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Work experience

Director of Sales and Business Development

Univerisity Business Consultants

Specialize in sales training, business strategy and development, executive training, and web technology optimization and utilization.

Designed to jumpstart current local and regional organizations as they approach change or sales hurdles, and educate new business owners in how to create engaging presentations that ignite vendors, staff, and properly relay the vision of their business. University Business Consultants, represents an approach that bridges current University business models and research to businesses engaged in a (2) part battle addressing:

  2. EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT ISSUES since 74% of staff, accordingly to Gallop's recent pole, are either totally disengaged or unengaged underscoring the NEED to GENERATE an EMOTIONAL CONNECTION to their company.

Our ethical 6 step 3 question sales process helps you close faster while developing a long term relationship with your customer.

Founder, COO, CMO

The Friendly Briefs

Responsible for consumer market research, marketing and advertising strategy, managing project deadlines, business strategy planning and development.

Presented at the Rochester Angel Network “Entrepreneurs and Angels” event as well as the Upstate Venture Association of New York (UVANY) annual meeting.

Company showcased in Rochester Magazine in 2007.

Marketing Manager, Center for Entrepreneurship

Provided leadership in project and program planning and marketing strategy development. Dramatically increased entrepreneurship awareness and involvement despite the lack of an obvious clientele (no undergraduate business degree). 

    • Wrote and implemented detailed marketing plan designed to identify target markets and build brand awareness
    • Responsible for developing and implementing cohesive strategy to build entrepreneurship on the undergraduate campus
    • Established evaluative criteria for monitoring the effects of marketing and related communications in order to help assure the desired results and its appropriate tracking
    • Designed and implemented marketing program that raised the number of applications to a cornerstone program (Kauffman Entrepreneurial Year) by 114%
    • Increased membership of student club approximately 200%



Studied how the brain and mind works on a biological level, which gave me with a solid understanding of human behavior and how people perceive the world around them.  Neuroscience taught me a highly analytical thinking style that can be applied to any ambiguous problem.  This has given me a unique competitive advantage in the world of business, sales, and strategy.

Minored in philosophy which provided me with further analytical and problem solving skills.


What I do

I consider myself an activator.  I thrive in hazy environments with little to no direction.  I use my keen problem solving abilities to create innovative solutions for ambiguous problems.  By combining my diverse knowledge and creativity, I am able to maximize people’s skills and motivate teams towards a unifying goal. 



“From Dan's formal studies in Neuroscience to his current work as a business development consultant, it is clear to me that he studies and converts like no other. The ability to be a master converter or as Howard Gardner states, a "synthesizer," is a a trait required in the entrepreneurial space. Dan is a masterful sales trainer and will be of great service to anyone who desires one on one impact sales training with a trust based spirit and style!” 

Dennis Rebelo, President, University Business Consultants (a TMS Company)

Core Strengths


I can sort through clutter and find the best route.  I can see patterns where others simply see complexity allowing me to see around the corner.  By developing a strategy I can avoid paths of resistance and arrive at the best solution.


I am fascinated with ideas - concepts, which are the best explanation for most events.  I am always looking for connections and I am intrigued when seemingly disparate phenomena can be linked by an obscure connection.  For me, ideas are profound, novel, clarifying, contrary, bizarre, and thrilling.


When can we start?  I am ready for action and move ideas forward and make things happen.  Action and thinking are not opposites.  I make decisions, take actions, analyze the results, and learn.  I put myself out there and take the next step.  People are judged by their actions and not by "what ifs?"


I love to peer over the horizon, predict trends, and see what happens.  The future facisnates me and I see in detail what it may hold.  It is inspirational to me and motivates me to go forward.  My love for the future makes me keep up to date with all things present.  This allows me to see what will develop giving me a competitive advantage.


I take psychological ownership for everything I commit to, and I am emotionally bound to follow it through to completion.  My name depends on it, and I always do whatever I can to keep my word.  I have impeccable ethics that make me extremely dependable.


Technology, entrepreneurship, web 2.0 and beyond, future trends and trend predicting, start ups, politics, science, brain and mind, economics, music collecting and listening, community development, education