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Creative listener with expansive and adaptable skill set 

seeks integration with communication strategy development team.

Work experience


Posable Creative Figurine

Sole Proprietor

UX Design for Web and Mobile Apps, 

Branding, Business Identity Consultation, 

Illustration, Style Guides, CMS-based Web solutions, SEO

2003-Present • 1 Bruckner Blvd. Floor 2 Bronx, NY 10454

  • Consult with business operators on identification plans integrating consistent use and look across all client-facing experiences. i.e. web, product branding, e-commerce, social media, SEO.
  • Facilitate integration between coding and UX teams - develop user interface for mobile apps and web and kiosk based applications.
  • Consult with filmmakers to develop original content for entertainment DVD titles and corporate multimedia design. Maintain collaborative relationships with DVD production facilities and creative service providers (including producers, writers, web and multimedia programmers, designers, copywriters, 3D artists, compositors, and editors).
  • Execute and manage - all stages of design / production.

Creative Director

Haven Arts Gallery

 Worked with artists, curators and directors of gallery to develop strategy for, and implementation of, the marketing / identity needs of  Haven Arts Gallery including:

  • logo design
  • web design and implementation
  • print ads
  • flyers
  • posters
  • kiosk and web video 

Facilitated drawing lab / taught figure drawing.


Design Director

Tapehouse Broadband

  • Directed design of Broadband’s corporate identity, logo, reel, and ancillary marketing materials.
  • UX, UI design, supervised audio / inferno sessions, directed 3-d graphics, compositing and editing.
  • Collaborated with marketing staff to win contracts for DVD entertainment titles based on efficient, streamlined production methods while maintaining maximum design usefulness and appeal.
  • Worked with filmmakers on design of DVD, packaging, and ancillary marketing materials.

Design Director

Zuma Digital

As Director of Design after over a year as Zuma’s principal independent contractor for design

and motion graphics production:

  • Moved company from dependence on DVD production towards the realization of a comprehensive design studio by increasing emphasis on value-added original programming, concept development, and broadcast graphics.
  • Directed design of the award-winning DVD, Final Fantasy. Developed synergy with sales that was instrumental in establishing and maintaining accounts with Kenneth Cole, A&E Network, Columbia Tri-Star, Sony, Fox Lorber, BBDO, and TIAA-CREF.
  • Staffing: Hired and trained the design/motion graphics staff.
  • Refined clients' goals and determined efficient routes to them, from budgets and scheduling to production with an advanced understanding of all the nuances of the DVD medium. 
  • Utilized a full spectrum of artists (from interns to Renderman shaders) and tools (from Photoshop to Inferno).

Art Director

Sole Proprietor

Freelance (Milestones):

1.   ‘98-Zuma Digital

          •  Design and Motion Graphics production of Hundreds of DVD Entertainment Titles

2.  ‘97-Yamamoto Moss

           •  After Effects instruction and production

3.  ‘96-98 -Giraffe Films, Inc.

           •  Digital Matte Painting

           •  Special Effects Supervisor

4.  ‘96-Epcot Center - ATT kiosk – design

           •  “Director” programming

           •  Script development

           •  Animation

5.  ‘96-National Science Center - Interactive Video Disk Kiosks

           •  UX design

           •  Animation

           •  Character development

           •  Audio Production including direction of Voice Actors

           •  Script writing

           •  Creative development

           •  Design, illustration, motion graphics

           •  3D modeling, texturing and animation

           •  Hired and directed designers, programmers, 3D artists

6.  ‘94-Mexico City Science Museum

           •  Senses Exhibit



University of Minnesota


Golden Valley Lutheran College

Some work


Team Leader
AE Creative Suite
Motion Graphics
Project Management