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My Name is Dan Scudieri, I'm 23 years old and I go to College at CCRI Knight Campus in Warwick to study Web Programming in Computers. I graduated at Coventry High School in 2009 with a High School Diploma and continuing my education now at CCRI. I've been at school for 5 years since 2011. I first studied music but then, switched after 2 years to a Computer  major because I love working with Computers. I also play in a Band called Split Minded playing covers and writing music as well. We play shows from Coventry, West Warwick, Massachusetts, Connecticut, etc. I also work at Crestwood Liquors in Coventry as a stock boy and sometimes as a cashier but would like to improve my skills in cashiering or in any other field as well.

Work experience


Crestwood Liquors

Crestwood Liquors
Coventry — ​ Stock​ boy(filling the shelves in the cooler with beer, stocking beer, filling wine and liquor)

Fry Cook

McDonald's, Coventry—
Fry cook(cooking burgers, fries, chicken etc and wrapping sandwiches) Washing dishes/cleaning the bathrooms Changing the trashes and throwing trash away Putting away truck orders of food inside the building


Feb 2013Present

 Computer Science Associates Degree- Web Programmer

Community College Of Rhode Island

I'm currently as a student still working on becoming a web programmer and still taking computer classes at CCRI. I have taken programming concepts and Intro to HTML and Intro to Computers but I still need about 7 or 8 credits in computer credits.  I have to work with computer codes and knowing how to use them correctly to make the code work and testing my code to see if it works after writing the code, After taking 7 or 8 more computer classes I should have enough credits I believe to get my Computer Science Associates Degree for Web Programming to graduate.


High School Graduate


I graduated High School with a High School Diploma in 2009. My First idea of what I wanted to do when I was in High School was to be a Video Game Designer but when I graduated High School, I thought of doing Music because I really like to play guitar and sing and then, I finally thought  well music is something I like to do when playing acoustic by myself or with my band as a side job and I decided to do Web Programming after. In High School I took Music Theory, Instrumental Workshop, and Digital Media which is a computer class that you do Adobe Photoshop assignments and Clipart Movies.


I played Guitar for about 9 years and I'm also in a band called Split Minded. We play shows once or twice a month as a side job which we have a lot of fun doing. I also like to sing as well and have taken music classes and one singing class at CCRI. When I first started College at CCRI, I had first started as a Music major but now, I decided to switch to a Computer Science  in Associates to be a Web Programmer because I like the concept of doing code and working with it on Computers to create Websites, Word Documents, etc. I'm dedicated to work whenever and a very hard worker to get all the work that I'm told done. I'm good at communicating with customers about anything that they need help with but would also like to better myself with communicating as well. If I don't know the answer to a customers question, I will ask a manager right away. I also enjoy new challenges/jobs that are thrown at me as well so that I can learn more than one thing at a job to get more experience at it



Singing, Playing Guitar, Hiking, Skiing, Hockey, Playing with Computers.