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About Darcy Bergen

Darcy Bergen embarked on his career in finance at the University of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada, studying a broad range of subjects. Shortly after leaving the institution, Darcy Bergen procured a position as a Financial Advisor with the Western Canadian Brokerage Group. Over nine years with the company, Darcy Bergen learned the nuances of various financial and insurance products. He contributed to other financial organizations during this time as well, presiding as Branch Manager at The Height of Excellence Financial Planning Group and establishing Darcy Bergen & Associates. In addition, Darcy Bergen disseminated financial advice to Canadians through the syndicated programs, The Money Doctors and Smart Money.

In 2000, Darcy Bergen relocated to Scottsdale, Arizona, and initiated For Life Financial. While operating as the Manger of that firm for three years, Darcy Bergen also consulted for several companies throughout North America, including Streamtrain Entertainment Group, Inc., American Republic Insurance Company, and Automotive Properties Group. Recognizing the unique financial needs of senior citizens, Darcy Bergen launched Clear Solutions for Seniors in Phoenix, Arizona, in 2003.

Concentrating on long-term financial security and wealth development, he and his associates provide the full gamut of services, including investment and retirement planning, tax management, and estate planning. In addition to directly advising clients, he speaks at monthly financial workshops known as Senior Money Matters!!, where he covers pertinent topics for seniors, including tax management and legacy plans. At the Clear Solutions for Seniors website, visitors can access a host of information and resources compiled by Darcy Bergen, such as e-seminars, investment calculators, and an extensive glossary.

Darcy Bergen currently holds distinction as a Certified Retirement Financial Advisor. A committed philanthropist, Darcy Bergen acts as the President of Bergen’s Mission, a nonprofit organization facilitating aid to Kenyan orphans.

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Bergen Financial Group

Financial advice to seniors with an emphasis on safe money concepts, trusts, and wealth transfer strategies.

Certified Canadian Financial Expertise: The CSC, By Darcy Bergen

The Canadian Securities Course (CSC) is the most widely recognized benchmark course for competency in the Canadian financial industry. It is offered by the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI), a member of the Moody's Analytics family of companies. The course is a comprehensive overview of many aspects of Canadian financial work, and those who complete it gain a working knowledge of the regulatory environment of the Canadian securities market. Additionally, graduates learn about principles of corporate performance and performance analysis, industry-wide codes of standards and ethics, and financial planning.

Because completion of the course represents the attainment of a good level of general knowledge about Canadian securities, workers who have taken and passed the CSC exam are in higher demand by employers than their peers who have not completed the course. Successfully completing the CSC also opens up further, more specialized certifications, including designations as a Chartered Investment Manager, a Personal Financial Planner, and others. The CSC is the essential first step to proven financial expertise in the world of Canadian business.

About the Author: Darcy Bergen is an established financial professional specializing in advice and guidance for seniors. Among his many other credentials, Darcy Bergen has successfully completed the CSC, the essential first step to proven financial expertise in the world of Canadian business.

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