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Darcy Shay Sexton

Soil Consultant-Organic Farmer-Event Coordinator


Community outreach and event marketing expert; Highly motivated self-sustainability educator with wide-ranging experience relating to customer relations,  event coordination,  farm development and project management with passions in the permaculture and horticultural development.

Work History

Managing Dircector

Artist For Local Agriculture 

Took on a demanding non-profit that was experiencing a decline in membership and volunteers and developed a new direction in community outreach, education and youth development. Successfully implemented a garden and farming education program, monthly fundraising events as well as a marketing and outreach plan.

Production Coordinator

RAW: Natural Born Artist

Managed all aspects of planning and producing a large-scale event; including venue, decor, furniture, art and light, placement as well show timing. Oversaw and managed Volunteers and vendors throughout each event. Successfully marketed and promoted the event through local and national magazines, papers, websites and various other avenues. 

Soil Consultant

Commercial Farms

Gathered soil samples and provided quantitative and qualitative biological analysis to determine what micro-organism were needed to repair the soil. I built biologically dense compost in accordance with USDA standards, used compost to brew compost teas to repair soil and prevent pests and developed and applied a crop rotation plan to promote" no till" methods to support soil health and structure.

Event Director

Eternal Jubilee Gathering

Coordinated with US Federal Forest service and city officials to designate proper protocol of a large scale event. Met with and organized Partners and Sponsors while also creating long-term relationships with key councils, organizations and private investors. Worked with over 250 musicians from 7 intermountain states to create set lists, live performances and instigating valuable networking opportunities between professional artists and upcoming artists. Managed and directed more than 50 crew members, volunteers and stage hands in building and setting up the festival grounds. I oversaw more than 600 people who came and enjoyed their experience in Dixie national forest. 

Intern Facilitator

Green Street Urban Homestead

 Using a combination of social media and print media, I created, coordinated and marketed workshops, book clubs, lectures and other house/garden events. I was able to train, guide and supervise interns and volunteers, devise and maintain office filing and management systems, conduct check-in and checkout procedures for all Air BnB guests, while maintaining garden and house social media sites

Winter Market Farm Internship

Onsen Farm

Marketed farm through social media outlets and a local distribution coop - Idaho’s Bounty. I was responsible for using geothermally heated greenhouses to grow produce all year round. I was able to package, prepare and ship produce all over Idaho to food distributors, restaurants and private residents through our CSA. I also built and monitored biodynamic compost and compost tea to USDA standards. Planted market foods in accordance to local market needs and succession planting throughout the winter growing season.

Lead Receptionist and Gardener 

Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch

Managed social media outlets and marketed new and upcoming events for the 150+ acre ranch. Hosted a wild edible weeds workshop, music shows and other valuable workshops for guests and attendees. I was able to monitor soil moisture levels as well as bacterial and fungal activity by doing monthly qualitative assessments. Utilized the indigenous medicinal weeds as edible plants for restaurant use and was able to troubleshoot and solve most issues that arose with the garden. Created a weekly garden schedule for all woofers and volunteers. Maintained records of growth through logging and bio-photography. I cared for all animals on the ranch by watering, feeding, monitoring health and applying sustainable rotating practices. 

OPC Theatre Volunteer Coordinator

Sundance Film Festival

 Coordinated with 10 other departments within the Sundance Institute as well with all Salt Lake City theatre's in order to direct 1200+  Volunteers before, during and after the film festival. Worked with various sponsors, transportation teams, food providers and lodging services to provide the best possible experience for each and every individual volunteer and patron.

Farm Manager and Sustainable Living Intern

Singing Earth Farm

 Worked with Guest and other interns on small sustainable building projects such as a yurt, a home and other structures. Developed systems through terraculture and permaculture for high altitude landscapes, farming and restoration. Worked with unique landscape opportunities to increase food production and growth. I was able to establish experiments in the gardens to test biodynamics, new seed types, and more. Also cared for various animals by providing food, clean space, regular grooming, and constant monitoring of health. 

Professional Develoment 

Biological Soil Consulting Certification - Soil Food Web

4th Annual Sustainable Agriculture Symposium - Idaho Center for Sustainable Agriculture

5th Annual Sustainable Agriculture Symposium - Idaho Center for Sustainable Agriculture

Wild Edible Weed Education Program - Katrina Blaire 

36th Annual Cultivating Diversity EcoFarm Conference - Eco Farming Association

367h Annual Cultivating Diversity EcoFarm Conference - Eco Farming Association 

Quail Springs - Permaculture Design Course and Instructor Certification 

Volunteer History 

Wasatch Community Gardens - Green Team Farm - Aided Farm Manager in farm and garden task 

Utah Arts Alliance - Aide in event planning and funding creation 

Celebration Circle - Youth Meditation Program - Facilitated  a weekly youth meditation class 

C3 Productions - Austin City Limits - Aided multiple volunteer groups with various festival task