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Born in Toronto, Canada, film and television actor Danso Gordon  brings a rich and storied tradition to his craft. After spending the bulk of his early years growing up in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Danso Gordon moved across the continent to pursue an acting career in Los Angeles. As a student at North Hollywood High School, Danso Gordon ran on the track team and honed his skills in the dramatic arts. Finding work during and after high school, Danso Gordon began to appear on national TV advertisements, including a commercial with NBA legend Charles Barkley. In addition, Danso Gordon won a guest appearance on a 1998 episode of the hit science fiction TV series Sliders. Danso Gordon received his first exposure on the big screen with a minor role in the powerful 1998 drama American History X, starring Edward Norton and Edward Furlong. After receiving his high school diploma, Danso Gordon gained regular work on a variety of successful television series. Dividing his time between undergraduate studies in psychobiology at UCLA and frequent appearances on TV shows and commercials, Danso Gordon maintained a balance between his academic and professional career. In 1998, Danso Gordon became a full-fledged cast member on Hang Time, an NBC sitcom that lasted six seasons. Hang Time afforded Danso Gordon his first opportunity to star on an ongoing series, playing high school student and basketball player Kenny “Silk” Hayes in 26 episodes between 1998 and 2000. Upon the series’ cancellation, Danso Gordon immediately earned a part on another teen program, In a Heartbeat, and received top billing as high school EMT Hank Beecham. Appearing on the Disney Channel show from 2000 to 2001, Danso Gordon demonstrated proficiency for playing teenage characters with depth and authenticity. In 2005, Danso Gordon expanded his acting range to play ex-convict Sebastian in Lars von Trier’s dark and challenging film, Dear Wendy. Working alongside veterans of art-house cinema, Danso Gordon proved his craft would only continue to progress. Danso Gordon has since taken roles on numerous TV programs, commercials, and movies.

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