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For nearly three decades, Dan Tocchini has worked as a “transformationalist.” He assists leaders from the public sector, faith communities, and business entities with culture development through leadership, conflict resolution, negotiation techniques, sales and service training, and management training. Dan Tocchini has assisted numerous companies, including Morgan Stanley, Disney, ESPN, Seagate, Microsoft, and World Vision.Dan Tocchini has established several organizations designed to create transformation in different markets. The Association for Christian Character Development (ACCD) offers numerous transformation programs through public work, private service, and higher education offerings. ACCD focuses on developing Christian traits in individuals from all walks of life. Another of his organizations, Global Life Works is dedicated to the elimination of the spread of HIV through education and partnerships in local communities. The organization has educated hundreds of thousands of people across the world about HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, and water-born diseases. Lastly, Culture ROI specializes in transformation for executive leaders, management teams, and entire organizations. The group employs techniques designed to foster profitability, productivity, creativity, innovation, collaboration, and flexibility. Dan Tocchini has also authored four books on the subject of transformation.In addition to his transformation work, Dan Tocchini serves on the board of LesConcierges. The San Francisco, California-based company is a premier provider of global concierge services and solutions. He is responsible for debt reduction, fundraising, negotiation of new acquisitions, organization and realignment of the executive team, and assistance in constituting new board members. Dan Tocchini also serves on the board of the Abandoned Children’s Fund. Mr. Tocchini helps the organization develop programs to assist children in third world countries. In his personal time, Dan Tocchini enjoys travel, chess, movies, fly fishing, and motorcycles. He also is an enthusiast of classic literature by such authors as Dostoyevsky, Kierkegaard, and Pascal.                           

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