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I’ve been building iOS apps for more than 5 years now. I’ve worked with a lot of technologies in a wide range of projects like social networks, multimedia (audio/video) apps and games.
I’m really passionate about working in the iOS platform, I enjoy working not only with the iOS SDK but also I love being an iOS user.

        -Delivering top quality with professional service
        -Always work with creativity and fast paced development
        -Devoting my full time, since this is my full time position.

Wanna serve for you with my strong skill and effort.


    Social Networking
    Photo Sharing
    GPS Navigation
    Life Cycle
    Health & Fitness
    Fashion & Shopping
    Food & Drink   

Work experience

Sep 2015Nov 2015

iOS Developer


- Created animations with Facebook POP and DCAnimationkit.
- Converted app to Autolayout (constraints on all elements)
- Integrated Stripe for payments.
- Created style classes for UI elements to avoid code repetition.

Feb 2015Sep 2015

iOS Developer


Designed and developed multiple applications including:StateUniversity,
            Strange Questions, and TapTapSee.
- Server side database creation using SQLite3
- Parsing of XML and JSON
- Extensive high and low level work with AVFoundation

Jan 2014Nov 2014

iOS Developer


- Developed key mobile software applications, including Echograph
- Wrote server-side code for application support in Ruby, Javascript, and PHP
- Created reverse geolocation feature for enterprise client

Apr 2012Dec 2013

iOS Developer/Creative Director


- Implemented CoreData for persistent storage of user data
- Created models in MVC and development of delegates for updating model information
- Redesigned several screens including default application landing screen as per newer wireframe
- Created custom checklist and sharing them with selected app users by calling web services through JSON libraries and connecting to SQLite database with the objective C interfaces
- Created of notifications to detect the autorotation in the customized sub views
- Custom UI implemented with XIBs, and Manual Retain/Release memory management
- Developed Navigation between views was mixture of using UINavigationController,UIGestureRecognizer, and UIPopoverController
- Took care of CodeReview, CodeFixes and bugFixes

Jul 2011Mar 2012

iOS Developer


- Design and build applications for the iOS platform.
- Unites code for functionality, usability, efficiency, and reliability.
- Work on bug fixing and improving application performance.
- Corrected functionality issues with a newly launched application by merging original code with new upgrades.



Objective-C, apple-xcode, cocoa pods, swift

Social Networking

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Youtube, G+ SDKs, Push Notification, Parse

video / Photo Processing

GPU, Aviary SDK, AVFoundation, Open GL, Open AL, Open CV, CoreGraphics


Apple Certified Developer
Mobile application development
Project management
Interface design and implement
Requirement analysis and design phases
Quality assurance and control
UI / UX 



Bachelor of Technology

Computer science | Technical University Sofia

Bachelor's degree, Technological computer science and iOS and Android programming | Technical University Sofia of Computer Science