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Work experience

Jan 2012Present

Operations Director

Transition Productions Ltd

Acting as Managing Director for the Company

Responsible for production of accounts, budgeting, PAYE, insurance and other administrative, legal and financial matters.

Premises License Holder for Sunrise: Off-Grid 2012

In this role I was responsible for:-

Event License * All event production including site design * Website Content Management * Production of fliers and promotional material * Creative Content including the booking of 4 conferences held daily through the event * Hiring of event contractors * Budgeting and Financial Management including payments, cashflow projections, invoicing and wages

Jan 2013Present

Senior Consultant

Another World Productions Ltd

Another World Productions is a consultancy and event production company. I co-manage operations for the organisation and provide event and sustainability consultancy to land-owners, event organisers, non-profit organisations and other clients.

Specialising in managing events and other activities on land and estates; preparing surveys; liaising with local authorities; licensing and planning applications.

Jan 2009Sep 2012

Operations Director

Natural Communities CIC

Managing Director role for Natural Communities CIC

Also acted as Premises License Holder for the Sunrise Celebration Festivals 2009-2012 and the same for Sunrise: Off-Grid 2009-2011.

In this role I had overall responsibility for the production of the Sunrise Celebration and Off-Grid Festivals, as well as all other subsidiary events, including Sunrise In The City. This included all licensing, site design, production, creative content, safety, local authority liaison, community liaison and so forth. 

Specific Responsibilities included:

Writing and Submission of Premises License for events * Creation of Safety, Stewarding and Security Plans * Event Budgeting * Hiring of event staff and contractors * Detailed site and production planning * Design of traffic management plans * Liaising with contractors including Noise Consultants, Medical Managers, H&S Managers, Traffic Staff and local Carnival Clubs

As Operations Director of Natural Communities CIC I oversaw the running of the company, submission of accounts and company returns, production of business plans and cashflow projections, hiring of staff as well as all legal and insurance-related matters.

Feb 2009Jul 2010

Freelance Transition Auditor

Somerset County Council

This was a specific project initiated by Somerset County Council in partnership with Transition Somerset, a county-wide network of local Transition Town groups. The project came out of a unanimous decision by the full council to become the UKs first Transition Authority. The aim was to establish what it was to be a Transition Authority and measure how far Somerset had already come in meeting these aims. The primary objective from this was to conduct an Audit of the County Councils many departments based around criteria laid down in the Transition Handbook as the core principles of the movement.

I spent a year collecting data from all departments of the County Council including interviews with officers in all departments to explore their understanding of the Transition Towns movement and the application of it in their work. I studied 24 exemplar county projects across 12 areas of interest to Transition including Health and Well-Being, the Natural Environment, Waste and Water, Renewable Energy, Social Cohesion, Food & Farming and Economics. 

The result of this study was the production of a 120 page report covering the different study areas, the principles of Transition and a suggested route to make real the assumed Transition Authority status of the Council.

Sep 2007Sep 2008

Operations Manager

Festivalife Ltd

In charge of all company operations including the production of the Sunrise Celebration festivals and off-shoot events and activities. 

Premises License Holder for Sunrise Celebration 2008

Oversaw emergency operations for a major weather-related disaster involving the evacuation of over 5000 people from a flooded event site, as well as housing and caring for them temporarily in some of the worst recorded weather in Somerset's history.

Jul 2003Jul 2008


SOMA Events

SOMA Events was my first events company. Ran small festivals, education camps and parties in Somerset, Devon and Cornwall. 

Also provided my services to other events including The Glade Festival, Turaya Festival and the Big Green Gathering as venue/area manager.

May 2005Jul 2007

Safety & Licensing Director

Family Gathering Ltd

Responsible for Safety and Licensing, as well as Creative, aspects of festivals and events including The Sunrise Celebration, the Waveform Project, The Oneness Celebration 2005 and The Enchanted Weekend.


Sep 1998Jun 2001

BA Double Honors History/Ancient History

Keele University


  • Establishing Eco- and Social-Enterprises
  • Festival Management and Design
  • Planning and Design of Eco- and Sustainable-Communities
  • Community Resilience
  • Transition Towns
  • Rural Regeneration and Rural Economies
  • Social Enterprise Models and Legal Structures
  • The New or 'Emerging' Economy
  • Sustainable Land Management and Environmentally-Friendly Farming
  • Talks & Conference Programming
  • Global Travel - The more interesting the better...
  • Mindfulness Practice


Jon Cousins

Alex Lepingwell

Julia Bradburn



I am looking to broaden and diversify my experience by working on interesting projects. I have a wide range of skills built up through festival and consultancy work that I would like to apply in new ways. I am also interested in work that challenges me and helps me to grow as a person and as a professional working in the social enterprise/community business sector. 

My broad professional and personal objectives at the current time are to establish relatively large land-based enterprises across the local area including the UKs first truly sustainable event site for outdoor events including festivals, concerts, camps and conferences. This project is underway at Thoulstone Park, Wiltshire.

I am always open to new opportunities.

Other Relevant Experience

* Steering Group Member: The Green Festival Alliance: April 2012 - May 2013

The GFA brings together promoters and suppliers in the festival industry committed to acting on climate change to identify and speed up the adoption of sustainable practices at festivals through innovation and collective action.

* Member of Local Government Group: Transition Somerset : November 2008 - August 2010

Served as a member of local government group for county-wide hub of Transition Towns groups in Somerset. Acted as County Council Liaison Group member and conducted the UKs first Transition Audit of a Local Authority whilst in this role.

* Founded the Natural Communities Foundation Charity and served as acting Chief Executive (Voluntary) & Trustee :

Executive: January 2011 - June 2012

Trustee: September 2012 - Present

Set up this charity whilst serving as Managing Director of Natural Communities CIC. Oversaw the transition of the CIC to a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Foundation and the creation of Resource Sharing Agreements between the two organisations. Oversaw the charity's affairs including its Community Woodland and Multi-Faith Temple projects.

* Established first Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in UK Festival Industry

Inspired and Promoted nationwide 'Festival-Watch' Scheme to reduce crime at outdoor events

* Organiser of Future Farming Conferences - August 2010 & 2011 

Part of the Off-Grid Events. Organised Future Farming South West Conferences aimed at local farmers, landowners, food producers, smallholders and anybody else involved in land management across Somerset and adjoining areas, as well as those interested in becoming so. Conferences included presentations from leading farming bodies, farm managers, farm owners and producers.

* Blog Author - March 2011 - Present

I have written blogs for a number of organisations, mainly on Sustainability in the festival industry. I was recently asked to write a new bi-monthly blog for the new launched Licensing forum at RHEnvironmental Ltd, one of the UKs major organisations providing expert services in Environmental Health, Business and Compliance.

* Travel - Dec 2000 - Present

I have travelled extensively in the world which has been one of my great teachers in life. I have journeyed overland to and across Mongolia and the Altai Region; I have lived and worked in Peru making jewellery, and in Brazil and Bolivia for a number of months; I have crossed overland from South Africa to Tanzania; road-tripped across Australia and through Thailand, staying in Hill Tribe Villages near the Burmese border. I continue to enjoy adventurous travel and the expansive openness of the world.


2006 - Shelter Award for Social Responsibility

2009 - 2013 'A Greener Festival' Outstanding Award

2011 - 2012 Green Parent Magazine - Best Green Festival

2011 - Guardian and Observer Ethical Travel Award


I am a 33 year-old social enterprise and events professional with an interest in positive social change. I have organised events - most specifically, festivals - for the past 10 years and am now interested in taking that experience out into other areas, to match my wider interests.

I have always had an interest in community organisation, fed as a youth through my love of human geography and my addiction to civilisation-building computer games. Being inclined towards the social good though, I always wanted to win through cooperation, rather than war, which seemed rarely to be on offer sadly! 

My work as an outdoor events organiser has led to my developing skills in many areas relevant to various and diverse sectors. I have had to conduct a lot of local authority and community liaison - both of which I enjoy and have a natural talent for; I have managed multiple major projects with individual budgets of over half a million pound from initiation to completion; I have managed a number of companies from top to bottom and in doing so developed all the skills required of a company director; I have set-up and been part of a range of social enterprises and community projects and have spent much time exploring this realm through conferences and seminars.

The events I organise always operate with environmental best practice in mind, showcasing ecological solutions on a larger scale than is often demonstrated on the outdoor event circuit. This is a record I am proud of and reflects my wider interest in solution-finding and problem-solving. In the words of the Brazilians' 'Dar um Jeito' - 'There is always a way'.

I have recently sold the Sunrise Festival and have space for new career opportunities and projects.


Sustainable Community Design
I have strong skills in community organisation and, primarily, design of community spaces. This is the particular skills area I am working on at present through study. 
Project Management
I am an experienced project manager with over 10 years experience of managing events and related projects. I am comfortable juggling large budgets, staff, contractors, procurements, scheduling and all other aspects involved in such productions. I am used to working to incredibly challenging deadlines, in exceptionally difficult conditions (including minor natural disaster scenarios) with limited resources. 
Public Speaking
I enjoy public speaking and have spoken at conferences and other well-attended events for several years. I am able to ad-lib relatively comfortably and enjoy engaging with large groups in this way. It is a skill I am developing through regular use!
Community Liaison
Over time I have learnt the skills needed to relate to and engage with local communities, gain their support, listen to their concerns and work with them to achieve mutual aims. I enjoy working in this way, both with local residents and with local parish councils and other community bodies. 
Social Enterprise
I have spent years working in and with Social Enterprises, primarily Community Interest Companies, Cooperatives and Charities. In this time, I have also attended many training courses and conferences on the subject and become associates with many of the country's leading experts in this sphere of business. I find the Social Enterprise area very interesting and enjoy working within it with the large knowledge-base and networks I have established.     
Operational Planning
I am well-versed in planning relatively large-scale operations through my work with the Sunrise Celebration. By this, I mean that I can plan out effective schedules, objectives, rotas, etc, for large numbers of personnel and contractors including security firms, stewarding firms, medical providers, traffic management teams and more besides. I enjoy planning operations of varying sizes from broad overviews down to minute detail. 
Local Authority Liaison
I enjoy and thrive in liaising and working with the Local Authorities be that Council, Emergency Service or a related body. I have natural skills in this area and have built up a great personal and professional relationship with many Authority members I have dealt with over the years. My skills have been built up through the organisation and licensing of the Sunrise Celebration / Off-Grid festivals, both of which have very good reputations with their respective licensing bodies, and through my work producing a Transition Audit for Somerset County Council, through which I had to work closely with Officers and Councillors alike.