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Team Cohesion Expert • Creative Problem Solving • Product Design • Improves Processes & Efficiencies • Cost Containment • Skilled Installation • Consistent & Constant Learner • Promotes Team Environment

As a tenured Senior Engineer with more than 15 years of operational and process improvement wins, I instigate and implement practical and sustainable solutions, leading teams in results-driving initiatives. My technical background and logical approach pair easily with my natural curiosity and zeal for inspiring others toward creative resourceful solutions. This makes me a continuous source of ideas that work; I see the bigger picture without losing sight of the most intricate of details.

I have built a solid reputation in my career of saving my employers millions of dollars while improving operational standards. As a dynamic leader with a passion for all aspects of operations, I bring a cohesiveness that results in people wanting to contribute more, allowing them to grow deeper in what they do best.

➢ Strong Strategic Leader
➢ Huge Successes in Process Control Engineering
➢ Continual Process Improvements with Impressive Results

Key Skills: Fosters rapport and collaboration ⋅ Efficiency aficionado ⋅ Keen attention to detail ⋅ Self-motivated ⋅ Offers straight-forward and direct solutions ⋅ Empowering servant leader ⋅ Garners trust and respect ⋅ Unwavering commitment to excellence ⋅ Promotes cost savings through universal buy-in and genuine relationship building

Work experience


Systems Integrator


Wachter is the leading nationwide designer, integrator, and service provider of your power and technology systems.


Electrical Engineer


Designed and installed new automated control systems.Saved more than $6.8Mi process improvements over tenure with company.

- Improved outdated equipment, saving $1,000/day in contactor fees. predictive reactive and preventative maintenance.

- Designed interface to show red/yellow/green lights to highlight production rates and decreased scrap by 10%.

- Automated processes to eliminate human error, resulting in an 80% increase in first pass quality control, saving 2.5 minutes per batch and $10K for every 20 batches that didn’t need to be restored.

- Acting on existing data, reduced catastrophic failures by 93%. This was predictive maintenance. Installed PLC5 on a cooling line that included Network, VFD’s, HMI’s, Drawings and Energy Conservation.

- Created touchscreen panel that reduced production time, saving $2.1M annually.

- Volunteered to take over an outsourced project, smashing the deadline by 6 weeks and saving the company $300K in consulting fees.

- Worked 79 straight days converting an analog machine which saved $500k in upfront cost and $1M annually in functionality improvements.

- Moved machinery to predictive mode in maintenance repair, saving $3.6M.

- Updated a system from 1961 that saved $2.6M in quality control. Saved an additional $2.1M creating automated mixing interface.


Injection Department Production Manager

Constar International

Managed an injection molding department producing two million pounds of plastic bottles per month. Also managed maintenance for the Injection machines and maintenance for Facilities.

- Initiated and sponsored an “employee involvement team” identifying causes of downtime and quality issues, increasing efficiencies from 78% to 96%, including multiple months of over 100% capacity.

- Oversaw personnel, including all staffing, scheduling, training and evaluations as to increase production efficiencies while staying within budget.

- Member of multiple committees that focused on process improvements.

- Re-engineered a mold change from 36 hours down to 7 hours.


Project Engineer

Amarr Garage Doors

- Increased efficiencies over 40%.

- Created a breakthrough prototype for custom paging system to organize shipping; decreased loading time and increased quality of the shipping.


Electrical/Electronic Engineer / Process Engineer

Davol, Inc.

Provided engineering and technical services to the manufacturing organization with responsibility for ensuring that all manufacturing processes and procedures comply with FDA, OSHA, and ISO 9002 regulations, policies and procedures. Known for fostering a very cohesive team environment.

-  Thwarted ~$3.2M in penalties from the Environmental Protection agency by proving to EPA and KDHE officials to Ethylene-oxide emissions were within federal requirements.

-  Mechanically engineered production machine to yield 15000 units per shift, up from 5000 a shift. Able to do with mechanical engineering. - Member of multiple committees that focused on process improvements.

-  Designed a leak tester for the Infrared and Radio Frequency welding operations; reduced failures from 2.0% to .8% (x 56,000 units per day.)

-  Created sequence of operation manuals for each piece of assembly equipment.

-  Successful compliance with regulatory agencies: FDA, ISO9000, Sarbanes Oxley, EPA and KDHE Kansas Department of Health and Environment.


Bachelor's degree

DeVry University, Missouri

Engineering and Industrial Management

Associate's degree

Devry University, Missouri

Electrical/Electronics Maintenance and Repair Technology


Value Stream Mapping
Vehicle Dynamics
Injection Molding
Continuous Improvement


Lean Manufacturing