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Volunteer Activities

Work experience

Feb 2013Present

Sales Intern

Edison's Entertainment
  • Participated in designing marketing strategies
  • Made sales calls to potential customers
  • Evaluated customer satisfaction following group events
Jun 2006Jan 2013


Village of Bethalto
  • Managed 10 part-time employee for daily operations
  • Assisted 20 full-time employees with special maintenance tasks
Jun 2006Aug 2011


UpTown Homes
  • Constructed fences, repaired roofs, and maintained aesthetic value of 30 homes
  • Coordinated with inspectors to ensure work was performed according to municipal building codes


Chris Winter

I am glad to have this opportunity to provide a professional reference for Daniel Moradi.

I had Daniel in several of my management classes at Southern Illinois University. At various times during these courses, I have worked with Daniel on several class projects, and business-related career questions.

Daniel has shown responsibility and concentration in his course work and classroom preparation. He is a student you can count on to have read, studied, and completed any assignments for the course material on a timely basis. He has been effective and works well in team/group situations, often taking on extra work within the group to assure the project is up to his high scholastic expectations.

Daniel is a very conscientious student; detail oriented, and goes 'above and beyond' to do the best in class. His work ethic is respected by his peers, and he seems to be well liked by the other students in class. Daniel seems to always be on top of things, is a good communicator, is very thorough, and fosters a very cooperative, motivational environment on projects in the classroom.

I would give Daniel Moradi my highest recommendation, as I know you will find him to be an exceptional employee.

Donald Woelfel

To whom it may concern,

     Daniel Moradi worked for Uptown Homes from June of 2006 until August of 2011. Uptown Homes is a small real estate company that owns and manages approximately fifty residences including townhomes and single family residences. Daniel started at Uptown Homes as a general maintenance person responsible for lawn mowing, cleaning, painting and overall upkeep.  As Daniel gained experience he became responsible for more critical tasks like showing homes to prospective tenants and touring units with city inspectors. When showing units to future tenants Daniel was responsible for gathering information including applications and fees.  During tours with city inspectors he was responsible for completing a punchlist of required items that had to be completed before the residence could be rented. 

     Although Daniel worked part-time at Uptown Homes he was always prompt, well dressed and a strong listener.  I always felt very comfortable with Daniel representing me and my business during very important face to face meetings.  Daniel is a very responsible, dependable, and loyal young man.  Daniel Moradi will be a very trustworthy and successful employee wherever he works.