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Professional: Media, politics, and emerging technology

Person: Music, reading, baseball, travel


I currently develop digital policy and content strategy ABC News Radio.  Occasionally I am sent places to ask questions and conduct interviews.  My emphasis is in the convergence of analogue and digital technology.  I occasionally speak at events about media, politics, and emerging technology.  

Though I am not actively seeking employment  I am available to discuss many types of opportunities and ideas.



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I currently develop digital policy and content strategy ABC News Radio.  Occasionally I am sent places to ask questions and conduct interviews.  My emphasis is in the convergence of analogue and digital technology.  I speak at conferences and events about media, politics, and emerging technology.

I've worked in broadcasting since 1998. My career began as the assistant news director for KBHU, the college radio station for Black Hills State University.  During my college career I worked my way up to music director, program director, and eventually general manager.  

While attending college, and for a few years after I worked as an FM DJ for several commercial rock and country radio stations.  

I began podcasting in 2004, and independently covered news and politics.  

I was hired in 2007 by the Talk Radio News Service as the Chief United Nations Correspondent.  I covered the UN daily for 2 years, and still report from the UN from time to time for ABC News.  While at Talk Radio News I also reported daily as a political commentator for talk radio news stations across the country.

From mid-2007 through election day 2008 I covered the presidential election.  I was at most major events including the initial debates, the New Hampshire Primary, Super Tuesday, numerous campaign stops, the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, and election day.

In both a personal and professional capacity I help people and companies understand internet and social media best practices.  I've developed web branding, strategy, and execution campaigns for journalists Jack Rice, former congressman Bob Ney, literary agency Johnson Literary, publishing house Egmont USA, the United Nations Correspondents Association, and a few others.  I've been involved with several large-scale projects including a massive iteration of ABC News Radio's online presence.  I was also in charge of the Talk Radio News Service web iterations v 2.0 and 3.0.  I have worked on web content, strategy, and execution with individuals on small projects, and large companies on large-scale projects.  I also ran a podcast called The Creepy Sleepy Show from August 2004 - July 2009.

I work for ABC News in the News Radio silo.  I wear many hats, and going in to work every day is exciting.  I am in charge of developing digital content, website construction, data management, digital business development, and our overall web media and marketing strategy.

Community Affiliations & Volunteer Work

- United Nations Correspondents Association (UNCA) Member (2007 - current)

- Marketing Sub-Committee Member, Lighthouse International- Planning Committee, Podcamp NYC 2.0 and 3.0

Work experience

Freelance Web Marketing


  • Consulting - Web Strategy and Development for Egmont USA Publishing, Talk Media News, Jack Rice, Bob Ney, and others.
  • Writing - Freelance for Talkers Magazine, Wired Magazine, Black Hills Pioneer Newspaper, and various web publications.
  • Interviews - Video and audio interviews with political, cultural, and technology thought leaders.  Subjects have included various UN ambassadors and agency heads, Senators and Congressmen, and cultural figures including Willie Nelson, Chuck D, Kevin Rose, Leo Laporte, Ben Huh, Jason Calacanis, and others.
Sep 2008Present

Digital Audio Manager

ABC News

Digital Audio Manager (2008 - Present)
  • Platform Development
    • Web strategy development and execution
    • Audio and video strategy and execution
    • Website and architecture development
    • Monetization Models
    • Content development
  • Business Development and Brand Building
    • Digital media outreach
    • Vendor negotiation
    • Social web strategy and execution
    • Strategic networking
  • Reporting
    • Video and audio interviews with key UN leaders and technology personalities
May 2007Sep 2008

Chief United Nations Correspondent

The Talk Radio News Service

Chief United Nations Correspondent and Social Media Evangelist
  • Reporting
    • UN - daily reports and coverage from briefings, stakeouts, and events
    • Presidential Campaign - primaries, Super Tuesday, debates, Democratic and Republican conventions, election day
    • Darfur - live broadcast and asynchronous web reporting from Darfur and South Sudan
  • Broadcasting
    • Daily audio reports to national talk radio
  • Web Development and Strategy
    • Website development and project management
    • Social media strategy, integration, and outreach
Dec 2006May 2007

Account Manager and Web Strategist

Haugo Broadcasting

Account Manager and Web Strategist
  • Client acquisition and account management
  • Web strategy development


Sep 1998May 2002


  • mass communication; telecommunication emphasis
  • speech; theatre emphasis
  • political science



Skills: Audio and video editing, writing, coding (HTML, PHP, CSS), ISDN management 
Strengths: Web strategy, project management, broadcasting, reporting