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My current goal is to find full-time employment at an advertising agency that my copy sheets and I can call home once again, as well as the above of returning to UNT in order to complete my Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Advertising. The most important goal I've ever conjured up is building enough wealth through stock trading to personally pay off the U.S. National Debt and still have a couple trillion left over. I think big, which is why I'm so attracted to big ad agencies.


I work to live and I love my work to be fun. That's why I chose Advertising as my major and also why Cowboys Stadium has been a welcome destination in my career. I yearn to write copy again and if you're reading this right now, it's because yours is one of the advertising agencies in which I'm interested. I seek opportunities that allow me to make a living and have fun doing it, inside or outside of the office. More specifically, I seek employers that offer progress in my career, who reward imagination and ambition. 

Work experience


Cowboys Stadium

I can now say that I have human resources experience. As Game Day staff at Cowboys Stadium are on a part-time basis, turnover will happen. When it does, staff supervisors such as myself are now invited to help in our refined efforts to hire staff that meet our mission, which is creating exceptional experiences for our guests in a safe, clean and friendly environment that becomes the finest venue in the world. I had the opportunity to speak with many talented individuals interested in joining our team and was given the authority to make decisions on which of the staff I interviewed would be selected. Our interview process was in two parts and included a scored questionnaire. First, myself or another supervisor would ask the candidate the first set of questions and once done, hand me the paperwork in order to complete the decision process, and vice versa. I believe this experience could help me help you make decisions about your potential staff. 

Jun 2009Present


Cowboys Stadium

My team and I provide guidance and hospitality to guests of exclusive areas within the stadium by accurately answering and addressing all questions and concerns.

Jul 2010Present

Concierge Supervisor

Cowboys Stadium

Sixteen staff, myself, and my captain give guests an experience which rivals every other venue in the world; a permanent, lasting memory of the best time they've ever had. As a group, we make sure that guests attempting to access this level have proof of access to the field clubs and field suites. Once this is determined, regardless of whether they have access to our area or another, their party has started! We also assist in the production of each event by ensuring that all performers are provided a clear path to and from their dressing area and onto their stage, whether it be the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, opponents of the Dallas Cowboys, musical performing artists, and extreme sport athletes from Motocross, Monster Trucks and Professional Bull Riding. 

May 2010Present

Tour Operations Staff

Legends Hospitality

One of our salesman at Cowboys Stadium pitched the idea of a Self-guided tour in which guests would have access to the exclusive event level, without being on someone else's time. Many of us on the team have been around since the testing phase and now that it's become a successful reality, it's provided more work for members of Cowboys Stadium staff through the Jones' and Steinbrenner's partnership, Legends Hospitality. Our job is to ensure that fans (of all teams) touring the stadium receive as much of the same information as guests taking one of our guided tours as possible while posted at each area. We share information about the building's construction, its cost, our unique luxury suites, our one-of-a-kind Diamond Vision board created by Mitsubishi, the cheerleader and player locker rooms, our post game interview room and the field club through which the NFL players run out onto the 50 yard line on game days. It's a fun and very successful business, as illustrated by our sales reaching $1 million from tours alone in just the month of July last year. 

Jun 2011Present


Vector Marketing/Cutco

I'm working concurrently as Tour Operations Staff, Concierge Supervisor and as a trainee with Vector Marketing selling Cutco. So far, I've made 3 sales out of 11 in-home appointments in just my first two weeks and am working toward a promotion to sales representative within the next two weeks based on my performance. As it is an appointment-based job for which I set my own hours, it has thus far taught me what it's really like to be one's own boss. I rather like the flexibility as well as the responsibility. I'm able to be much more organized due to being on my own time and the incentive to push myself to doing my very best is always there. The position consists of heavy travel, though not too far and I rather enjoy being on the move as opposed to standing still to be paid by the hour. I believe the experience which I've already gained from this venture will help me adapt to many circumstances and fit into your company very comfortably should you see this resume. 

Sep 2011Present

Command Post Operator

Cowboys Stadium

Command Post is the "air traffic control center of Cowboys Stadium," as my manager put it. All of the radio traffic from staff in the building comes into the Command Post where, a team of select individuals, including myself, relay the information, from radio traffic, through a computer, to the proper personnel. Personnel include Management, Wheelchair Services, Housekeeping, Medical, Security, Fire and Police Officers on site.  A team of four, counting myself, has just been recruited to Command Post. We were given a trial by fire considering that our first event in Command Post was the Cowboy Classic, possibly our biggest college game yet, between Louisiana State University and The University of Oregon. This event was on Saturday, September 3rd of this year and only a couple of days after our training. At the end of the night, we were commended not only for making it through the night, but for excelling at what we're asked to do and quickly adapting to the position throughout the night. This is another highlight of my time at Cowboys Stadium, where I'm on my way to the three year mark as a member of the organization. I believe this position shows my ambition and my ability to function very well under high pressure situations, as is the condition of deadlines even more so in the economy's current condition at any workplace. I hope you'll take notice. 

Feb 2011Feb 2011

Super Bowl Supervisor

S.A.F.E. Management

I'm proud to be part of what local Sports Reporter Dale Hansen described as, "The best staff I've ever seen at a Super Bowl." 

On February 6, 2011, I was responsible for staffing 3 very important elevators and one restricted access lobby in order to move NFL executives, celebrities, suite ticket holders and exclusive club guests throughout the venue of Super Bowl XLV. MY staff did an excellent job, operating elevators without radios (which, as normal Cowbys gameday staff, all of them would have) and keeping the event moving for some of the people responsible for the Super Bowl itself. We also had to maintain the integrity of an exclusive club lobby, separating guests into their respective designated areas and making sure that celebrities weren't mobbed by rabid fans.

I have plenty of stories, hire me and we'll go over them in the interview. 

Aug 2007Dec 2007


mundayMorning Creative Group, Inc.

My first internship while at UNT. A team of professionals taught what was involved in various roles of the agency: account executive, copywriter, art director and production artist. Responsibilities for hands-on learning included photo research, photo editing, writing copy, placing shipping orders and handling those accounts briefly to learn the ropes, as well as researching the competition. Such research primarily applied to a Home Building client; I was asked to check on a once per month basis what prices the competing home builders were listing. The Home Builder was Holiday Builders and other responsibilities for them consisted of scripts for radio advertisements, researching photos that would later be used in their illustrations and ads and some editing. Writing assignments also included an introduction for a real estate awards show. I was also given knowledge of how to produce professional online banners for website advertising in Image Ready. Naturally, as a copywriter, assignments of proofreading were also given.

Oct 2007Nov 2007



To complete my credit in a major ad course at UNT, I and my fellow students were required to shadow someone in a supervisory role from one of our three chosen career paths. I shadowed Creative Director Billy Vaudry of Stratmark, a direct mail firm based in Richardson with 100+ employees. Some photo research had to be done, but most of the time there was spent learning first hand what really goes into the role of creative director. Attending and participating in internal and client meetings without actually being an employee was a great privilege. The main thing taken away from this experience was how important the small things are in this business. The old saying goes, "The devil is in the details," but in this business it seems the details are the bread, the butter and the clincher, not the so-called devil from the saying. That's one of the best things about advertising, is how crisp everything has to be and seeing the final product is that much more rewarding because of it. The environment of direct mail actually seemed more fast-paced than that of traditional ad agencies as far as deadlines go. This experience came full circle upon watching a recording of David Olgilvy on YouTube that poignantly stated what an opportunity direct mail was and is as well as its main advantage: the ability to track return on investment without error. Stratmark's client base consisted of NPOs, one of which I was asked to conduct research on behalf of, in order to increase donations. The client was Bibles for America and based on the information given, we found exactly what they were looking for and created a tone that would help send more good books overseas to our military through fundraising toward the donations. 


Billy Vaudry

Billy introduced me to the direct response world of advertising, which I thoroughly enjoyed through a quick fall internship in 2007 as I saw first-hand what it takes to be one of the people in charge of creative output.

Huma Wadood

We worked together on various projects during my internship at mundayMorning, my first in the creative industry. She taught me a few things about Photoshop that most writers don't know and was always a courteous colleague.

Ross Myers

We reviewed my work for client Service Experts, an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) service company, collaborated on several projects for client Taco Cabana, a quick service mexican-food restaurant and discussed general ideas for other, speculative creative projects over many office meetings.



Aug 2005Dec 2007

Bachelor of Arts and Sciences

University of North Texas

I have completed my major degree program and currently have two mutually exclusive goals to achieve: pay off a hold on my account in order to be rewarded with my degree, upon completion of 14 hours foreign language credit.

Aug 1998May 2002

Diploma + Ben Dial Leadership Scholarship

Desoto High School

Before graduating, I wrote an essay that won me part of the Ben Dial Leadership Scholarship. He was the high school's football coach up until the my senior year and the scholarship was created in his honor. I tried out for him without success due to attempting to play positions that weren't in my football skill set. What I respected about Coach Dial most is that he said, "take care of those Cs and we'll talk." He cared more about my future than what I could do for the football team. This motivated me to get my grades in order and make the team my senior year.  I noticed I've left this off of my resume for quite some time and believe it is worth noting. 


I'm currently in a sales job as a trainee with Cutco, as mentioned above, however this isn't my first time being a salesman. In the past, the reason I didn't stick with sales positions that I was given was nearly always the same: I wasn't provided a product which I could believe in. I could still sell the product, whatever it was, in my worst experience being cut-rate "as seen on TV" knockoffs. Or maybe they were genuine and the prices were what was dishonest, possibly both. The young, rude and pushy managers that were assigned to me never helped either, but the main problem I had was that I felt I was doing a disservice to customers by selling them the products I was constantly provided. Honesty and integrity are important to me in sales, and with Cutco, I've found harmony between the three and I hope that this leads to similar endeavors in the future. 
I can type 75-90+ wpm, which is very useful in copywriting, as I can shift imaginary gears on the fly and can also express that shift to colleagues as quickly as I'm requested to do so.
If there's one thing I love about the field of advertising, it's that one with a creative mind, such as myself can actually be paid to think. That is, however, only the first step in calling customers to action for any brand, product or service and I'm great at it. Try me.