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Do you value your team, do you know your team’s strengths and weaknesses and do you encourage innovations and contributions?


Do you have a product or service that your customers want and at a price they can afford and is it evaluated and updated?


Do you have a process that delivers quality, encourages improvement and is consistently replicated?


Do you encourage reliable performance and maintain your best practices?


Does your business provide a memorable product, a system for telling your story and something that your customers believe-in and recommend?


Have you developed a pricing strategy and do you have proceeds to reinvest in the business, update support systems and reward your team?


Do you communicate regularly with your entire team and does your business organization operate with a sense of urgency, commitment and excitement?

"Houston...we've got a problem!"

I can't tell you how many times companies want to rush to the solution when they are faced with an operational challenge or sales/marketing issue.

A learned man once said that.... if he had only one hour to solve a problem he would spend the first 55 minutes framing the elements of the problem and the last 5 minutes on solving it.

The point being that having a team in place that actually understands how to examine the challenges, will frequently lessen the time and process that it takes to come up with an effective and innovative solution.

Don't wait to build that kind of business team.

                            Dan Werner

Teamwork Dynamics

An example of how and what can be accomplished with great organizations... Tom Samson is a good friend who practices high level team building and is the owner of Teamwork Dynamics, Inc., a professional services consulting firm. When things are not running smoothly within your organization, his process also targets "the why" and addresses "what can be done"... For more information, please feel free to visit the website of a strong advocate for Team Excellence:

Teamwork Dynamics Web Site







Productivity & Results Expert


Strategic Planning                        Product Planning                                Customer Service Excellence

Process Improvement                  Marketing/Sales Innovation              Budget Management

Tactical Leadership                      Turnaround Management                  Continuous Improvement

Technology Oversight                  Training Development                        Media  and PR Strategy

Social Media applications            Customer Loyalty Programs            Team Building

Excellence in harnessing enhanced productivity and new market growth

 A Performance Executive and Strategic Leader critical in establishing strong and sustainable bottom-line improvements within existing markets through decisive leadership, creative influence, and definitive action. Documented record of analyzing complex situations, challenges, and products; then executing innovative, competitive, and profitable results.  High performance planner, team builder and organization mentor. Seasoned executive who has worked in small to medium sized companies with experience in developing turnaround programs and new stimulation campaigns.


Clarified the market, analyzed the original offering, and re-defined the end-product

Working with a 4-person team, established an internal market research program, collaborated with engineering on technical capabilities and limitations, drafted a comprehensive product development chart of possibilities, and identified new and critical feature sets. Refined the feature set and developed a more realistic rollout schedule, authored a new business plan, championed a more appealing break-even ROI model, increased the potential revenue stream, and identified an extended target market.

ØSlashed start-up costs by 50% and launched a new rollout path projecting more than 40% profit margins two years earlier than originally projected.

Stimulated effective sales & marketing efforts of a struggling product and improved customer appeal and retention

Led 6 direct reports and 30 indirect reports in researching customer attraction methods; customer loyalty programs; and existing customer service programs, establishing the organization’s first-ever customer feedback study. Identified critical operational and delivery issues, major flaws, complaints, and visit patterns in the original working model. Created a major product expansion program to diversify product offerings. Re-designed the website storefront featuring more product offerings and vendor advertising. Pioneered online programs and direct call center solicitation marketing programs.

ØSaved more than 25% on rollout costs and drove measurable traffic increases by more than 500%, resulting in higher per visit purchase averages by 21%.

 Championed new business methods, system integration, time, and cost-savings procedures for the pre-eminent sports organization

Collaborated with internal and external teams to develop a technology systems integration plan for the business office / ticket department and game planning and analysis and talent recruiting departments; launched a five-year plan for the selection, design, and build-out of a new Headquarters Campus; and optimized public relations and marketing efforts.

ØEstablished a new and refined Quality Control tracking system with triple the report capacity.

ØConverted the Ticket Office to real-time transactions and reporting, reducing ongoing costs by 66% and improving customer service by 500%.

ØTripled recruiting report productivity in half the time at one-third the cost.

ØCompleted the new state-of-the-art $20 million Headquarters Campus, slashing $5 million from the initial design costs.

ØPositioned the organization to capture the highest-ranked team product sales in the NFL, securing sponsorships that saved $100,000+ in business costs annually.

Spearheaded research for the market demand and appeal of a new International League, and resolved operational and logistical issues in anticipation of business launch

Partnered with a 4-person team to develop an Organizational and General Manager blueprint for rollout activities across international time zones and directed the staffing and orientation program with sensitivity to international cultures, customs, and expectations. Created financial projections, established pre-season training camps in multiple locations, and negotiated key sponsorships. 

ØPlanned and launched the first-ever international league that became NFL Europe.

ØNegotiated travel sponsorship programs that generated $5 million in advertising revenues and provided significant league operational cost savings of over $3,000,000.

Enhanced the business model exposure and reputation of an IT company poised to expand into additional industry verticals and technical areas

With a 3-person team, began the research to identify new methods for gaining visibility, joined forces with an outside PR firm to create an aggressive media campaign,  and initiated the documentation of critical “above-and-beyond” performances in customer service. Expanded the existing informational website to an interactive site; negotiated a 30% reduction in production costs for creating the organization’s first-ever infomercial; and negotiated with a PR firm for the timely placement of major corporate success stories.

ØCreated visibility that led to targeted business leads and a 25% increase in business in the first year.

Recruited to resolve critical operational issues, identify new revenue streams and higher margin offerings, and turnaround employee morale

Reached out to dissatisfied employees to build trust and identify issues. Pioneered an incentive and rewards program, rewarded high-level performers with leadership roles, created a new group division to stimulate new business, expanded specialty offerings and travel packages, and implemented a customer feedback program.

ØTurned an unprofitable first quarter into profitability, capturing a 10% growth in business in year one, a 20% increase in year two with a simultaneous 500% increase in travel package sales.

ØSlashed start-up costs by 50% and launched a new roll-out path projecting more than 40% profit margins two years earlier than originally projected.


Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein

Take a step in a bold new direction and make a difference today!

MARKETING is not a Department...

 … it should be yourBusiness Blueprint!

Dan Werner actions:

vUnderstand the market and know your real marketplace

vUncover your Brand and then hone your product offering

vDevelop a pricing strategy that works for you and your customer

vCreate buzz… promotion & advertising should tell a compelling story

vConduct effective sales initiatives that target your core audience

vProvide excellence in service & support then stand with your product

vValue your customer and find a way to follow-up and listen

vExact continuous improvement throughout your organization

Work experience

Director of Business and Marketing

Trinity Executive Recruiters, Inc

Retained Executive Search and Business support Services Firm

Key player in developing new business operations tactics.  Provided strategic support to business process and new search evaluation. Led expanded review of consultative interview process before identifying executive personality traits and position requirements. 25% time savings in review process. Provided insight into overall business process analysis and enhanced business plan development.

Business Manager and Director of Business Operations

Dallas Cowboys Football Club, Inc.

Member of the National Football League and premier professional sports and entertainment organization.

Led Internationally acclaimed organization on all business and operational fronts. Point person on daily business operations, new programs planning, sales/marketing, technology, HR, and communications.  Negotiated and signed major player and business services contracts. Implemented cutting-edge technology applications saving over $250,000. Directed negotiations for over 30% annual operational savings, led the way for innovative marketing contracts worth over $100,000 annually. Developed a comprehensive program to market the brand, products, and entertainment programs to the public. Helped lead a record setting corporate newspaper in America to an all-time subscribers total of over 100,000. Revolutionized customer excellence programs with new follow-up procedures.  Developed unique and professional brand which led to "America's Team" label and highest valuation of a sports franchise networth. Project manager on research, design, buildout and operation of 30 acre state-of-the-art headquarters campus. 

Director and Chief Operating Officer

America's Team Travel Agency

A multifaceted travel agency with corporate, leisure, group and specialty travel departments.

Senior Executive who was brought in to stimulate agency growth and expansion.  Significantly expanded the leisure, group, and specialty travel offerings.  Increased new revenues by over 20% in two-year period. Brought new technology into organization to track billing and front office. Created a new business team plan and opened new business branches throughout Dallas.

Director Planning, Operations and Communications

World League of American Football

National Football League subscribes for a feasibility study and launches a new spring football league of 12 Teams that operates in the US, Canada and Europe and which eventually becomes NFL Europe.

Structured critical country evaluation and city selection project , developed a new league operating plan, created marketing master, international team travel plan, communications planning, talent selection draft program, created major media 2-day league kickoff program and planned international league schedules, including TV and special events planning.

Regional Sales and Managing Director / Strategic Planner


Consultative and executive placement for both specific and general business operations and offer interim solutions to a department or company.

Consultative business operations analyst for company requests to potentially replace or supplement an going busines effort or fullfill specialty project development work.  Position required a thorough understanding of the current business process, identifying  the existing culture, developing a list of talent skills needed, creating position goals and evaluating the team environment. Follow-up and managing of process from candidate presentation through hiring and project fulfillment.

EVP of Sales, Business Planning, Strategic Development, and Marketing


A new concept Internet E-mall retail services portal pursing $100+ million in annualized product sales.

Championed a new sales approach to aggressively penetrate online market; created three channel sales opportunities, and launched a B2B2C sales channel. Critical Internet penetration strategies included extensive customer surveys for identifying more productive product mix and identify buying habits for personalized pitch, established new loyalty program, created viral marketing effort, established new frontpage refinement and featured store placements.  Overall online traffic and sales increased over 500% in first quarter.

Division Leader, Product Development, Marketing, Business Alliances

DGI Technologies, Inc.

A compatible products developer with $30+ million in annualized telecommunications sales with state-of-the-art new multimedia and "smart learning" Internet and communications product offering.

Hired to rebrand a next-generation Broadband product offering and offer a product that coul penetrate the national market. Created 5 feature categories with multiple home and business applications. Authored a new 10-year business plan, created an innovative sales plan, and tapped new media marketing campaign.  Defined the service provider component and consumer product offering with a $100 million revenue potential.

VP Business Operations and Marketing

PROVA Group, Inc.
Innovative RFID Authentication Services Company Highlighted new and fundamental business operation changes and established new vertical industry opportunities. Managed creative company marketing and communications development. Brought dynamic media exposure through innovative article placements and TV storyline interviews.


Bachelor of Science

Planned study in multiple disciplines of Sociology, Psychology, Political Science and General Business

Minor work in school of Design, Urban & Social Planning and Landscape Architecture


Business Development
Oversee the strategic planning and tactical implementation of attracting and keeping business.  Business development requires a fundamental understanding of the entire process from brand and product awareness to customer requirements and delivery of those services.  Most importantly follow-up to see how the product or service has been delivered to the customer and essential feed back from their perspective.  
Experience in a wide variety of strategic and tactical Marketing efforts needed to evaluate, identify, write and implement a new blueprint for marketing focus and direction. Marketing is more about a living and breathing approach throughout an organization not just a written document.  It is an understanding that everyone within the organization is focused on "how" we go about all of our business efforts.
Team Building
Excellence in evaluating the current state-of-the-organization, experience in developing programs to engage team members and  also being a mentor to help people strengthen their own team building skills.  A true sense of team is about nurturing the ability to reach out and find how "we" can collectively impact the end product together.
Understanding how to help business organization develop smooth operations with reliable process flow and back-up contingencies. Excellence in operations is contingent on a real understanding "why" things are done as much as "how" things are supposed to be executed.  Most importantly an appreciation for how to manage your best practices and also develop a program for continuous improvement.


Tex Schramm

… Dan Werner was involved with me for over twenty years.  Should I make one judgment about his capabilities, it would be quite easy… if I chose to go to war, he would be the “go-to person” that I would want next next to me. ...