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Over 16 years in the software industry with vast experience in managing, design, implementation and deployment of enterprise scale products.

Self motivated and focused with a "Can DO" attitude while maintaining quality. Advanced analytical, troubleshooting, and problem solving skills.

Experience of lead and manage development group in a highly task driven environment.

Expertise in Java / JEE and Database backend with vast knowledge in OOD/OOP methodologies, Design Patterns and strong technical skills.

Work experience

Aug 2013Present

System Architect

Vonage Apps Ltd.
  • Call completion analysis
  • Group Messaging
  • Mobile Automation
Jul 2011Jun 2012

Backend and operation manager

Fringland Ltd.

Backend and operation manager for fring, a mobile telecommunication application enabling chat, audio, group video and fringOut calls.

My responsibilities includes

  • Manage the fring 24x7x365 operation serving more than 600K concurrent users which requires 300 high end servers hosted at 12 farms in 7 geographical locations
  • Negotiate contracts and cost reduction with hosted farms
  • Production stability and tuning
  • Data mining and reporting over fring usage characteristics
  • Backend performance monitoring and tuning

R&D Group Manager


Promoted to R&D Group Manager for the Fraud Detection Service (FDS) and the Fraud Intelligence Network (FIN).

As a group manager I managed the front-end, backend and QA teams (total of 15 persons). My responsibility included:

  • Managing the teams and the product life cycle using Agile methodology
  • Communicate with product management, professional services and customer support (located U.S.)
  • Deployment of the FDS and FIN products as a service
  • Provide technical support (1st tier) for the FDS in premise customers

Team Manager


Backend team manager for the Fraud Detection Service (FDS).

I joined VeriSign just after SnapCentric acquisition and was a key contributor in the effort to leverage the FDS from its start-up phase to an enterprise scale product including modifying the product architecture and deployment for improve scalability, reliability and performance. 

As a team lead I managed 3 developers and 2 contractors. My responsibility included:

  • Recruit new employees
  • Guide and mantor new developer with no or little previous experience
  • Design architecture for new product functionality and refactor existing code
  • Setting up a performance lab to validate that the FDS can sustain a load of 1500 transactions per second

Sr. Developer (Activity Lead)

Mercury Interactive (HP)

Promoted to Activity Lead in the Business Availability Center (BAC) Data Retrieval team which was responsible for database infrastructures, data retrieval engines and database tuning.

I was responsible for building a Java based product (BAC2Go) enabling the BAC SaaS administrators to easily upgrade customers between BAC versions. I lead this effort from concept to delivery including:

  • Working with the different application teams to collect requirements and understand obstacles
  • Understand each application data model (more than 300 tables)
  • Processing large data sets (millions of records)
  • Design the product architecture
  • Support Oracle and MS-SQL databases

I started BAC2Go as a single developer, but as the project evolve I lead a 3-5 developer assisting me. 


Sr. Developer

Mercury Interactive (HP)

Java / JEE backend developer working on the Business Availability Center (BAC).

I was responsible for the product backend components and management APIs including:

  • Data access and processing components
  • 3rd party and wrapper utilities (JBoss, Connection Pool, Logger, XML Parsers etc.)
  • Improve the product build process (ANT)

Additionally, I lead a cross R&D efforts to improve the BAC availability and performance where I gained extensive knowledge in application profiling and tuning (JProfiler and JVM tools).



Afcon Software and Electronics

C / C++ developer for the P-CIM product. P-CIM is human machine interface software to control and monitor the factory production floor.

I was responsible for developing drivers to communicate with industrial controllers, enhancement for the P-CIM GUI and its database.During my work I communicated with customers' world wide and provide on-site development and customization.




Open University


Managerial Skills
Managing front-end, backend and QA team. Experience of team development, coaching and knowledge of continuous improvement processes. Experienced with Waterfall, XP and Agile methodologies.      
Technical Skils
LINUX, Windows, Mac OS JAVA, JEE (JBoss, Tomcat, Spring), C / C++ / MFC, HTML, CSS, XML, JSP Oracle, MsSQL, MySQL OOD/OOP methodologies, Design Patterns Distributed Architecture, Data Architecture, Cloud Computing, SaaS Performance monitoring and tuning