the development and implementation of an appropriate Asset Management system to suit the current and perceived future business and operational environment and the UK rail network, including their potential contractual relationships with network rail operators and maintenance organizations.
Sep 2001Dec 2003


Asset Performance Management, Ltd.


  • Soon after joining APM, I was promoted to Associate Director primarily after identifying a number of lucrative project opportunities, one of which resulted in APM being immediately selected to supply continuous support to one of its clients, which continued during my entire time with the company.

Notable activities:

Payment Mechanism Lead for Tube Lines (Tender Team)

  • Successfully ensured the long-time relationship with the client and built a team to continually support the clients business planning needs.
  • Predicted 30-year performance and revenue for the Commercial Fixed Offer (CFO) tender.
  • Developed and implemented an Availability Model to take account of the impact of Operational Maintenance and Capital Projects regimes (i.e. renewals, refurbishments and maintenance) on the failure characteristics of the complete asset base.
  • Identified a number of organisational changes that resulted in, not only, a reduction in costs to the client but also increased the number of APM team members (from 2 to 8 people) on the project.  This enabled APM to become an integral part of Tube Lines, which resulted in earnings of more than £1 million for the company.
Oct 2000Aug 2001


Asset Performance Management Limited


  • Initially recruited to the start-up company APM, during its fourth month of operation, as a Principal Consultant.  I was responsible for creating and developing a number of specific asset management regimes, modelling methodologies and software applications for a portfolio of clients.  During this time, I focused on developing the generic performance modelling approach taken by the company.

Notable activities:

Safety, Risk & Reliability Lead for Dutch High Speed Rail Link (Zuid Rail Tender Team)

  • Negotiated directly with the client (the dutch government) in terms of all safety case and system reliability issues.
  • Led the preparation of two Best And Final Offer (BAFO) tender Safety Cases (Development and Availability phases), including, (i) hazard identification sessions, (ii) risk apportionment, (ii) qualitative safety requirements assessment, (iv) quantitative assessment of high-level hazards, particularly those associated with new and unproven technologies.
Sep 1999Oct 2000


Parsons Brinkerhoff, Ltd. (UK & Hong Kong)

Parsons Brinckerhoff (partnering with WSP) is now one of the world's leading engineering professional services consulting firms. Together they provide services to transform the built environment and restore the natural environment.  Their expertise ranges from environmental remediation to urban planning, from engineering iconic buildings to designing sustainable transport networks, and from developing the energy sources of the future to enabling new ways of extracting essential resources.


  • After completing a PhD, worked as a consultant within a large team of risk, reliability and safety management specialists.
  • Initially, worked on a number of projects in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and subsequently produced a significant number of important proposals in order to expand the work of PB within Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan.

Notable activities:

Project Leader for Tai Lam Tunnel Project (UK & Hong Kong)

  • Managed, from the United Kingdom, all technical RAM and safety aspects of the Tai Lam tunnel project for the Kowloon Canton Railway Corporation.Supported the Project Director with all commercial and technical issues, including resource planning and financial control.Risk component aspect of the project was valued at £350,000.
  • As project leader, supported the KCRC Tai Lam project activities in Hong Kong, which included: compiling and completing Design Safety Review reports; discussing and closing out corrective actions, and; aiding in managing hazards identified by the Safety studies.

RAM Team Member for Taiwan High Speed Rail Link (UK)

  • Member of a Systems Assurance and RAM team conducting technical activities including FMECA, QRA, Hazard Management, developing risk targets and creation of the Deterministic Safety Assessment requirements, for 5 new stations of the Taiwan High Speed Rail link.
Jan 1999Aug 1999


Parsons Brinkerhoff, Ltd.

Notable activities:

Risk Consultant for Transport for Greater Manchester  (UK)

  • Conducted a number of risk assessment studies concerned with pedestrian and public interactions with tram and rail stops: Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) and ALARP studies.

Safety and RAMs Consultant for Tuen Mun Station Project (UK)

  • Safety and RAM Team member of the Tuen Mun Station project in Hong Kong, which included technical activities - FMECA, Design Safety Review, Reliability and Availability Modelling, Maintenance and Maintainability Analysis, RAM Test Planning, Quantified Risk Assessment and preparation of the Operational Safety Report.


Dec 2006Aug 2007

Post-doctoral Researcher (Portugal)

Instituto Superior Técnico

Joined the academic Risk, Reliability and Safety team, working in the field of Formal Safety Assessment within the Maritime industry, led by the renowned Professor Carlos Guedes Soares.The overall objective given to me was to bring all of my rail and marine risk-based experience to the department in order to expand and implement its use within the Maritime industry and to the department’s recent expansion into other industries, including Power and Human reliability.

Notable activities:

  • Focused on the field of “Risk-based Decision Support Methods and Tools for Damaged Ships in Distress”
  • Led a study to “Analyse the Safety and Risks of the Coal Feeder system of the Power Plant at Sines Central” for EDP Lda. (Energia de Portugal)
  • Developed and wrote the risk management and decision support aspects of a number of European project proposals: Integ-Risk; Power Safe; SMART; OILRISK (for AMPERA), and; CRISMAN
  • Expert reviewer for the “Reliability Engineering and Systems Safety” journal and for the IMAM (International Maritime Association of the Mediterranean) 2007 conference
Oct 1995Jun 2000


Cranfield University
  • Thesis title: Development of a Generic Methodology for Probabilistically Predicting the Reliability of Offshore Mechanical Components at the Design Stage
  • Research: Developed reliability procedures and techniques, modelled underlying failure mechanisms and processes and developed software to simulate damage accumulation processes
  • Supervisor: Professor John E Strutt
  • Sponsor & Funding: EPSRC and Rotork-Actuation Ltd, Bath, United Kingdom
Oct 1994Sep 1995

Masters Degree

Cranfield University
  • Thesis title: Availability Prediction of a Subsea Christmas Tree: modelling the impact of usage and maintenance on reliability
  • Supervisor: Professor John E Strutt
  • Group project: Fast Track Development of a Small Gas Field (Responsibility: Group Leader)
  • Prize: Winner of the Elf (now Total Oil Ltd) Prize for first place in the MSc
  • Prize: Winner of the Azure Offshore Prize for best group project
  • Sponsor: EPSRC
Oct 1990Jun 1993

Bachelors Degree (hons)

University of Liverpool
  • Thesis title: Design of an on-board Bentley turbo-charged Motor Car Performance Measuring Package
  • Supervisor: Dr Tom Shenton
  • Group project: Design of an ROV Pipeline Inspection Vehicle (Responsibility: Group Leader)
  • Sponsor: Rolls Royce Motor Cars Ltd
  • Bursary: Winner of the Unilever Ltd bursary


Microsoft Office
Word, Excel, Powerpoint
Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Visual Basic 6.0 intergrated with @Risk and Excel for the development of Risk-based models
Risk Analysis
@Risk & @Risk Optimiser, Isograph & Relex packages
Application Development
Meteor, Javascript, Mongo, Ruby on Rails

Prizes, Sponsorship and Bursary Awards

EPSRC Bursary Award, 1995-1998, Cranfield University

Private sponsorship, 1995-1998, Rotork-Actuation Ltd., Bath

Elf (Total) Prize, 1995, Cranfield University

Azure Offshore Prize, 1995, Cranfield University

EPSRC Funding, 1994-1995, Cranfield University

Winner’s Bursary, 1993, Unilever Ltd.

Sponsorship Bursary, 1990-1993, Rolls Royce Motor Cars Ltd


English: Native speaker

Portuguese: Advanced


Warburton D, Strutt J E and Allsopp K. (1998): “Reliability prediction procedures for mechanical components at the design stage”. Journal of Process Mechanical Engineering Proceedings, Part E, 212, E4, 213-224, August 1998.

Warburton D, Strutt J E and Allsopp K. (1998): “Reliability prediction procedures for mechanical components at the design stage”. Advanced Reliability Technology Symposium (ARTS) Conference, Manchester, United Kingdom, April 1998.

Warburton D. (1995): “Availability prediction of a subsea christmas tree”. Researching for Industry Conference: a showcase of postgraduate industry related projects. Robert Gordon’s University Schoolhill, Aberdeen, United Kingdom, 18 October 1995.