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House cleaner
I am a very neat person and Clean after myself and at the restaurant . I realized that why not do it for work so I'm deciding to try and make money from my skills this time .
Of course I was given the duty to do dishes . We used a pretty high tech equipment . 
Bus boy
Along with Being a waiter I also cleaned tables and General areas of the Restaurant . 
After Getting More help I became a Delivery man . I enjoyed this job because I was able to see how much clientele we have outside our normal dine in customers and because it tipped well .   
  I became a host after a short while , My brother and I worked together and we switched jobs . All ways remained professional with customers.    
I have worked for my Familes restaurant for over 7 years . I started off as a waiter and did that for several years . I was always professional and made good tips .

Work experience

Feb 2009Mar 2009


Great Buffet

I worked for a family friend for a month while he needed a extra hand . 

Jan 2002Feb 2009

Waiter, host, delivery , bus boy, dishwasher and food prep

Asia Cafe

My Father owned Asia Cafe for over 7 years Before retiring this year . I have loyally worked for him . He has recently sold the restaurant and is moving back to his own country . At age 15-16 my mother took me out of school and needed my help . The Restaurant had exceptional business and stayed open for 7 years . I moved to NH with my girlfriend so that she can attend College closer to her home and so that I can also further my education and get my GED . Link to review page for restaurant .. Click the name 


Tom Unnknown

Worked for Tom as a host  for a month while he needed a extra hand . He is opening a new place and needed me to take his place while he had some work to do at the new location . 

Kaleigh Crowley

She has been with me and Worked with me at my resturant for about a year .

James Crowley

GF brother and my friend 


My Goal is to find a job not only in the restaurant business but also broaden my work abilities to other feilds . I love to learn and I'm a quick learner . I would love a job were i can learn something new everyday . 


If I were to Work for you I promise to be professional . I'm a easy person to work with , and I quick learner .